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Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..


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Considering the foul weather that was about today, in which Hannah and I got caught out in whilst out bke riding, the day turned out great and the meet was another goody! Cheers to those that came along. Great spot for it and some more new cars along including a very rare in NZ Mk1 Granada coupe. V6, in brown, with brown vinyl roof and brown interior. SWOON :-)








The storm clouds looming on way home over mt Cambell. Luckily while it looked like Nelson it self was getting hit hard we had nothing but hot sun :-)



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Ok people of Tasman. Listen up. There is going to be another Nelson vintage car club swap meet on the 6th Feb 2016. We went last year and it was pretty damn busy. There was some great stuff to be had (and must be said some pretty damn useless crap to avoid). Grab a fresh coffee and start sifting through endless piles of distributors, starters, wheel cylinders and badges for cars you've possibly never heard of. Shane bought some sweet alloys for his Ford Ltd. Dylan bought two Raleigh 20s joined together at the hips. Dean Rainbow probably bought everything and sold nothing. I was strong and didn't buy anything.


It was also great for people watching too because for some reason these events always seem to lure out the most fantastic, weird, hoarding type, social throwbacks of car geeks/enthusiasts/nutters ever.


  So for the 2016 event we are planning on hosting a table for Oldschool members. We can all clear out and offload any parts/junk/old stuff/unwanted children. Start assessing your shed now and start a pile of stuff to sell. Shane or I will look into booking a table but going by last year no stress as there was still many spots to use.


What we would also like to do is arrange for a club stand at the far end of the paddock where we can line up our cars for display. I'm not sure if this will happen though as if they let one club do this they'll have to let them all and its meant to be a swap meet, not a car show. But hey- we can only ask.


Please throw your name on here if you think you might be interested in selling some stuff. If you only have a few little items then just throw them in. Someone can take them along.

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Nelson Area meets. Sunday 1st August- drive to Pelorus bridge for lunch..

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