Nominal's 1961 Morris Oxford Traveller

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Ok, so I have had this thing for a while now, got it off the provider of many an oldschool ride, Zebra dude. I didnt really want to post up anything on it til I had actually got some work done since the Vauxhall Victor never got off the ground, except when I loaded it on a trailer to swap for this with Ben.

Since I have found a repair certifier who would probably have been more sympathetic to my wanting to do my own repairs, however I have come to like this car more than the Victor, mostly because wagon, and the fact I can go for a blat around the block when my motivation is low!


anywho enough word, here it is:



Progress to date to be posted shortly...

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So I started by stripping back the roof as the paint was totally stuffed. Tried paint stripper:




This was a big ole fail. so ended up using this:




It was good.


I have painted the roof with tergo blackguard for now until I can get my compressor sorted  spray it with epoxy primer, Hopefully that kills all the little rust worms that were burrowing into the steel. Dont have a pic of that as it stands.


Im starting work from the rear end as the tailgate top has been leaking and the water has run down the inside of the panels and collected in the bottoms of the rear quarters.


This is the bottom tailgate:



Its pretty solid up the top but the bottom will need a couple of big patches. The top half of the tailgate is swiss cheese, So I have sourced another from greymouth, arrived last week.

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Finished the welding and grinding on this quarter today. Started with the inner panel






Ignore the writing on the panel, it wasnt 45 degree bend it was 90. Silly.


Welded a little filler in here to attach the outer panel to:




Made a step in the panel, working on making a joggler tool but need some time on the milling machine at a friends work so that will have to wait a while.




Manually shrinking the end of the panel, shrinkers and strechers would be nice, but dont have any budget for that so will have to use hammer and chisel for now:






and welded it in. Didn't get too much shrinkage on the welding.




but the shrinkage from the grinding was horrific. I think I need to come up with a better technique.








So I stuck some bog on it and called it quits for the day. But there wasn't enough to fill the gap so I will probably wire brush it all out again and get some more bog. Anyone have any recommendations on body filler brand/type?

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By the way, yes there is a large dent above where I have been doing this repair. Its probably just going to stay for now. Goal number 1 is get legal, worry about making it pretty later.

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Trucked down from Hamilton by Rod Clifton, fully loaded with spare parts.

I drove it home from his place up on SH1. Runs OK but I found the column shifted 4-speed "challenging" - more practice required.

There are now a large amount of spares on my garage floor.

We also collected the extra engine, two gear boxes, front suspension unit, towbar and some wheels this weekend while up in Cambridge for the NSRA Nats.

It's pretty solid on the whole, and a first look didn't show anything too scary, except maybe that lower tailgate.



This is the frame crossmember that sits under the radiator.

Much carnage has ensued and now that area is mostly rust-free.

It's also metal-free which needs addressing.

The radiator was also sad so has been taken to a Barry who is doing an inspection (including the spare rad). It might end up cheaper to source a replacement from something rather than recoring the original.

Anyway, plans are to get it back on the road asap:

- Fix rust

- Check brakes/replace brakelines

- Other shit.


I now own two Morris Travellers - one with metal rot, one with wood rot.


Tell me I'm an idiot/genius




BTW I got this sight unseen and am happy that it was fairly described by Guypie.

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Photo host is back up.

The crossmember is part of assembly that includes the splash pan behind the grille.


There's a lot of spot welds that are inaccessible when its all assembled, so some dismantling with cut-off wheels and cold chisels ensued.


Stage one


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Crossmember full of rust and crud - and holes


After hacking it out, the passenger side 'rail' needs some work.


Drivers side is better, appears to have more oil leaked over it - just needs a small patch, and the corner brace is still mostly there.


Need to scratch up some 2mm sheet steel for the replacement bits.

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Found this stuck under the back seat.

Smoking pass!



(Although the Ben Dude reckons its from his tow car)

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Too bad that the timesheet is from Ben's L200.

Current state of play


Drilling out spot welds isn't much fun. Have fixed one side rail and removed most of the valence pan remains. Can make too much noise late at night.

Fine enough to unload the trailer today. The lift makes a good engine crane.


Some of the spares are in cool BMC boxes


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Been working on this, making plenty of noise.

Cleaned up areas where the spot welded flanges go - removing spot welded joins is a drag.


Replaced the rusty bit of the rail with some 2mm plate.


Ground and primed.


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Made new bits for the rusty crossmember from 1.6mm steel.

Missed out on borrowing the folder up at Rod Clifton's so had to do it the slow, noisy way.


Chassis punches to make the hole for the crank start tube.


First panel done, except for trimming.


Then made the rear face. More hammering to tip the flanges.


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Needed to make a mirror of this brace for the other side where it had rusted mostly away.


Paper should be strong enough, right?


Here's where I'm at tonight. All fits together OK. I need to flatten the front piece out a bit as it has a slight bow in it then make a hole in the rear piece for the crank start tube.


New brace in the back.


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Attacked the spares pile.


New badge, I think this is for the tailgate.


Plenty of spare lights, mostly tatty though.


Bits in the middle are new front suspension uprights and pins. There's a new generator armature and some gennie Lucas brushes there too.


I think I'll drop off the main part of the front valence to the dip-strip man in Tawa, as it won't ever be any easier to get it cleaned off.

Also need more 18g steel - might have to order a sheet.

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Going to leave the welding on the front bit until I've acquired some epoxy primer, and also finished the valence which is at the strippers.

There must have been a battery incident in the past because there were some holes in the inner guard behind it.

Metal is a bit thin, but I got it non-holey at least.


Check out the inner guard area on the passenger side.


The area between the floor and the sill wasn't so good though.


So, cutting time....



I'm only going as far as necessary to remove the really bad bits. Time for some new metal now....

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The under floor structure has new metal now.


Including the inner vertical parts of the sill.


Next is the outer part of the sill, including a curvy bit that goes under the front guard, and the lower bit of the guard itself.

There were replacement sills in the spares pile, but I'll just make new parts for now.

Looked a bit more closely at the drivers side, and I think it needs a similar operation, along with a bit of the floorpan done too.

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This is continuing to chew time.

The better of the two radiators fixed up. Got quoted about $700 for a recore!


Sprayed cavity wax inside the sill and closed box section before welding the cover in place. I'll spray more into this area through a vent hole later but I wanted to get it into the middle of the sill length while it was open. Messy stuff, and had to be careful not to get it too hot/on fire when welding.


Not vinegar:


but cleaned up the part well.


Front valence back from the dip stripping. Note the misplaced spot weld right in the middle. British quality!


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Had a sand and clean up then sprayed etch primer around the traps.


Including the valence


and the front crossmember parts


Welded those bits into place


And the sill panel. Still need to finish the new bit of guard, but its nearly there.


Next thing is to fill the gaps here, should be fairly easy as it's a flat area with flanges. Also need to replace the end bits that connect to the inner guards.


I need to get some top coat paint for these bits, will probably get the Resene Lucite LC 400 as I don't fancy breathing isocyanates.

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