64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

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So I thought since I have a car show this weekend coming and chrome the weekend after I better pull the car apart and fix the main things that need to be done. 



1st things 1st cut the spare wheel well out. 



I did plan on building a thing like this to stop hot air travling into the cabin. 



But my radiator is a tad tall so will just make a devider against the bonnet and use a door seal to keep the heat out. 

Hopefully with the amount I cut out should allow air flow to max. 

Also gotta chuck safety belts in it. Slot my rear arms so don't have heaps of toe in. Also notch them so I don't smash the spring plates all the time. Few other things. Brought a fuel pressure reg but don't have a drill at home to screw it on. Should help out with over fueling the bitch.

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Found the reason why my Accelerator cable stopped working. It probably got something to do with the sparkie wiring block that's holding it together....... 




Hold up. Closer inspection says it wasn't my kiwi ingenuity collapsing. Turns out split pin up the front of the car gave up and decided to run away. 




Chur.  vw 0 Greg 1


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