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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread

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I didnt have photos of it going together but  i cast the posts 900mm down and the main gate post was cast in 1100 down. 

75x50mm fence rails used on the back side.with 100x50mm on the bottom as the colorsteel sits up off the ground 40mm .

the iron colour is Ironsand with coloured tek screws to match.the posts came locally from lyttleton harbour,they are pine but scored 6 for $400 which isnt bad for the lengths being hard to get 2.7-3.3m

i used 2 sheets of corten steel .the capping is a channel 75x205x30 .on the rear side it hides the top railing.and the letterbox is 2m high ,600 across and has a 150mm return fold.A stainless number 5 to finish it off.the letter is just made from panel steel and sits through the iron on the back side. The corten was brushed with nitric acid to help speed up the rusting process

il get some more pics when the sun is out



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Brought a sewing machine off trademe for $14.60. Seriously, this has got to be the best value for money I've ever owned. Shit, you can't even get a decent feed at McDonalds for that coin these days.

Anyway, I've put it to work. Did a few trials on scrap, watched YouTube for about 5 minutes to figure out why my first attempt was shit...then jumped right in.




Like a boss!!! This will go on the filing cabinet bench seat in my wife's office. Just gotta get a foam mattress to go inside it to finish.


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Made a grinder stand out of scrap

Some MDF column thing i ended up with and made up a water tray and added a cord/goggles hook.

Tray is held on with a stud and wingnut underneath so it can be removed and was some practice to see if I could make water proof welds. Grinder is quite light duty so the stand is heavy enough, I may add some bricks or concrete to the base if it moves.

Also wires in a lamp to the grinder. Was a track light that I have several of around the shed. Have their own 240 to 12v modules built in, so I just wired it into the grinders switch. I don't think it will zap or catch me on fire.


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On 1/19/2018 at 20:29, peteretep said:

can you show us how to use them in a video

Im just learning still . But if you havnt heard of Lazze ,he has some great videos for sheet metal working.i used his stands as a guideline for making mine


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