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bridgestone mkII rs200 project

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oh for sure,  id have been pretty upset if it had fucked the barrel,

i have another set of standard carbs that i had forgotten that id bought as well, so i can still try them at some stage.

at the moment there is too much snow here to take it for another test ride.

onwards and upwards :D

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Well, I replaced the main jets on both carbs.
And gave them a blow through in case more shit had managed
To get stuck in the passages.
No one likes a blocked back passage.

Everything was clear so I gave it a kick over


I love how this thing starts first kick.

Can't/won't take it for a test ride, as it's currently snowing here in Scotland.
Tell ya it was a manic ride to work on the bandit this morning.
More side ways action than I prefer on 2 wheels. One of these days I'll buy a car/ute for the winter.
Not today though Wink

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i took the seat to be recovered, so that'll be away a week or 2,

also spoke to the vintage japanese motorcycle club (vjmc) about dating the bike for the dvla (vtnz in nz, dmv in the states)

so that got done pretty painlessly

still waiting for the dvla to send out the paperwork for me to fill in and send back (frankly astounded you cant just download the paperwork, british bureaucracy at its best, of course they've also shut down all their offices so you cant just pick it up either)

so while i was waiting, i thought id work on the mrs suzuki B120 of 72 vintage.  (not that she has ever ridden it, but she swears she's doing her licence this year....  :rolleyes: )

it hadnt been started in a couple of years and last time i rode it, the fuel would piss out the float bowl, or alternatively run out of fuel because the bowl wasnt full enough.

and since the carbs are almost the same as the bridgestone i thought id steal a float from one of the 4 spare carbs i have, and put that in, also uses a 95 main jet as well which i had a few spare, so a new one of those went in,

put it back together, turned on the fuel,


first kick after 2 years. might take it out for a spin if im not to drunk after ive done my beer brew in the morning.  so probably wont take it out for a ride :D

i really need to sell my vtr and buy another 2 stroke,

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well, after a successful brew i was in no fit state to go for a ride on any bike,  order of the day was a drunken lunch time nap,
last batch of hops added to the mash ton.  
doesnt look very appetising i admit :D
but sunday was a good day,
first i took pinky (b120) for a ride to find it was running out of gas at full throttle, so pulled the carb and adjusted the float,
another spin and she was bang on, even managed to get to 55mph on the flat :D hehe

next on the cards was wee red (bridgestone)
had to replace a buggered exhaust gasket, then decided id take her for a spin with out the seat,
ran like a champ!!  managed 80mph on the clocks and pulled pretty well getting there,

big red (vtr) got a start up a wee run, as well, just because it'd been such a fruitful day

blacky (bandit) didnt get any love

pics for thread


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well the seat is back from being recovered.
its not the same style as the original, which is a bit shit, but its a good job, so meh, i doubt any one would notice :D



ill take it to get a mot in another couple of day and then send all the paper work off to get a new plate for it.

free tax on the bad boy too :D

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