piazzanoob's 1981 Toyota Starlet

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Im also on the lookout for a standard starlet steering wheel

As i have this wheel but doesnt match the boss kit pattern 


but the wheel came with a boss kit to suit the wheel but not the car as you can see in the RH corner.

so i am needing the standard spline to be cut off a factory wheel to then be put onto the wheels boss kit 

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long time since an update but i have been making progress

making and welding in patches

been doing this door which had to be made in multiple pieces for it to work in my head





so i cut multiple holes in this area and ended up with this



so i added a patch here


and this one


and started making the main patch

which this piece here was made from 5 different pieces all welded together

but before it was placed into the door is was coated with some crc zinc it paint on the underside

then welded in too look like this


this is now 2 of the 4 doors done for their patch work


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And with the other 2 doors being sent off to be sand blasted i thought i would do some of the body patches

so i started with the one around the fuel flap area

but before i could start grinding and welding i thought i would be safe and remove the fuel tank as was abit close 

but gave me a chance to give that a cleanup also and lick of paint

so i cut the old rusty crap out


then gave the inside a sandblast then applied some rust converter before welding this patch in


one down another million to go

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so with all the fun of cutting and welding in patches i also received some more goodies for this


toyota te71 T series disc brake rear end with the sad thing it only be a open diff 

so will have to sort a Lsd unit for this once its been shorten and fitted in the car


A a pair of gimore pulleys 

to pull me in some school girls

but with the purchase of these items i would like to thank mighty Joe for being a total GC and collecting these for me storing them then mounting them on a pallet and sending them to dorkland for me 



A pair of work equip 01's in 13inch

scored these off a mate who had got them out of the inorganic collection many years ago.

and have since given them a 10 hour job clean up


they now both look like the top one.

nothing flash but not too over the top.

also still on the hunt for a standard kp steering wheel

only wanting it to cut the spline off it so would like a rough condition one.



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