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Nelson Area - Oldschool drive out to Kohatu Park to watch car racing, Sunday, June 13th. Time to be arranged.

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1 hour ago, Slacker_Sam. said:

I've got nothing that I'd happily smash around the track :(. All my other cars are allergic to gravel roads...apart from the work ute. 

Yeah we wont be in anything special either- just Milly Micra. Or Minky. But not Molly.

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Class A is 0- 1300cc. That's where I play with the Uno, other cars are mid 70sToyota Corolla, early mazda 323, Toyota starlet, Toyota Vitz, and occasionally a  Citroen GSA, Suzuki cappuccino with a 1300 twin cam in it.

Would be great to see a Nissan march rushing around.

Adding a turbo multiply original cc x 1.8, so to stay on 1300 calss you need something with about starting with 720cc, 


If anyone keen happy to take them for a ride in the Uno.

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2 hours ago, Willdat? said:

It actually goes pretty well considering what the other cars are! 


Sub 700kg is the key, even lighter once you remove the interior. It's funny, just watched all the was on the ga City last night. 


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