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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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So this event is coming up this weekend :-) I need to confirm with the club how many might be turning up and if people want to have lunch in the clubrooms. Im personally happy to get the BBQ out if the weather looks good because it has a good area outside for it.


So people coming along hopefully are;



Sideways sickness


The pog




Not heard from or confirmed yet..











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Put me down as a yes, I'll be in the wife's non os daily but can't turn down the opportunity of lawn bowls haha, may also hav my brother with me too, can you confirm what time we meet at wow too?

Cool- you can possibly jump in with me up the hill or try the Viva out at some point once you get carsick from the new car smells.


Jandlestomper is on nightshift so she's a no.

I (SIDEWAYSICKNESS! Get it right for once alex!) will be at wow at around 9.45. Ready to leave at 10 ish. I may or may not be in the humber but if I am, anyone is welcome to jump in

One day I'll get it right...


Keen, Just working time Logistics, May not have a spare seat at this point but that can change pretty quickly,We are super busy but Sunday looks free ATM.

Sweet !


I cant say yes or no at this stage. I was going to try drag Maxted along in the Mazdabator.

Yay as I have not yet met him.

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Oh and just remember people of Nelson Oldschool that on top of having a fantastic scenic drive over THE HILL...


..we will be the first OS area to do a LAWNBOWLS meet!


The level of coolness from this is off the scale. For those also on Facebook it gives you an immense amount of 'awesome'  to be able to gloat about afterwards. It also gives us a head start in experience for when the other areas meet us in future bowling battles and we shall victor!


Plus it gives us the opportunity this weekend to enjoy little egg sandwiches carefully cut into neat triangles, possibly scones with jam and perfect small cups of tea whilst discussing merrily the merits of latest Zimmer frame technology.


All of this above can surely not be missed!

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Ok I just spoke to jenny at the bowling club.


They have a bar.  Just saying.


They are really looking forward to us visiting  and are still keen to put on a lunch. It will be just sandwiches and scones etc. She suggested a charge each of something like $5 and Ive suggested we also donate something each if we end up getting some bowling in. That brings us to the weather. Bowling can still take place if its overcast but if it has been raining in the morning then it gets called off. We can still go along, meet the folk there, have a drink at the bar and talk about old cars, onions on belts, the war etc.  Jenny said its not a big club but some of the Takaka bowling club are going to come over to meet us/have a bowl/get merry.


I said I'll ring back with more confirmed numbers on Saturady. Im still keen to head over the hill no matter what the weather because a club house with old buggers gettiing meery and fun banter cant be missed..plus I get to drive my old car!


And that is what we are about :-)


So confirmed I think are;




Andre and Rhonda

Sam and Jane



Possibly Dylan?

Andrew Footey




If there is anyone else you know send them a message and get them up on here.



Plus hopefully some from the Takaka classic car club will meet us there. Can you follow that up Shane?

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Yah. Glad to hear it!


So confirmed now are;

Andre and Rhonda,


Sam and Jane,



Shep on his old Honda goldwing,





Maybe some more. I'll ring the club and put our sandwich and scone order in :-)


Andre had a good idea for if the weather in the afternoon is manky. We could leave the club and go for a drive out to the Bainham store. Can see how things go anyway.

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