Cullen's 1974 Mazda 616

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So, I'm back from the US of A.

The Englishman has been chipping away at panel work and so far has found nothing overly sinister under the paint, just the usual you'd expect from a jappa of its era. Fair bit still to go yet but it has been mostly taken back to bare steel. Doors, guards and bonnet have been repaired and are in primer.

I dropped a pair of mk3 at pine engineering to get a spruce up and 64valiant has set about making a hoodlining for it.

That's all for now. Pretty boring so here's a couple of pictures of the GMC I travelled around murika and canadia in



Currently looking for a b1600 diff to throw at it also.

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Update time, I guess, as it's raining.
Roco gave it a respray, it's now as flash as a rat with a gold tooth. It was unfortunate it had to be done but it did mean any small things could be fixed up.
Cooling and fuel systems are in and done.
Mint16 got windscreen seals in from Aussie for me, which I need to go pick up.
Driveshaft that came with the car was too long but oddly (hoarding) I found a shorter driveshaft in my shed.
What's left? Finish off brakes and bleed them up. Shorten the clutch line and bleed. Windscreens in. Couple of door handles and work out how the strikers work. Install bits of trim and a small amount of wiring. There will be more but that's off top of my dome.


sideways picture is sideways

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