Ghostchips 1920-26 ford T bucket (of rust)

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Hood tie down strap made from a leather belt.  The belt is so long it forms a loop for someone 3 times my size.  Could wrap that around my waist 3 times before it met the first belt hole, and it has a functional lock in it.  Why would it have a lock?





So i don't know if i should start a technical thread on "How to make trembler coils" as mine are toast and one of the borrowed ones died today. Never successfully made an ignition coil before, i think i'll need help of the electrical gurus on here.

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RockAuto is really low on stock, wonder why. 288366199_rockautoislowonparts.JPG.44aab19e0254a08ce2e6be3a7408b3c5.JPG

Factory drop spindles still available, used.


No UK spec' ones available though.... NZ got canada spec ones.


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So some of you are really into programmable ignition and electronic sensors.
I tried to make my own electronic ignition.
After 3 seconds one of the MOSFETS running a coil shorted out.
After 7 seconds all of them had.
Each mosfet was rated at 20 amps.  But considering they were dealing with the primary and ... lets face it. some of the secondary output (These old timers are like that) i don't think they were up to the million volt task.

At least 2 hall effect sensors survived.  Barely.

Electronic Ignition RIP.jpg

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