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Build thread almost off the second page.

Must mean I have been super lazy........ heh

Anyway, I decided the inner guards offended my eyes, so scuffed them down, and resprayed with rattle cans in satin black, in my make shift bake booth.

worked a treat! would say that also came down to the previous black paint smoothing everything out.

Also acquired the engine covers I were missing, Huge thanks To Toy-mota And beaver for hooking me up. makes me happy.

Then came the time I thought I might try power up the ECU and see if my engine check light was working.

It wasn't. fuck. traced some wires and checked powers. found when I had my relays plugged in, power to switch the ECU was dropping to 6V.

hmmm....... fuck it, at this point I bit the bullet and did what I had been trying to avoid, moving the relays and extending the wires so it didn't look like a bunch of shit under the dash.

Glad I did, looks so much better under there, and now my glove box fits without hitting the relays. rad.

Also, connected one of the spare wires I had run over to the drivers side, to the ignition switch, instead of pulling switch power off A random circuit under the dash.

Turned key, heard relays click, engine light came on. Success.

So atleast I now know It should run when The intake manifold goes on. Which I painted today, and will fit tomorrow.

So its getting there. Maybe not as quick as I need tho as all these changes are taking up more and more time.

Plus I spent the weekend over in Masterton pulling apart a commodore with KK him self.

Was fun


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So gearbag got back into the car today, still a few things to sort out under there, but atleast the cunty part of trying to install a heavy gearbox under a car on axle stands by your self is done and dusted.


So tomorrow it might be driveable again, however, there are some other jobs that really need to be done also. One is to swap out the very noisy fuel pump. Not sure its because its a cheap item, or because I possibly didnt prime it correctly when I first started it, but either way, it sounds like there is a coffee grinder going constantly under the car.

kinda gay!

and want to change the spark plugs, because I didnt ages ago, and it seemed a bit missy. once those are done, its dash and exhaust time.


Pics of some crap.


Front Bearing all swapped over.



Helicoiled selector thread.




And two very different clutch forks. The more I look at the difference in these, the more I can only feel this is why I have had so much issue with clutches in this thing so far.

Correct fork is longer at both ends, which probably means my release bearing has been acting a bit funny on the pressure plate. Hopefully no more!




Rad and stuff

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I really have no idea why I didnt change these when I noticed them putting the motor in this car


Lazy probably, just lazy




And replacing my silly near new China fuel pump. With a new new china fuel pump, this time straight from china for $80 less.




I do wonder if it was a result of poor priming why the other pump sounded like a grinder. Have borrowed a syringe off a guy I know. going to use that prime fuel pump first.



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