64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

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so i did a thing


these came up on tard and i said to my mate if you buy my 8 inch rims today il buy these.


pretty happy with how its turned out.

they are 5 1/2 inch rims and im running a 205 65 in the rear. 

time for Hanmer Springs

oh also put a stereo in it put some carpet over my tunnel that looks ugly, made a parcel tray also. plugged a few holes and what not. happy camper now

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So the vw broke again.... lol

Nah the inner clutch cable tube I dodgy welded on about a year ago snapped the weld and made the clutch a prick to deal with so I jacked it up and realised the cable. Took the bendy hose out and put the inner Rod back into its correct location and welded it all up again. With a gasles welder again. Hoping it will hold another year.

Also the rear is way to high now so will get around to lowering it another inch before the weekend which is stragglers.

Kinda brought another body again... so I gotta hide that some how. Mr West was kind enough to bring back a Rotary adapter plate back from ozz for me so I think il just build another bug out of the spare parts I have.

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so i welded the tube back in place gasless again. and its fixed :) perfect.

went for a drive to stragglers hot rod and custom fundraiser and the beetle went like a champ. has a slight exhuast leak that i was going to repair while i was in chch at hogans but yeah scratch that idea. ive got some j pipes here so il get my ass into gear and put them before xmas hopefully.

but here is a picture of it the other day after going to stragglers 


also picked up my other beetle. 


so il end up painting my together beetle and selling it early next year once ive cleaned it up and re done the upholstery to fund my new vw. so if some one wants it let me know keen on swaps for rotary engine. cheers 

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Well that's that done and dusted. Sold the old girl. It was a good almost 2 years. Learnt a crap load and meet a lot of people but time has come and she has gone to a new home in whangarei.


I sold her minus my 1600 twin port as I gave him options on how he can buy it. He purchased it with the old 1300 single port as he was going to rebuild it himself.

Cash in hand all gone.


Onwards and upwards (more or less side step) from here.

He even read my hole build thread.

Time for Dave to reply to his pm regarding Rotary so I can slap a Rotary bug together now.

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