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Chris R's various honda thread including punishing modern non os daily driver updates

chris r

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So I've made progress of sorts on both the crx and the the shuttle. My friend jason came around and helped remade the crx exhaust for me. Its tucked up nicely and the muffler is actually level and nothing rattles which is a win. I pulled the gearbag out and that is currently at the gearbox shop getting a new synchro and the mfactory diff fitted.



The shuttle went for a wof and failed on a leaking master (that explains where the fluid went) and a rear seatbelt. I found the seatbelt while looking for other stuff in my hoard which was great.


I had taken the door card off when I parked it ages ago for some reason and when shutting the door I managed to smash the speaker. Que replacements for both the shuittle and crx. I also got a new head unit and put the shuttle one into the crx. I started putting sound deadening mat on the doors but ran out when I got to the drivers door so I'll have to get some more.




I've also ordered new engine side plugs so I can make a new engine loom for the shuttle as i'm not too happy with the current one



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The shuttle was surging and running like shit. I suspected the fuel pump was on its way out so I whipped it out. All gunked up with dried fuel sadness. 


Luckily the tank doesn't seem to be rusty enough to need lots of work to clean it out. 


I thought I'd finally attack the new to me  headers for the crx as they had some surface rust and peeling paint. Quick once over with the flap disc and a squirt of paint and they are presentable 


The crx rad support was pretty bent and buckled which pushed the rad into the manifold so that needed fixing. I had kept a nose cut off one of the shuttles I've wrecked so drilled out all the spot welds. 



A quick check to see how close the shuttle stuff is to the crx. Carefully cut the fucked mount out 


Some carefully trained seagulls later and its in. Bonus now the bottom of the t bracket actually lines up with the bolt hole. 


The gearbox should be ready this week so I'll chuck it in soon. Might give the rest of the exhaust a quick squirt of paint too as it's mild steel. 

I also chucked some non fucked headlights on too as the other ones were all yellow and the brackets were butchered on or broken 

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I collected the crx gearbox today and spent a few hours in the garage. I ground away my welding sins ready for sons thick paint. It's not perfect or straight but it's as good as I can get it. 

Refitted gearbox 


While the car is jacked up I figured I should probably install the new thermal intake gasket. I'm skeptical as to much difference it'll make but I've got the Bluetooth data logging so I can keep a eye on it. 

Refitted the exhaust manifold and test fitted the radiator. It's a squeeze but it clears which is a improvement on before. The lower support is a tad lower than before but that gives me a bit of adjustment for a extra few mm between the rad and manifold. I plan to either get a half size rad or 'tuck' the radiator. By tuck I mean measure up one that'll fit where the ac condenser would usually sit 


I need to do a spanner check on the stuff I've done today and refit the front crossmember along with replace the cv grease and boots. 

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Migrane yesterday meant I got nothing done in garage. I chipped away at more stuff today. I got the cv shafts in and reassembled a inner that had popped out. Filled the gearbag with fluid. The rad support got a lick of paint to cover my butchery and make it match.


I refitted the radius rods with new bushes and went to bolt in the crossmember only to find it hits the manifold. A quick tickle with the grinder should fix that. I will have to make up a support bracket for the back of the motor as its a long length of pipe to support from just the head. It did start up and is a fair bit quieter now which I'm happy with. I'll only find out if the drone is gone when I drive it. 


Another couple of evenings and I'll be drivable again 

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I looped the heater on the crx and filled the tank.


I took it for a doort out to piha and everything went well. I need some brave pills and lots more seat time to get better. 

No scrapes on most things now which is good and no annoying drone at 80-100 which is even better. Its still pretty raspy but it is a Honda... The old headers used to hit that lip of concrete going into the garage and the new ones aren't anywhere near 


Oh @mjrstar the iat (the few times I checked) stayed around 30 degrees and after sitting for a bit crept up to mid 40s

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Took the crx for a longer drive and the exhaust volume is great but the rasp is too annoying to deal with. I just checked and I was a dumb arse and ordered the wrong resonator from adrenalinr. I have ordered the right one this time and I'm thinking about replacing the rear muffler with it as it's easier to access. I also need to extend the tip a bit as it's a bit fumey inside the car now 

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On 23/04/2019 at 20:53, scooters said:

did you end up using the injectors I was messing with ? 

ALl good if you didn't I shelved that project a while ago when I wasn't making progress. 


Which ones? The bigger ones are for the turbo motor that'll eventually make its way into the shuttle 

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I added another gay Honda to the collection (temporary) today. I wasted no time in putting the factory shocks back in so I could nab the konis for the crx.

The teg is reg on hold but has a bit of A pillar rust and a rust hole by the rear window. I'm hoping some other sicko buys it as is or I'll part it out when I get back. Its got aftermarket cams exhaust and prelude brakes. 


Got a few goodies for the crx and shuttle too, spoon baffled sump, spare cv shafts and starter. Koni damper adjustable shocks and a set of hawk pads for the big brakes on the shuttle


Oh and a b20 with spare type r head. I got lucky and the b20 has the higher compression pistons - it should be about 10.4:1 with the vtec head. I'll slowly get parts and build the 2 litre up for the crx as the b18 is getting smokey



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