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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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Right so I've been thinking I should probably give up the area rep title, I'm working 56hr weeks in shit reception/data areas and really don't have the time to sort out these meets etc I'll still try to make it to meets and cruises and other oldschool activities.

So I guess this post is asking anyone if they're interested? @yoeddynz You have always been the best at organizing all this!! Keen?

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I'm happy to just let things happen. I e been terribly busy myself... Busy 40 hour weeks of bike rides, gardening, beaches etc. Summer things. 

But yeah.. Whoever in the tasman region fancies organising meets feel free. Go for it. Post ideas up here. 

I figure the next meet point will be at the vintage car club swap meet. It gets better every year and it's always hot and sunny. 2018-Nelson-Swap-Meet.jpg.b048b54038a29625eafcb92ed73c18fd.jpg

After that I reckon we need to do a day's lawn bowls mentioned recently.  Was very popular. I'll ask the club. 

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Who in Nelson is coming along to the swap meet then? .. List time


















and any one else you think might like to come along, to buy some random stuff you don't really need and have a BBQ (hopefully in the shade of Dylans bus), maybe a beer. Please do put the word out!  Discuss here.

Also- any ideas on good road trips within our fine locality, nice pubs to go to etc? Put it up here.

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I'm in chch the weekend of the 17th and haven't acquired another os car as yet so that's me out this time round, but I'd be keen to either tag along with someone if we do bowls or do what I did last time and bring the non os wagon and just park out of the way and hang my head in shame.... 

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16 hours ago, 2sik25 said:

haven't acquired another os car as yet....


21 hours ago, footey said:

ill be there with bells on and a price tag on the austin the bitch must go

I think you two fellas need to meet. Andy- I reckon now is about the time you need a little English car full of character.

I look forward to seeing you at lawn bowls!

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We could all get our purchasing fix by buying stuff for you? It would be just like xmas...sort of. You get some presents of which you wont know what they are until you arrive home.  But you have to pay for them.

We get the thrill of sorting through random car parts and guessing what you might like :-)


IN FACT! how about this idea....       SECRET SWAPMEET SANTA!

  Everyone from oldschool who turns up gives $5 to one of the others. They then have to go out and find the most absurd, freaky, weird, funny random thing they think might suit their designated gift receiver.  Gifts are handed out at the BBQ afterwards.

Hopefully @ThePog will be there with his Ian the bus and a bbq.....



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Funny you mention an English car Alex as there's a silly cheap trumpy for sale here in Nelson I feel a strong urge to acquire but bank account says no..... Unless you want to take a blacktop 4age off my hands for your viva.. Much betterer than some Ford thingy I see on your build and already comes fitted with itbs... But I'm definitely working towards acquiring another os whip in the near future somehow 

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12 hours ago, moparmuppet said:

Away all this month. Auckland islands way.  Lucky really as the garage is already full of shit I don't need sold to me by Barries like you lot at swapmeets like this. Truth is, Its my kinda day out and I could build more shelves. Enjoy yourselves. 



cool let me know when your home. 

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..

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