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With the VW finally out of my shed, I've got a bit more room to work.


Note the angle of the pipe, that's not right at all!

Realizing the Mineralli (I presume) mount is never going to work on my Morini I started making a mock up, angle has sure improved and the massive gap between the bottom of the case and the pipe closed up a lot.



It's put the header in a nicer spot too, should be just a case of cutting the head pipe off at the first weld, cutting the flange off, rotating both and welding them up


Also thinking I may cut the stinger off the chamber and rotate it a bit to bring the silencer in a bit as it's a fair way out at the moment and I don't exactly have any plastics for it to avoid!


Had a go on Sunday at making the new exhaust mount, looking through the steel I've got sitting around the shed I could only find 1mm and thinner sheet or 10mm and 15mm plate.

Obviously none of it was going to work, came close to giving it up for the day as there's nowhere open in Gisborne on a Sunday to buy steel, until I spotted a few old saw blades up in the rafters!


3.5mm super duper hard tool steel, fucking cunt to cut or drill!


That's where I'd got to yesterday, ran out of drill bits and patience.

Today I dropped my tank in to get sealed up, should be done Wednesday at the latest.

Finished shaping up the mount bracket, just need to weld on a spacer then paint it.


Sits the pipe in a good spot


It's going to be hard to bring myself to cut the header pipe off of it!

Was very hard to make myself pick up the grinder!

But I did


Port could use a clean/polish

Won't take much to put back together


When I'm not trying to hold my phone as well as the pipe I can close that gap right up.

Also the Aliexpress goodies are starting to arrive


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Got my tank back today, really fucked off about the fact it's gained 5 small patches of braze, but only lost 1 maybe 2 small leaks.

Thinking of going with the brace between head tube/seat area as suggested, but rather than putting a bike tank on it, I'm thinking of using maybe 3" tube or rectangle section and using it as the tank.


Something like that.

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Brought one of these


Turned up in a box that looked like it'd been kicked along the whole way from China.

Rev counter works, but only settable for 2 or 4 cyl meant to be set for a single from factory, speedo works, fuel gauge seems to.

None of the warning lights work though and I had to cut it out of the casing to fix the mashed terminals from the rough shipping.

Would be mint for a 2-4 cyl go kart or something.

Seller has refunded me most of what I paid, so once that clears I'm ordering one of these


Haven't heard anything back about my new tank as yet, hopefully tomorrow.

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Tacho isnt for a 4 stroke is it? Then a 2 cyl 4 stroke tacho will work on a single 2 stroke like a boss.


Though unsure how the tacho is triggered from your scooter however...

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That's a good question, I'll set it to 4 and retry it.

Edit: running set for a 2cyl yesterday it was showing about twice the RPM I would expect. Just over 3k idle and the clutch starting to engage at about 10,000.

It runs off the + terminal on the coil, and its a wasted spark system firing every revolution of the crank.

Edit 2: got mixed up, 4 stroke scooters run the same ignition set up, but on a 4 stroke it's wasted spark.

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That should work then i believe.


2 stroke = every TDC is a spark.

4 Stroke = every 2nd TDC is a spark.


However, i would have expected the tacho to work set to 2cyl.

But 4cyl should half the counts. So it should work on 4cyl mode. Even though in theory it doesn't make sence. hah.


Unless the tacho is for a single cyl, and you can switch between 2 stroke and 4 stroke. And the switch is labeled the wrong way around. Hah. This would explain why you are reading double when switched to 2. Switching it to 4 should do the trick. hah.

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"Note:The default is 1 cylinder,if you set to 2 or 4 cylinder,it can not be changed to 1cylinder !!!!!!!!!"

That's all the Aliexpress description says about it lol

Will set it to 4cyl and give it another go

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Setting it to 4 didn't help, have ordered the white faced one I posted above.

Talked to the seller and was assured it will work fine of a single cyl 2 stroke, fingers crossed!


No tank as yet, but have made some little bits of progress.

We drilled the stock master cylinder out from 19mm to 7/8" on the mill art work, is tons of meat to do it, but it was very tight to get the drill between the mount bolts!


Made a little bracket and mounted the hall effect sensor for the speedo, new one takes the same sensor so figured I might as well get it mounted now.



Discovered the steerer tube on the fork is hollow, so the hall effect wiring can be routed through the fork.

Also brought a pair of clamp on mirror mounts, going to use them to mount the speedo and possibly brackets to hold the indicators, prototype (read quick hack) bracket makes me think it'll work nicely!




Also been drawing up my idea for my loom in the ultimate design program that is MSPaint :D


Using a bridge rectifier and a capacitor to convert the normally AC headlight power to DC for the light I've got coming.

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Got the headlight mount mocked up, still working on indicator mounting.


Got a new throttle cable as well as longer rear brake cable and SS front line from Aliexpress, both seem decent.

Rear cable is perfect length but I've way over estimated the front line so will need to get it cut down and another banjo crimped on.

/probably cheaper and easier just to order another one the right length.

New gauge arrived today, much happier with this one so far!

/still no fuel tank.

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Gave up on waiting for my custom tank and brought a factory one off a member here, got it today...
Wish I'd taken my trailer instead of my father inlaws plywood special that was 4cm to narrow!
Guy on the forklift tried to put it on long ways, found it didn't fit, turn around and put it down like this and left.
Inside was the tank, came with a couple of extra bits still attached :D
Shhhhh it's sleeping!
Stood it up, tipped in some Castrol Active 2T and hit the starter, fired straight up and runs pretty well mint!
Opened it up on the grass strip up the middle of my workshops driveway and as Ben (who really is the greatest!! lol) has warned it's pretty quick!
I just wish that I had 1: remembered he said it had shit all brakes and 2: known that the front and rear brakes had been reversed! 
Speedo said close to 40k when I ripped on what I thought was the back brake to pull a skid on the grass outside my workshop and the front wheel locked up and nearly threw me off! haha
Took it for a test ride to the servo and around town to make sure all the majors worked, tomorrow I plan to take all the good bits from the other one and swap it all over
Not 100% sure which of the 2 engines I'm going to run with as yet, going to have a nosey inside the new one in the morning to see if there's any fancy bits as

The previous owner was a flat mate of a friend, the owner before that did that south island scooter tour on it. I bought it without riding it or anything, but he did mention that it "goes hard for what it is".

Well I have my suspicions that it's been tutu'd with because it's actually bloody fast.


Goes off the clock (60km/h+) with ease
2 stroke Is there any other option?? :tongue:
Electric Start
Has a plate
Everything works except headlight (suspect blown bulb) yup
good smile to mile ratio.
Has a key.
Suave black colour scheme with HD sticker Hog lyfe
Separate Oil tank so don't have to mix dem fuels.
Starts really easily and runs perfect. Still quiet enough. Really does, not staying quiet for long though...

Brakes are designed for slow scooter which this isn't Brakes are terrifying!!  Disk swap ASAP!
Something's going on in the rear suspension dept which means the whole power train shifts forward under heavy acceleration. Engine mount is fucked, my other one is mint.
Kick starter is removed completely. Other engine has one
Rough around the edges. Meh, at least it's got all it's edges.
Deregistered  Easy to sort
Missing rear indicator lens Need to find a right hand lens/swap to my LEDs

I think for the price it's great, but I need a chainsaw more than scooter amusement. I agree, am super happy with it!  Have fun cutting log lol

So yeah the project is heading in a different direction that I'd imagined a few weeks back!


The remains of the other one is going to go back to VG's OG plan of a trail/motoX scooter for my boy to play on.


So yeah again cheers Ben!

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Progress is being made!
First thing I did was strip it down a bit to change the engine mount

While checking to make sure it was the mount I managed to get it to ram the engine so far forward is smashed the spark plug on the frame!!
Can see how stuffed the old one was!
Am going to straighten the old one had get a couple gussets welded in.
Quick degrease
Made one of the Chinese side stands I scored off Guypie fit
Remembered VG had said he had put a new drive belt in the one I brought from him, so decided I might as well swap it over when I put the kick starter on
Discovered why it's got no kick starter!
Also it turns out both scooters have after market variators!!
The new one has an old Kitaco with flat spotter rollers
And I was very pleasantly surprised to find this in the old scoot
A brand new Chameleon Factory variator with new rollers!!
It's a good bit bigger diameter than the Kitaco one which is factory sized so should give a bit extra top end :D
The new scoot does have a new looking SJ50QT (according to the markings) clutch fitted with red springs, think I'm going to lighten the arms a bit for a more aggressive engagement and use it
The clutch pads are shorter but way wider than stock??
So that's where I'm at as of this minute.

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Fitted my pipe, going to have to rework the silencer bracket a bit as it's going to foul the bodywork.

Also whacked my air filter on


Stage6 and filter

As you can probably hear it was running rather lean (I think?), that was with a 95 jet (stock was 68), idle mixture screw did nothing at all until it was removed so a bigger pilot jet is in order I think?
Also it would rev to the point the clutch engaged but not have the guts to move.
Ended up putting a 100 jet in the other engines carb and swapping it over, improved things a lot but still way too lean I think, would max out at 50k after taking ages to get there.
Might have a go at repacking the silencer too as it's a bit too loud!

Need to attempt swapping my 3.50 rear tyre onto another rim, turns out the one it's on is rather buckled!!

My phone's battery died at around this point so no more pics for now, but got the front forks swapped over, front brake bled up (syringe bleeding FTW) so yeah progress!

Had a bit of a play with my dash, am having a bit of trouble getting the tach to work properly, taking it's signal from the pick up it's smooth but slow to react to the throttle, taking the signal from the coils trigger wire it's erratic.

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Today has been interesting, but I'll start with where it was left off yesterday.
So this is pretty much how it sat when I got to my shed this AM


Fork fitted, brake bled, bars fitted.
First thing I did was to make a spacer out of a piece of old BMX handle bars as we'd bored my master to suit 22mm bars and I've gone back to the smaller stock size.

Then I drilled out some alloy round to make steering limiters

Did a rough trim of the headlight panel to suit the hydo brakes
Just a quick dremal cut job, I do plan to tidy it up a bit!

Time to install the new dash!
Ground down a pop rivet to make a depinning tool and depined a factory gauge plug/think I actually pinched the plug from the Sepia ZZ ignition switch.
I love my crimping pliers! haha

Ran a RPM wire to the coil, hooked up the indicators and high beam etc and then...

All seems to be working well! Think I'm going to wire the low oil switch up to the water temp light.

Started mocking up the mount, going to make a panel to tidy it all up!
*it's missing most of the screws at this point lol

So now here is where I'm finding it getting interesting/confusing!


I was starting to think the same thing with going back to the stock air box, I just need to find one in better condition, the rubber pipe that joins it to the carb has a big split in it.

Plan for today is to go up a size on the pilot jet, raise the needle one notch and go up another main jet size or 2.

So I drilled a pilot jet out to 45 from the factory 40 that was in the Let's carb, when I swapped it in I also changed the 100 main jet out for a 105 and raised the needle.
If any thing this made it a fair bit worse all through the rev range!
Swapped the pilot out for the 38 that came in the AZ and lowered the needle back to the center notch.
With this setting I could get a decent idle but it just wasn't running well at all.

So I tried the factory air box, with it on the scoot won't idle or rev, it's soo rich it's crazy!!
Dropped the main jet down to a 90 and it seems to rev a better on the stand, still a lot of hesitation to pick up revs and it still won't really move under it's own power*.

I may be wrong, but I think I may need to go a lot leaner with my jetting?
The stock AZ main is 68, the Let's came with a 72 in it and I have seen several people say you should go up about 20% with a pipe, so that would be about an 86 main right?

*I'm hoping it's not wanting to move under it's own power thing is just down to the jetting + the clutch engaging way to early and not me stuffing up the drive system!

Not sure if anyone is reading this thread, but if you are, have a cookie

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In the video of it running with the spanny it was SUPER rich.

Drilled the 68 main from the AZ out to about 78, sounds a LOT better than the 90!!
Will move under it's own power now too, but hoping it will pick up a LOT with the heavier clutch springs.

Bit of a rough shaky video just to show the difference in sound

Clutch is engaging at about 3000, sitting on the scoot I can feel it starting to catch at about 2750.

I then had a look at stopping the silencer mount from hitting the body work/oil tank cover.
Managed to swing it out a little bit to give enough clearance.
You can see where it's been gouging a bit.

Then I realized that the pipe won't line up with the bracket I'd made any more and that there is also a fairly remote chance that over a really big bump the bracket may hit the bottom of the oil tank.
So I'm going to scavenge a bit of 3mm mild steal and make a new mount bracket as I'm not keen to try to work with that saw blade steel again!!

Then I decided to tackle the super stiff steering, didn't take any pics but long story short I had to remove all the bits from the bars, then take the bars and forks off the scooter.
It turned out the bottom bearing cup was too tight for my forks steerer tube and was jamming it up!
Swapped to the cup from the AZ, which is visually identical and the problem was solved, nice smooth steering!

Got a new plate/reg today, so I tried to ride it again.
This is with the Stage6, home drilled #78ish jet and the 5.5g rollers in the Chameleon Factory variator

Speedo is a bit choppy as it's only got one magnet at the moment, once I can get hold of another I'll run 3 magnets which should make it a lot more steady.
Also the tach keeps shooting way up then settling down to a more believable RPM, I think I've read somewhere this can be sorted out with a resistor or something in the signal wire??

So after that video and getting teased by the middy and her old man about her having the faster scooter, I refitted the factory main jet and exhaust, which is pretty well
Looks even worse in person! :-S
But the results speak for themselves!
As said needs more magnets for the speedometer!!
It is pretty accurate though...

So I plastic welded the big crack in the helmet tub (that is too damn small to close with my helmet in :doubt: ) and started putting it back together.

Swapped the seat skin over from the AZ, I can't stretch it tight enough to get rid of the wrinkles so I think I'll take a box of beer and try to a friendly upholsterer on Friday to persuade him to stretch and staple it for me.

/Will probably give it another attempt myself first.
Thinking of installing the LED spotlight I was going to use on the AZ on the front for a super high beam.

Need to tidy up a few of the rougher edges, finish the dash install and sort out a replacement tail light/indicator set and I am kinda considering a paint job, but that can wait until after summer as I want to ride it as much as possible!!


Have got 70, 72, 75, 78, 80, 82, 85 & 88 main jets coming from Aliexpress, the seller I've been getting my jets from is a good cunt and chucks in a couple extra jets free.

+ http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Cluch-Spring-For-YAMAHA-JOG-50-90-100-MIO-BWS100-Hi-performance-motorcycle-scooter-parts-made/32455284006.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_6_79_78_77_80,searchweb201644_0,searchweb201560_9

Also picked up an offcut of 3mm plate that's big enough to give me 2 or 3 attempts at another exhaust mount.

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Thanks for the link, I'd seen those dyno results posted on another forum but without the info.

My stock CDI has a 10,000rpm limit so I'll likely never get the Stage6 "on pipe" running it, then if I upgrade the CDI pushing the stock Suzuki crank much over 10,500rpm is a gamble too, so I'm thinking I'll save the pipe for a 70cc screamer build in the distant future/sell it.

I'm attempting to save some $$ to buy a Leo Vince or a Tecnigas Next R pipe, either should give much more low & mid range power and a wider power band peaking around 9000-9500.

Soldered a 10KΩ 1/2W resistor in the RPM signal wire, tach is steady as a rock now.

Oh yeah, found a ummm private road this morning


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Been awhile since I updated this!

So well before Xmas I decided that having only one magnet for the speedometer just wasn't giving a good enough signal so I'd bump it up to 3 magnets.

But as I only had 2 of the clip in magnets we made one up at work:



Then it was a case of indexing the disc and drilling a couple more holes in the appropriate spots




Result = much steadier reading on the speedo rather than it jumping around several kp/h.


As I said in my last post I was thinking of ordering a tamer exhaust pipe for it, so on the 15th of December I ordered a Technigas Next-R from Racing Planet in Germany, even paying for "premium express" shipping it worked out hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying one here in NZ!


So with the thought of having my new pipe here in "6-10 days" I found another private road and got an almost fully maxed out baseline for comparison


/Think I could have squeezed another 3K out of it if I hadn't run out of road.


Jets and clutch springs turned up from Aliexpress pretty quickly



But not the pipe!

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Was getting pic heavy, so 2 posts!



The new exhaust had left Deutschland on the 16th of December, as it was the holidays I wasn't too surprised when 6-10 days came and went, but when it went from days late to weeks late I started getting a little nervous, a month late I got hold of racing planet and after another week or so of asking me to have more patience they got DHL to launch an investigation, 2 days later it got to NZ then another 3 days it got to me today where it finally arrived!

Looking like it's been on a bit of an adventure



Inner box wasn't as bad, but you can see where the pipe has tried to escape the bottom of the box



Looks mint though, fitted the silencer to it and then had to go back to work rather than install it



So yeah attempted install tonight



Bracket needs work to fit the engine and the pipe is slightly bent so even if it did fit the engine the bracket wouldn't line up between the pipe and engine.

There is meant to be room for a spacer between the pipe and the mounting bracket, so I think it's going to be a case of heating the head pipe up and giving it a bit of a tweak outwards to gain clearance.



The bracket should work out after a bit of angle grinder surgery lol




And once again I still can't believe how well it was running with this pipe!!




Tomorrow I'll hopefully have time to finish mounting it up and start tuning it.

Also need to get hold of a 34mm socket to change the clutch springs.

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