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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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Wow what an awesome day. Thanks to all those that made the effort and came along. Everyone seemed to be having a good day and I will certainly go back. I was told just before I left that the season is pretty much finished now for most clubs except those with fake grass. Opens up again in September. Certainly sounds like the old folk there have right good benders through summer. I chuckled when one fella told me they will swap orientation so every second time you swap ends you can pop inside and grab another beer...


Massive thanks to the Pohara bowling club for looking after us. When we rolled up they called us over and had laid out a wicked selection of proper good food and tea/coffee/beer at the bar. After the afternoons bowling, where it must be added the weather turned out so fine for..almost too hot, we rocked back in for tea and they had put out more scones/cakes etc! They were a good BOC and very chilled out. Cheers to them!


So I took a few photos but as usual half had shitty light etc. But here's mine. Looking forward to seeing the ones Shane took.


One the way over the Takaka hill.. was a bit greasy but dried out well for sweet fast drive home...




I spotted this young tourist checking out the fine racing'rolla...




Parked up at Pohara. Many of you might well recognise this park up from nats...






Getting schooled up the fine art of bowling..




Then learning the ropes and seeing what teams we are in... they mixed us all up with some good bowlers so we all had a chance.






Action shots...












More food..




The prize giving...






I left last and continued on towards Wainui bay because well.. the roads are just ace along there. I think I will have beaten my last record for most petrol used but well worth it for the fun day had. On the way home Takaka hill got a good trashing and to the Probe V6 driver who tried to keep up for the first 1km or so.. ha ha,  yeah that shitty little old car that rolls over onto its door handles can still hustle along :-)


Wainui bay in the late afternoon sun..




And I'll leave you with this so you can all have a study and start learning for the future OS Bowling league - of which Nelson area are now the current masters at :-)




Cheers Nelson crew!  :-)

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Ha! photo proof that all anyone needs is a 4-AF powered Corolla. Maybe she spotted the custom tuned square exhaust and knew that I was serious.


Really was a great day! I recommend bowls to anyone who hasn't tried it (even though I have poor ball handling skills) 


I've got a new camera and trying to get used to it so quite a few photos didn't quite come out right/missed cars or out of focus. Practice huh?






















Here is a couple of local cars





some creepy guy in the bushes













A visitor, and the crazy bowling green



Thanks to all you fine folk.

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Can say I'm well interested in more lawn bowling activities due to such an awesome day on the green, thanks Alex and other organizers for an epic day of bowls and shit/epic ball related yarns also to the pohara bowling club for being extremely accommodating of us, almost felt like I'd met them all before and no awkwardness at all, maybe in the future I'll have another os whip to up my street cred instead of the daily family wagon.....

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Our next meet we will have a delightful bbq at Kaiteriteri beach on Sunday the 24th of April.


Nelson start point at WOW carpark. 11.30ish start convoy at 12:00pm, cruise out


Motueka start point at Repco car park 12:00pm. Leave when the nelson group arrives 12.30ish


Cruise out to Kaiteriteri.


Ill do a FB event thing for this one to try entice new victims. Ill be bringing my little bbq but it would be good if we can have a back up or 2 in case its just an absolute sausage fest.


Rain location will be at the Riwaka Tavern.  (I wont put that on the FB post)

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I'm in Wanaka so have a legitimate excuse as to why I can't bring my new shuttle along - that's right I now have two. In more positive news, we saw one of these last night and Hannah was vaguely interested/excited so there is hope that I won't have to entirely self fund my oldschool dream vehicle.


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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..

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