flyingbricks HZ Ute- I carved a plenum lid!

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Cleaned up all the sharp edges and went back to bare steel on the important glued faces then painted everything in epoxy.

Finally glued into place. There's also rivets top and bottom where they can't be seen.

The washers were glued onto the new panel so that the two edges were easy to align.. I'll knock them off when the glues dried and all the rivets are in.



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Finally got new front discs. A few things to do before front brakes are done-

Machine hubcentric sleeve to center wheels and disk to hub (disk is a little too big in ID for the hubs spigot)

Redrill disc PCD

Draw adaptor plates for calipers and have laser cut.

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Putting the wife through fertility treatment so money has been tighter than usual but managing to do cheap shit occasionally.

I removed the bent grille in top center of the dash (is it for a single speaker?)



Sent some bits off for gold zinc plating


Drilled some holes in my fuel tank mounting frame as it's way too sturdy/heavy. Will get this gold zinc plated too


Also did some trading and bought some fiberglass front guards (need to get these north from invers somehow!) And also a fiberglass nosecone that was made locally.

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I have been pushing myself to spend more time in the shed... So another 5 patches down.. no more left around the windows!!! :-D

A few pics..






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I'll try this again :-)

Pushing myself to get this done. 


Today I tackled the floor. First I made a template using card stuck down with Ali Express magnets, cut out of 1.2 panel steel, removed the old rusty crap (messily) and am now taking my time to adjust things and get positioning right using clicoes to hold things down temporarily.


If you don't have any- GET SOME as they are absolutely invaluable!

I beat the beads in with a ballpean..Happy with how it turned out so far as it's far more than I have ever done before!!














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The rear cab mounts/ front deck mount things had rotted through all along where they were welded to the chassis. Various patches had already been done and the only option was complete replacement.



(Lol..Cat added one extra brown hole to this photo.)


Probably mentioned these heaps but had them laser cut out of 3mm steel (significantly thicker than factory) and then folded at work during smoko.



I cut the old mount off on one side and used it as a template to mark cut and fold lines on my new pieces.




Have acquired a TIG welder to use at home. The GOOD body guys use Tig to weld up their panel steel- the benefit being far less material to clean up and a much softer weld that you can hammer (I'm told MIG will crack) 

The professionals don't even use filler wire- their gaps are so minimal that they can fuse the panels together and planish the seam out so that virtually no grinding is needed!

I'm nowhere near that skill level but made my first decent part for the driver's side patch that I stuffed up earlier. This part is a front corner and it is a mirror image of the factory floor on the passenger side (I have nothing on the driver's side left to copy)

As I don't have one of those fancy contour tools I used very low tensile bent wire (I think it's gas welding filler wire) to transfer and check shapes.


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Wire wheeled out some dirt and rusty, ground off the spot weld bumps and the rusty remains of the old skin and then hammered everything straight again.

Now the passenger side needs the same.





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Lunchtime today I get a call to say I need to go to work :-( and a few minutes later I get a message to say my glass guards will be dropped off in a few hours what was my address.

I completely forgot about things due to workload and 12 hours later arrive home to a pair of guards lovingly wrapped in thick sheets.


This is why I love OS....There are some seriously good bastards here who insist on doing something for nothing.. it's seriously awesome and I thank you all :wub:

Also... IV been zapping new steel bits into my chassis!



Then bought some chromoly and weld spuds plus a bias valve 





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Sheet metal is poo, got some spuds and chromoly tube then Tig welded the start of some rear arms/links.



Waiting on bushed rod ends to arrive from America.

I'm so paranoid that I actually emailed a meturoligist (is that the word?) To ensure I was using the correct process for chromoly.

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Bolted in the new pedal assembly with some rivnuts through firewall. 

It had to be mounted far higher than expected so I need to either make a new gas pedal arm or use a longer pad. No biggie and I deserve the bother for poor planning haha.


But aside from that I'm happy will work well.






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