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took the vw for a drive in the weekend :D

then did this tonight


huh gay! ah well my own fault lol. was out in like 15 mins this time

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for those who dont want to be friends with me via facebook or do block my updates on there, i went for a drive with a couple of mates and had some hot chips and had a few beers.  

took photos, kenny got this good one of us


and on my way home my beetle didnt sound healthy what so ever....

after doing two rear main seals and thinking it was my own self doing with not been a mechanic and doing upholstery i think that may not be my fault.

huge crunching grinding noises may explain something.

well remember that engine i got a little while back when i thought this one was screwed....

well stripped that down tonight


most bolts were a tad loose so my thinking is it had been apart prior to me owning it.

having a closer look you can still kinda see the hoaning in the boars from last time it was apart

a mate has just offered me his cam hes not using any more so lets see how fast we can peace this car back together and get going again........

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i put the engine in the back of the car again today

but not the vw. it was the holden.


spent the last 2 hours of my day cleaning the crap out of the block and everything else and took it out to the vdub shoppie to get a birthday.

left the bloody pistons back at the shop so il shoot out there again tomorrow and see what the think of it.

they said they will try get it done for me by next wednesday so i can get it back together to go to vw show next weekend 

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bit of an update

got a phone call saying engine was ready. so picked up engine.


got busy with work so worked my ass off

today i had a lazy day and ended up assembling my engine so i can run it back out to the vw shoppe to put on there little engine stand and do what they do best.


all together and ready for a drive outa town in the morning.

this weekend im off to nelson so next week the aim is to get it all running and fix the air shock leak. also paint the front wheels and put the hub cap clips back on. this could also go all whack if the engine goes capoot yet.

oh its now a 1600 twin port and the only good carb i had was my old single port one. turns out they habe diferent carb bolt holes..... so i got out the drill to slot the holes a little bit. ended up using a file which then broke in my hand which i continued with jamming the file in the drill :) nice little milling peace if i dont say myself 


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the vw went for its venture out of town last night. it went to raglan and back via the long way home.

didnt miss a beat!!! ran like a camp.

and the gavel rough as hell road on the way home didnt rattle anything loose that i know of yet

but back to square one. we dont have any tail lights now haha.

so time to find out the problem there and try raise it back up for a wof.

ah also my rear air shocks have holes in them from bolts rubbing on them. so il order some more and get some nice dome headed bolts flip them threw the other way and be away luaghing hopefully.

thats that.

here is a pic from but fuck know where late and night on a gravel road and the moon


oh and proof i made it to raglan


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not much has been happening with this car. i have been using it now and again. had been going really well.

i had needed to re bush the drop spindle as it had gone egg shape. 


so i had done that and while that was out my mate joel the jew wanted to steel my shape of my extended shock towers. so we ended up making 4 new longer ones so i could go a bit lower than before hand. 

ended up something like this


i think a full tank of gas and i think itl lay frame.

drove it out side like this and my god it caught on a lot of things and i have 0 steering like this also.

i had realized i had a bit of space in the rear so i ordered some wider barrels about 6 weeks ago also. they arrived last week some time


8s this time round.

i was speaking to a mate the other day about upholstery and he said he wanted his truck done and i said i wanted my floors raised...... so we now are getting what we both want. will probably drop the vw out there tomorrow while he is on night shift and let him go to town on it. 

some are probably asking what you mean raising your floor? well like this 


where you can see the ground well the floor drops down about 2 inches and catches on everything. so going to make it a flat pan.

should make the life of low a bit easier 

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sooooo i brought this the other day......


went for a drive to gizzy to pick it up. he had heaps of other peaces of rust on his lawn


sadly all in the same state of my one i just brought.

kinda brought it to do a mock up and see if we can make things like this work


talking to the simon at get low customs about it and said that would be the best and most legit way.

went around to talk about upholstery on a car we are both working on and 2 hours later i left with


and a bit of a deal with one of his own cars hes doing up.

this should be fun.

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