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1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

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Took this over to Waiheke for NYs. 

Went for a decent ride to the back of the island with the mrs, Honda ran like champ, handled the gravel road no worries.

Got to Man O War bay and had lunch, sick spot to chill next to the water. 





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Hondas been leaking fuel for about a year now from the fuel tank, it was a slow seep which was annoying and was mostly soaked up by the foam in the seat which stunk of gas. Also the pipes which share each side of the tank were blocked and leaking. Basically this tank has had hack after hack fixes with solider, JB weld etc...

Safety first, pumped exhaust through it for about 15mins to get rid of the petrol fumes.

Drilled out the old share pipes and mounted the threaded steel boss.

Leak came from under the mount bracket, didn’t have a spot weld bit so just went hard with a normal bit. Pretty mank under the bracket, no paint in there so wasn’t a surprise it rusted.

Welded up the holes but I reckon I’ll get the rest Tig welded as my Mig isn’t great at sealing up fuel tight.

Decided on painting it, need to strip the POR15 liner as it was fkd and coming apart in the tank so I covered the whole tank inside and out in stripper. Will be repainted in black 2k




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