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Chris R's various honda thread including punishing modern non os daily driver updates

chris r

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So legal size tyres that aren't race tyres don't appear to exist so I'll get some 195 stretched onto the teddies. I'll swap my re003 off the buddy clubs onto them as there's no point in them sitting in the lockup doing zero. 

On my pick a part mission i grabbed some components. Finally got around to installing them into the accord 




Annoyingly it sounds better than the stuff in the orthia. That amp sounded crap before so it could be my settings or the amp is just shit. 

I've got another couple of amps to try so that'll future Chris problem 

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10 minutes ago, kicker said:

Nice, I used to have an Orthia a few years back, always thought they were one of the better shaped 90's wagons. I spied a manual one the other day, mustn't be very common.



There are a few 2wd manwell ones around, my ex had one. 

I want to find a manwell crv and Rob all the bits out of it 

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Only the finest side of the road kitchen cabinets for material to make the sub box 


Fitted a alarm as there is no boot let lock and it's annoying havering to open it from inside the car 


I suspect the sub is nfg as its no worky. Tried two amps and two seperate rca cables, power where it should be etc. Will do some more testing tomorrow and go from there 

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The metal was so thin it was either blow a hole instantly or tame some seagulls then blow holes. 

Cut a patch out and seagulled it in


I should have cut a another patch out for the roof but mig wire worked in the end. 



Ground smoothish and etch primed. 

Seam sealed all the holes etc and first skim of bog 


Sand and second coat 



I'll give it a sand and another prime tomorrow 

While I had the seam sealer out I redid the orthia. I've got some silver on the way 




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Got some liquid gold today 


Strangly enough with the correct type and volume of fluid things work much better. 

It was two litres low, shudder is gonw now, it still surges a bit but I'll ignore that until it gets worse. 

Changed the atf in the orthia while I was on a roll 


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