Ash's 82 AA60 rina of rustic glory

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Motivation was definitely lacking this weekend and bugger all was done.

telling my self it's to cold for epoxi to cure properly haha

drew a crude wiring diagram.

was going to incorporate it into the factory stuff but CBF with that shit storm, also means if I got to sell the setup it's all complete and can literally bolt into any 4cyl car.

Picked up a fuse & relay box off Ali for 10-15 bucks from memory, seems well made.

thermo switch for the rad for $7.76

think I've got some relays and fuses from a car a wrecked so that'll save some $

just need a fan and rad, maybe use the Aw11 one for extra free bonus.

be sick to build the whole system for less then $500


fucking wheel bearings gone again. Going to get wheels rebalanced and a wheel alignment. If it happens again I'll haft to buy daily, piss' me off cause aside from that it's been a trooper of a daily




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Been fighting the weather this weekend, managed to get the boat cloth done.

resins mostly set now but I'll let it cure over tomorrow as well then paint it in that same black epoxi enamel I used on the underside and wheel well's

glad to get most of this chapter done, has a been a pain in the ass having to do it and put it back together everyday so I can get around.

have had the whole front end apart 4-5 times now.


started on the valance thing at the front. She's probably the worst panel on the car.


tidied up some other parts of the body too. Pretty keen to do panel and paint next..

unsure of what colour..


upgraded the the ground straps too and cleaned the metal and add some petroleum jelly. Battery's not holding its charge as well now it's colder






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Boat cloth done

black epoxi shit done


2k paint for the door jams and engine bays should be here this week.

see if I can get cracking on that before I fly out for work next week

thinking dark blue..? These with a couple shade of tint and very light metalic coat

Got a guy who painted a mates car who can do a closed door, still a bit off doing that though





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Mil spec cable turned up. I'll fit off the fuse and relay box tomorrow, get lengths run out and loom it up.

then see if there's any crimps or fittings I need pick up

using a "cherry" sensor for the crank trigger, don't know much about them but their pretty well recommended. Most of the hall sensors are around a hundred bucks.

picked mine up from an NZ company called Msel for $65 witch was a best deal I could find, and with over night courier as well. Mint



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Getting busy in this little box..

changed it around a bit.

alowed for two fans

thermo switch no longer switches 0v of the fans.

instead, switching the 0v of the fan contactors

not wanting to get stuck with no fans if the AliExpress special thermo switch thinger decides to die (witch I garrentee will when I'm away on a long weekend) I've added a switch to bypass the thermo switching for one of the fans so I can still get back to home base.


turned into a lot of cabling already and I haven't even started on the IGN system



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Picked up cool Adriano thermo switches for the fans. Means I can stage the fans at any temp.


pulled the standard rad out of my old AW11 and tidied it up. Fans are pretty bad in spots so I'll see if I can get replacements or something to press in????


going for wof next week if I pull my finger out and drop it off stands.


plans for respray next!!


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Yus it's off stands!! Rear ends back together

rust is all welded up, painted.

in other good news I picked up a rebuilt 4age long block with rwd water fittings and other accessorys for  box of piss and pack of durries. That with a blacktop clutch I should have it swapped soon.


still plans to build the 7A at some point.  But since this is cheap I can fuck around with the megasquirt and if it blows up or falls apart I won't be heart broken


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Pulled the sump off the 80dolla motor and all seems good.

Painted the block, need to strip the blue off the head. Tapped some frost plugs in the injtr holes.

just need a manifold to bolt my dellortos on and we're go


hopefully go for a wof next week



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Picked up a BP manifold off a nice bloke in RCIS.

not super cheap but a fair price and was local for pick up so that's ok.


oh, and I highly recommend this paint stripper! Seriously! Beats that jelly crap by far



skim and balance BT flywheel

Replace fins on rad.



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Brand new MRP alloy 4link and MRP chromemolly lower control arms.

all far lighter then the standard stuff and certable for street use.

balljoints not the ae86 one, it's a different one to suit the AA60 steering arm shank. Part number for reference.



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Third WOF since I've taken ownership :)

Took it to a non dodgy place as my usuall guys away on holiday  and came back sweet with no notes or anything. Winning!

going to talk to a guy on Thursday about getting it painted professionally.

The paints wearing so thin the whole thing will look like the gaurd or some stanced out e30 soon.

see if I've got some money spare and get some carpet too since I've got week off




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One day of driving.... and the wheel bearing shits it's self again.


6th or so time now..


pulled the calipers off. Sliders are sweet. Pistons getting stuck. I'll open it up and see what's going on.


put some random struts/calipers in for the time being. Just finish bleeding the brakes now..

fuck my life

least finley the cats a g and hung out all day


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Fuck Finley looks angry in that photo..


struts in, brakes in, brakes bleed, car stops, fucking mint.

put 80kms on it today with no weird noises, slowly reached 130 no issues, and surprisingly kicked the ass out around my favourite round abouts in light drizzle.


smiles all round


lets see what else I can muster before I go back to work 

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Picked up carpet.

started fitting carpet.


pretty stoked with the first days work. Small cuts/refit/cut/refit.

will haft to sew it up into shape but it's mint so far.

Rear will be the hardest, probably haft to do it in two parts and sew them together.


couple little places where I'll need to add carpet and sew it from behind but that's sweet, will be perfect fit and hard wearing when done.


got 5meters so I'll do mats and dash protector too.

wahoo! Car will be more civilised again :)


found oldschool coins too, I'll chuck me back under when I'm done








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For Ye ol multi ratio machine

matt from westspeed motorsports been hooking it up.

he's in west Auckland and does odds and ends from engine building to servicing. Works for motul too witch is handy


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Since I'll be keeping the t50 for some time longer I thought I'd make it more comfortable to drive.


i naturally sit back and pretty low when I drive. Like some sort of g but without actually trying.

i find this means shifting into 1st,3rd,5th my arms nearly fully straight.

that short shifter helped but I've taken that out as I don't think their very good for the gearbox's


got some scrap 12mm rod and bent it up to sit the gear knob further back (about 80mm back), threaded the end M12x1.25 for yota knobs.

sitting in the car it's far better now.

factory throw between gears is quite a bit, it's taller now too witch adds to this.

The factory steel welded up real nice so I'm thinking I'll chop the bottom leg off and weld 6-7mm in there. Then get a guy at work to mill the spacer for the short shifter down to the same amount.

just to take some throw out of it and make a kind of half short shifter that's still friendlyer on the gears


obviously not weighted either, so might weld a washer half way down then lay a stack on top and run a tac down the outside so the don't rattle around



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Stretched its legs today. Guys in the MR2 club asked me to be their chase car with tash on the walkie talkie to the lead car.


cracked a mighty one hundred and fourty five kilometres an hour! While the boosted two seaters walked away happily cracking over 200 haha


was good to give it a decent couple hours of thrashing though.


vented disc's with mintex pads and 5.1 worked awesome! And at one hair pin nearly threw the girls into the dash board.

needs more power, RPM and wider tires


also finish carpet and get it painted so I don't look like some westie axe murder




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Would ya look at that! Looks like I have the correct flywheel now.


still need to get the calipers rebuilt so if anyone can recommend a place or someone to help out it would be hugely appreciated as budget is low Atm 


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