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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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So guys and girls, our next meet will be a cruise out to Cable bay.

Meet at Wow carpark at 11am, cruise out to Cable bay around 11.30.

I'm not sure if there is a bbq out there but hopefully pog brings the bus out and we should be fine to use the wood fired bbq out there.

I do like Will's suggestion on meeting at a grasskahna event with the Nelson car club and I'll look into that for an up coming meet. 

Anyhoo see you guys at wow!


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13 hours ago, sidewaysickness said:

No problem at all!

It was a small meet but still a good drive/banter session. Thanks to those that came along.



Our next meet will coincide with the Sandy bay hillclimb  (Marahau)

I'll get details up in a day or 2

I'll be there in my racy UNO

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Our next meet will be at the Sandy bay hillclimb (road to Marahau).

Between classes there is about a 20 minute break where spectators can walk up the road to different spots/driveways. I will be at the first driveway at around 9am

Bring your own chair, snacks and beverages and let's watch some hooning!


See you guys and girls there!

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 I fully recommend it as a good day out to those who have not been to watch the hillclimb before. Some pretty choice varied machinery turns up because its a mix of Nelson car club weapons and Vintage car club weapons (with maybe the odd Uno mixed in...)

Have fun peoples!

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I only seen a couple of oldschoolers today, and they were too busy driving fast to talk shit with me. Plus I spent most of my time there hiding in the bushes with my camera.

With such a wide range of vehicles it made for an interesting day and listening to all those unmuffled engines as they flew past was worth braving the cold morning.

I will start off with photos of Matts(MattJ) Anglia and Tonys (Ynot) Punto. Followed by random shots












So i've been thinking about over the winter months to having our meets at a local spot (Pub, Cafe, somewhere) on a set date every month like alot of the other cities do. Whats peoples thoughts on this? location suggestions welcome


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42 minutes ago, mattj said:

There were quite a few uncaged cars there, think they were all with the vintage car club though.

Cool photos Shane! Any chance of a copy of that first one?

Ha - I don't think that the Beagle will qualify as vintage for quite a few years yet....

How was it Matt? More fun than terrifying?

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Somewhere warm.  Brrrrrrrr.   The speights ale house at wow is warm and has ample parking. We did that meet there. But not exactly a characterful place.


But warm. Has fires. Is ideal for majority of Nelson folk. Plus if people start seeing regular old car meet there then more might come along.

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..

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