Ghostchips 1920-26 ford T bucket (of rust)

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Hood tie down strap made from a leather belt.  The belt is so long it forms a loop for someone 3 times my size.  Could wrap that around my waist 3 times before it met the first belt hole, and it has a functional lock in it.  Why would it have a lock?





So i don't know if i should start a technical thread on "How to make trembler coils" as mine are toast and one of the borrowed ones died today. Never successfully made an ignition coil before, i think i'll need help of the electrical gurus on here.

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RockAuto is really low on stock, wonder why. 288366199_rockautoislowonparts.JPG.44aab19e0254a08ce2e6be3a7408b3c5.JPG

Factory drop spindles still available, used.


No UK spec' ones available though.... NZ got canada spec ones.


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