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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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OK- its been a while since us mighty fine collection of nelson oldschoolers have had a meet.

Quite a while. It would be really nice to catch up with you all. 

So I've just spotted that there is going to be a classic car show at Mapua on Sunday the 25th of November. How about we meet up somewhere before hand and drive in convoy to the show.  Figuring that most of us are in Nelson so perhaps we could meet in Upper Moutere? I think we need to roll up to the show around 10am to park up.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome on this idea- remember it can be anyone on oldschool that organises or helps create an event :-)    If you are new to Nelson area and have recently joined oldschool, have just read this update then please say hi! Come along and add to our numbers on the day.

Roll call time...


















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Yay- I'm hoping Shep will come along in his WW2 dodge truck.  @Slacker_Sam. you and your dad will come along in your Triumphs yeah? You wont be put off by Steve having a shiny mk1 there now will you :-)

@sidewaysickness go easy on Sat night so you can make it along for a restorative  coffee. Can you change the title on home page as I dont have mod powers.


What happened to jason and his Porsche 924 turbo- he doesnt seem to be on OS anymore? @Jason0 Doesnt work now?

@ThePog come along please darling and lets talk end of world vehicles.

@nzvohc  @avengertiger You both keen? Could you contact Bruce and Rex about the show? Dave- bring an Avenger!!!!

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Just quipping in here to say that it looks like the weather might be a bit shit on Sunday. I am a fair weather person so wont come along if its yucky. Jobs to do in workshop instead. 

@ynot you too better be careful if its raining or you'll be likely to come back to what was a Fiat but is now a pile of oxide....  :-)

Anyway- if sunny I'm there!!!

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Hi Dave- yeah the show was really good. We met Gary there and he said you'd gone back to Ireland for a catch up.

Ideas please Nelson oldschool folk- shall we do a bbq/beach meet somewhere?

I'm now figuring that our next meet would have to be after the new years fiasco anyway so a bit of time to think up some ideas. Perhaps you know a good circuit and cafe stop we could do. Or a visit to some museum or other place of interest.   Or will there be enough interest to have a simple meet somewhere just for a bbq and catchup.

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OK oldschoolers of Nelson area - I have just been nudged by Dylan @ThePog  and reminded of the time. Yeah its about time we organise a meetup, have a bbq and discuss the finer points of old car ownership etc

It could be the usual rabbit island meet because its easy, close enough to most, has bbqs and ample parking. No date will suit all but how about we aim for the week Sunday - that will be Sunday the 13th, say at 12pm

If anyone here knows someone who fits the bill for the oldschool way ie - does not take themselves too seriously then bring them along.

Calling @ynot @Willdat? @Gozza @Slacker_Sam. @avengertiger  @moparmuppet   @CPR Sierra @maxted @Sanfiddy @2sik25 @scooters @Paulluap @AttySlungGatty @dirty_leppa @JasonO @footey @nzvohc @GMH63 @mattj

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..

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