PBaines 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25

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Alas, after waiting a little while for the Stacked/ML Racing container to come to NZ I have received my KE20 Hi-Deluxe bonnet

Little dented but car will be getting fully stripped repainted so not overly concerned. That is what the panel beater will have to worry about.


Will be rebuilding the small port over the coming wee while and get some mounts made up for it. Once that's all done it'll be panel and paint time.


Now time to find a good condition valance...




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Well, have sold the KE20 and the guy wanted the original running gear in it. Removed the hilux rear end and coil over front end (from a starlet I think originally).

Had some TA63 LCA's lying around and though I would try them with the struts I had, they are about 25mm longer than standard and mated up the the struts so chuffed about that!


Now as you can see the tie rods don't really reach that far... would wind them out if they weren't rusted and acually let me to turn them out. ah well. Looks quite staunch for the time being.






On the list over the coming weeks

#Rebuild 4A-GE Small port. 


have bought heaps of OEM bolts and a few things from Bazza at MRP and also some TODA gear in from Japan. Should be a beautiful engine bay somewhere down the line



**Spin a yarn**


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Today, Christmas kept on rolling over.

TODA Cam pulleys
TODA Timing Belt
TODA Underbucket shim conversion kit
TODA Uprated springs
Uprated oil spring for higher pressure.


290deg 10.3mm & 282deg 10.10 Kelford cams


The Small port 4A-GE bottom end is nearing completion of the rebuild, and the head will be going up to the trusty Baz at MRP for a complete head port next month. It will receive Atlantic size valves also. If I ever want to turbo this thing one day the engine will only need minor changes and will be an absolute trooper.

The bottom end will remain stock for the time being. One day when I can afford to do the bottom end I will but that day will probably when a hair dryer goes on it




I also received some sprinter rear vents which look mint! Brand new too


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So have started assembling the short block now.

All the bolts are brand new, spent hours tracking down all of the part numbers for them so have got a box full of OEM bolts to finish the engine.


I received the block back from Motor Machinists in Palmerston North, and had done:

Block - decked, honed and cleaned
Crank - Polished, crack tested, balanced
Rods - Balanced
Flywheel - Balanced (MRP Light weight)

They also cleaned the pistons and have come up brand new!










Starting to look like a real engine now. Oil pump was not brand new however inspected, and also installed the higher pressure spring.



The head is being sent up to MRP for a full port and polish, and complete blow head job and expected to be back in 3 weeks.
Now just have to track down a T50 which will probably come from Japan and get that rebuilt. I might attack it myself or just take it in to get done by the pro's. 


Mingle with me



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Nice new TRD oil filter


Also scored some T3 castor arms and TE27 knuckles with RCA's. I will most likely be going with AE86 Blitz coil overs for this car


I will also be going to Toyota Fest this year and will be picking up my head from Barry (MRP) then. Excited!! April 1st roll around already.





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To be honest, I should have cut the springs in half from the get go.
I cut the springs for no other reason that to make it more pleasant in the shed to look at until the coilovers go in.
The right side of the car is a bit higher than the left, I will probably end up with a height similar to the higher side.

Not long until the engine goes in!!





I also installed my new valance courtesy of Yahoo Japan. The tape is holding the paint/rust on. I decided on a new one as the one I had previously wasn't the straightest and would require some more. Plus I didn't actually own it... 33652892451_9ccbcf94d9_o.jpg

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Today I received my Route 6 close ratio T50 from Japan. Bought in an auction with 25mm large T series axles and an LSD 3.9 diff head to go in this build mainly. It was listed as having a broken gear. Being the gambling man I am I took a punt on it and 4th* is damaged. I have some spare T50 bits that I could take in and probably get it fixed, but I also checked the gear ratios and to be honest I think I will just stick to the standard T50 and sell this one off! These go for good money for the racers, will look into getting this fixed first.








Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/&page=2



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So head is taking a big longer than initially planned as a sensor on the CNC that was being used to port the head died so next week sometime I am expecting to receive the head so can finally piece it all together!


Today to make me feel like things were still progressing I bolted up the flywheel... yeah. Exciting...

I also made sure I put the sandwich plate on too as I have done it a couple of times where I bolted on the gearbox/flywheel/clutch to find I forgot to do it and have also seen a couple of others do it too :-D



Socket makes a great flywheel stopper too.
Think the flywheel is 3.8kg's. Probably not ideal for a street car, but this won't be a daily so will still be fun when I get it out on the occasions. 



After driving the new spiggot bearing into place I thought it would be best to actually see how much contact was made on the input shaft. I just put vivid on the end of the shaft, slipped the box on and gave it a few rotations



Looks like I drove the bearing in a bit too much... I whipped everything off and pulled the bearing out a bit. No need to recheck now, a few mm would have done the job




I have chosen to go with SSR MK2 feet too. If you know of any, let me know! Thinking of going 8J in the rear and 6.5J in the front



Mingling //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/&page=2


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So I made up a parts bath using a big old plastic container and mixing 50/50 degreaser-water and letting parts go swim for a day or so then water blast them and tooth brush clean them.

Today I did the bellhousing, the gearbox outer casings, tail shaft housing and rocker covers are soaking at the moment.


After a clean, has come up pretty good!



I then set onto installing the new clutch fork assembly. Using all new OEM parts gives the peace of mind that everything will be all nice and dandy.


Strange, can't get the fork clips new from Japan but found them on https://partsouq.com/ so that was good. The ones I had spare were all rusty.



Clean backside/booty. always nice.



I dummy fitted the new bolts to make sure I had them all. Found that I was missing the starter motor bolts so those will be added next to the OEM order which is already 20 items long.


Not the most interesting update... but the next one will be the head install ;)





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Today I received my new shims, installed them and also the cams. Pretty self explanatory.
I a have still got to dial in the cams which I will do sometime next weekend whilst I wait for my Dial gauge to arrive.

Nearly complete, I have also ordered a brand new alternator and a starter motor also for a good price. still have to order a knock sensor and get the water pump -> back of head lines fabricated with a braided line. Have to do this due to the original piping interferes with the knock sensor, and I am also not running a water based heater so I will not be using those that are included on the original hard lines either. 

I have also ordered the SQEngineering COP valley cover plate to suit the 2nz coils that I will be using which I should receive sometime this week.








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Over the weekend, the famous Grant came down to install the seat covers that he had made for me. and wow, they look great!
I installed everything just so that I made sure I had all of the clips for the door cards in place from the get go, and that I also wouldn't lose any of the bolts for the seats etc.


Even doggo thought they were nice..


excuse average photos. the DSLR wasn't available today.







Grant also did the door cards




Will be closing and locking the doors on the KE25 until I get the AE86 going again. Really pushing to get it finished before end of March next year for Toyota Fest....




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