Nominal's 1961 Morris Oxford Traveller

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New page at last.

The photohost I have used for years is being a dick, so might have less pics.

Anyway, I have been working on this when garage time is available, splitting with a fairly major garage reorganisation/tidy up.

Current main task is replacing all the bits I cut out of the front panel to get it out.



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Bent up angles for the lower edges and curved them with the shrinker/stretcher do-dad.


Trimmed them to size and welded to the end of the lower valence (both sides).

Next was the top. Sides first


About this point I had to pause to clean up the work area.


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Catching up on the weekend things.

New grille support bracket


My folder. I looked at a used NZ-made box and pan one recently, but the bloke wanted $1800, so I'm sticking with the angle iron, flat bar, clamps, wood block, and hammer method.


Ready to trim and weld.


Final fit. It's not all that flat, but will be close enough once its welded in (I hope)


Have re-primed this off the car, and all the other bits I've welded in tonight.

Spray painting is a lot of dicking around, but it won't be any easier later.

I'll do some sealing and rustproofing on the sections to be closed up tomorrow, then hopefully get it welded in later in the week.

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Some top coat sprayed. Going to leave this without clear (LC 400 paint) as its mostly hidden.

Colour isn't intended to match, just be somewhat similar. Might do the roof black.



Should get it welded back together tomorrow night, then will have to re-do some of the paint.

Had another look at the tailgate, and read the VIRM. I think I'm going to have to fix this for a WOF, because the hinges are mounted in the rusty area.



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Front panel clamped in and plug welded. Makes a bit of a mess of the new paint.


Cleaned it up and re-primed. I'm fairly happy, it isn't perfect but is serviceable, and won't be rusting again for another 50 years or more I think.


Also finished the front guard patch finally, and primed it. Needs a skim of filler over the welds (there isn't really access to the back to hammer them level)


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Front is now the correct colour and done for now (bar reassembly, I'll let it set for a few days first).


Refitted the swaybar and links with some new bushes. Bit of a mission getting those crushed enough to get the nuts back on.

Went hunting for some grease nipples behind the brake backing plate. Found plenty of crud - maybe 50 years worth? I reckon there is a least a kilo of grease and dirt on the paper. There seems to be quite a bit of vertical movement of the hub on the swivel pin. Will ignore for now I think as addressing it means quite a bit of dismantling and probably new thrust washers.


Pulled the tailgate off. Hmm.


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Still thinking about the tailgate approach. Need to acquire a spot weld drill before doing much more.

Topped up the shocks slightly - interesting suspension design, the shock arms are the upper link and the armstrong shock sits horizontally. Disconnected the arms on this side to work it up and down.


Both shocks look to have been replaced, maybe not long before this was parked up?


Checked/cleaned the brakes on both sides and had a grease gun session on the front suspension. Wheels are back on now as I need to move it off the lift soon for suspension work on my daily (WOF issues pfft)

Next little job is to get the cruddy thermostat housing off - going to be a hacksaw mission it seems.

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Been mostly busy on other things the last few days, including an OS camp trip to Otaki Forks.

Had to move this out of the garage to do some WOF work on the daily.


Traveller brothers.


Hacked off the tatty thermostat housing and put the spare one on. It's not quite the same angle but will do the job for now.

New thermostat installed and radiator back in. Went for a test blat down the road and handled the gears better this time.


Made a start on the tailgate outer tonight.


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Have been busy with family activities for a few days but managed to pull the old brake flexible hoses off last night.

New replacements made at ABC in Wellington, along with some new hardware.

$170 for this lot.


The hard line to the rear needs replacing, but the front ones look OK.

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Back on the panel bashing.

There were some dents in the panel below the tailgate, so I used a clamp and some bits and pieces to push them out before a slapper session flattened things out to a reasonable level.


Spent money on new tools (18v brushless drill and a spot weld drill) and attacked the tailgate. Between the inner and outer rust, and dents in the outer skin it seemed best to split the two parts.

Came apart without too much trouble.


Inner frame is in pretty good shape, apart from the lower edges.


I'm going to repair it in sections, so first patch is for the worst of the inner section.


This piece will repair the shaped area at the inner bottom of the tailgate


Also made a start on the hinge brace.


Probably the hardest part of this will be the channel section that I guess retains the seal. What's left of it is still attached to the outer skin. A challenge for tomorrow.

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Working away on the tailgate. Pretty fiddly stuff.

Have finished repairing the inner braces and the 'inside' structure at both corners.



Started with the channel for the seal. I'm doing this in pieces to suit my folder (i.e. bench vise and angle iron). It needs to be curved to match the tailgate opening.


Taking the rest of the day off to go to the beach (even though its cold and damp, the beer will be good)

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Who else is doing rust repairs these holidays? Luckily the weather has been fairly crappy.

With the tailgate split, and the rust holding it together removed, the profile (even when assembled together) is way off. This should be flush, not have room to sit a socket.


I zapped some spacing tabs to the inner


and got it close again.




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Messed about with the new pit for a while, fine tuning the fit. Hopefully it works out OK.


Point of no return passed. The side shape is off here as it isn't on the inner frame.


I'm trying a different approach to the welding, more like the StreetNeat bloke on FB. Welding about 20mm at a time then grinding/sanding it flat followed by a hammer/dolly session to get it to the correct shape. Seems to be going OK-ish. It's nice to have access to both sides of the panel for a change. Slow process though, I'm only about 30% of the way across so far.


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This back corner has been smacked at some point and not really repaired at all. A replacement bumper must have been fitted as it would have been damaged as well.


Off with it.


It's made in two pieces (luckily I guess), and has a lot of shape in it. I made a pattern from some low-tack tape and masking tape on the good side, then turned it inside out to use for this side.

Started beating on it with a heavy ball pien hammer over a short bit of exhaust pipe (a sandbag would be better but I don't have one)


Not pretty, but effective


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When the pattern fits closely to the metal then you are about there.


I panished it as much as I can using a rounded panel hammer on the inside against a steel block, and also bent the flange along one edge.

It's not perfect but will do for now. The pipe did a bit of damage to the surface finish but a filler skim should hide that. It's mostly behind the bumper anyway.


I need to make the other half too.

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Have also made a start on the rear quarter  outer part.

I found that it had been leaded the past (I stopped and put a proper mask on quick smart)


so I cut out the leaded part as I didn't want to deal with it in welding and grinding. Turns out there was quite a big dent there that had been lead filled.


As on the other side the vertical closing piece is mostly gone so I've ground that off.

Patched the rear panel extension


And patterns ready for tomorrow.


The spare wheel goes into the compartment which is surprising in at least 3 ways.

1. Good packaging design.

2. The lower screw still works

3. It's not rusted out.


It did have some dents which have been roughly bashed out now with a big hammer and piece of steel bar.

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New metal


No Metal


Always a bit distressing to see the outside from the inside.

Have also run new brake lines from the M/C to the rear, including the diff lines and flex hoses (except the passenger front).


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Good thing that the weather has been crappy here.

 Yesterday's hole has been filled.
Wheel tub part 1. I cheated a bit and put the flange on the 'outer' side. It should be part of a sandwich on the 'inner' side but that seemed a step too far. I did weld the seam closed under the wheelarch though to keep the dirt/rust out.


Wheel tub part 2. The curvy bit.


Rear floor forward part. It's a hassle bending the steps without a folder.


Rear floor side: New metal.


Again cheated a little as the side and floor should have a spot-welded overlap

Finally finished welding the outer skin of the tailgate and hung it back on the inner frame for a test fit. Looks good. I still need to do the last bit of the inner frame which holds the seals.



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