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Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage


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Picked  up this little beast cheap off trademe with automatic issues. 


Turned up to pick it up and it was a lot tidier than it appeared in the pictures. The lady i got it from is the 2nd owner with her mum having bought it new in 1982. Trailer it home and set about flushing the automatic transmission. Old fluid looked nice and burnt so new fluid and filter went it. Started her up and left her to warm up. Came back , jumped in and put her in drive and off she went with no slipping or funny sounds anymore!! Success.





The little car went straight through her wof once I replaced the tail light and is now one of my dailies. Also tried on my Equips but they are far too wide at the front. Stick out about an inch and a half.





Will upload more photos soon

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Been enjoying driving this wee thing around until my friend neighbour f**ked up reversing out of his drive. Nice big dent in the drivers door and no longer able to open from the outside with the door handle. On the plus side he missed the pillars and insurance is sorting it. Bought a parts Mirage that popped up on facebook as it had three things I wanted. Went to pick up the new one (Named clifford due to it being red and having the 'big' 1200cc motor) from Oamaru. Was told that it ran fine and the tyres were wofable, as with all facebook sales. Rock up to swap a set of wheels for it and the gearbox is noisy and tyres aren't very flash. Ran it through for a wof as four years out was too long for me to risk driving home and need to get three tyres, secure a sun visor and two pedals pads.  So I now have two bloody wee Mirages. 

Clifford is supershift and it is very fun to drive using all eight gears. Novelty lasts for a couple of weeks then you get over it. 59ad2af16030c_TwoMirages.jpg.9d969d99dfa07f3268db882559998943.jpg


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Been a long time since my last update and not much has changed. Took this fantastic wee beast to the nats in CHCH and had a great time. Only slight problem was cooking the brakes on the way down into Akaroa area. Finally got round to fixing them and ended up having to do the master cylinder as well.


Only pic I have from Nationals. Stopped at Hinds to have a nosey and get passed by a house

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