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Megasquirt- fuel injecting your car effectively on the cheap


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OK- for those who want a more hands on approach to fuel injection whilst accomplishing a very effective easily tunable setup cheaply, then here is a good place to start with megasquirt.  Its fun and very satisfying to learn. If you go the whole way and start with one of the kitsets you will learn heaps about how the computer actually works as you piece it together before you even install it into your vehicle. Starting with the basic MS1 kit you could have all you need for the ECU for less than $500 nzd landed.

I have had great service from DIYautotune who I think are the largest supplier of these kits or built up units. There are other places to buy from so by all means do a search but most go back to diyat.


Here is a some useful info for those that know nothing about megasquirt except having heard the name.




You can add to this thread if you find more useful info about megasquirt but please keep it MS related.


For more general diy fuel injection or just fuel injection related questions please go here...







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