Nzed's '67 Chrysler New Yorker

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Yeah. I know right. Well hopefully this will be closer to the end of it everything driveline has been rebuilt.

Leaves only front end basically.

Still yet to buy new rad and electric fan setup Too. Have sorted a big grunty derale fan for max blow jobs. Just got to decide which type of controller to use.


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Picture less update. 

New piston and gudgeon is 155gms lighter per pc. 

Makes rotating assembly 1.24kgs lighter. Nice.

Unfortunately segies sent the wrong  big end bearings. Meant I couldn't trial assembly a rod and piston in the block to check deck to piston heights in each corner of the block to check it's square. 

Hopefully have the replacement shells soon enough and can carry on.



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Got a pretty busy  couple weeks coming up, with work and helping a couple mates with thier projects and things going on.   I need a few quiet hours to get further with setting up the cam, this rollermaster cam gear set is really nice with heaps of adjustablity.  Need to be able to concentrate on this one as I don't want to stuff it up haha.
looking forward to getting it done so can progress to next parts 'cos this is when it will start to look good!

cheers, for sticking in for the painfully slow ride..:study:



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