64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

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So I thought since I have a car show this weekend coming and chrome the weekend after I better pull the car apart and fix the main things that need to be done. 



1st things 1st cut the spare wheel well out. 



I did plan on building a thing like this to stop hot air travling into the cabin. 



But my radiator is a tad tall so will just make a devider against the bonnet and use a door seal to keep the heat out. 

Hopefully with the amount I cut out should allow air flow to max. 

Also gotta chuck safety belts in it. Slot my rear arms so don't have heaps of toe in. Also notch them so I don't smash the spring plates all the time. Few other things. Brought a fuel pressure reg but don't have a drill at home to screw it on. Should help out with over fueling the bitch.

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Found the reason why my Accelerator cable stopped working. It probably got something to do with the sparkie wiring block that's holding it together....... 




Hold up. Closer inspection says it wasn't my kiwi ingenuity collapsing. Turns out split pin up the front of the car gave up and decided to run away. 




Chur.  vw 0 Greg 1


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Been slowly working on this thing getting it ready for chrome. It was a cunt to drive when I did drive it. I figured it was hitting spring plates from when I kinda slapped it together.

So I notched them. 



What a prick. 58 floor pan has different plates from 60s pans. So I couldn't even take them off and cut them and make them look nice. So I done them on. 




I don't recommend this. I got all safety and put a guard on my grinder for the 1st time ever and the thing spat a fucken dummy and decided it didn't want to cut steel ended up cutting its own cord and almost me. So got my other grinder and didn't put a guard on that to continue cutting it. No problems. 

While I had it apart I elongated the rear holes to help with the huge toe in these things have when you lower them. Done this on my other bug. Took about 4mm off them maybe 5mm but makes a huge difference. 

I think the hole spring bottoming out was kinda a good thing cause when I took it off its jacks I instantly thought shit. I think that's a lot lower than before hand...... Went to roll in backwards... Yeah she's lower than before. 




A nice big scratch in the concrete garage floor from the flexi..... Great. She is a lot lower than before. Well about 20mm lower but enough to burn exhaust marks in grass now. Thank God I've got the air shocks in it, to assist with some height movement. 


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Made it to chrome yesterday and went for a hoon. 



The is me heading up the hill at Hampton downs in 2nd changing into 3rd. Car is still running like a bag of balls and really needs a good tune. 

Need to buy new water pump, thermostat, think I'm going to rear mount the fan so it pulls instead of pushing and think I will be making a few trips to @Rhyscar place to get alloy bent up to make a better radiator induction and the same with a pile cooler will find one and direct the the air into that. 

Cheers to @flyingbrick for the video and the help yesterday. 

On other news I only got 3 laps in as 1st lap time out I didn't trust it fully and fuck everyone else was going fast. 2nd time out I had a bit more fun but I could smell it getting hot. Pulled in water exciting my radiator at a high volume. 

Tis great though. 

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