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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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31 minutes ago, 2sik25 said:

You had me at pies Alex, I’m sure I’ll blend in with all the other lap traffic in my boring daily…..

Also had me at pies. Might tag along with you in ya boring daily if ya keen. 

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On 28/07/2021 at 20:40, yoeddynz said:

@Sanfiddy @1 down then up hopefully @Slacker_Sam. @skutaman look to be cruising along for some windy roads and fine pies.  Hopefully @maxted is gonna nick his dads car for it too! @Willdat? I presume with the fine weather you'll be over doing the Heaphy then?

Who else?

If the weather's good in the morning then we'll see you there Alex!

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5 minutes ago, 1 down then up said:

Great ride and Great nice to meet you all! Thanks, and look forward to catching up again!

Was a solid turn out for a mid-winter meet! I'll let Alex post the photo shoot... 

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Sorry for late reply/update on todays meet. Just had a very keen k11 foamer visit us so its been a whirlwind of nissan March chat.

Anyway- yeah as Will said- great turn out. Thanks so much to those that made the effort to come along. What a great bunch of mates to know. I totally enjoyed the banter at the picnic table today and it was worth the trip for that alone.

Pies were great (for those of us lucky enough to get one- sadly a large bunch of motorcyclists had also decided that Pelorus bridge for lunch was a good idea and I think they scoffed most of the pies)

I took a few pics (well Hannah did) so here we go...


20210801_114457 (2) (Medium).jpg

20210801_123610 (2) (Medium).jpg

20210801_135814 (3) (Medium).jpg

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