Greenies 1976 sigma

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Havnt been thinking too much about this car recently but even with family and shit getting in the way I'm still adamant im not going to get rid of her.

The other day I had seen on trade me another 4g52, the first one I had seen for sale in months and was actually on the right island. I happened to have some spare money at the time so purchased it. 

All that was claimed in the listing was that it had sat for over 20yrs but still turned over.

That was good enough for me.

In any case it's a dam sight better than my last one and will be a much better candidate for a rebuild. 

Nothing will probably happen with this straight away but I'll start collecting parts and making a plan of attack. 




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Thought I may as well do an update on this thing,  tore apart the new engine a few weeks ago and looks good internally,  another one i suspect spun some rod bearings but thankfully no other damage. 

Have acquired almost everything I need for stock rebuild except new piston rings ( if anyone knows where to find some please let me know), so once I get those and have done a valve job on the head it should all go back together quite quickly. 

I now have shelfs full of parts I need to work through cleaning, polishing, painting, and or replacing. This weekend Ive manged to clean and paint the block and I painted exhaust manifold after sandblasting it at work. Its only a small achievement but it's got me amped for everything that comes next! 

Cheers everyone :)






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