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Alex and Hannahs bushblock shinanigans. New garage now has signage..


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Because we weren't expecting to take any timber back to nelson I didnt have any tie downs. Only decent thing we could find was a long length of house electrical flex that was attached to an oldschool fan unit we found in the bush :-)


I was actually looking at the roof rack sagging , but the story gets better Alex



Im inspired by the amount of work you two simply just "get done"  if i had half your work ethic id be driving my car instead of looking at it.

Looking forward to see what the pair of you come up with this time...............

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That linky to spider stuff not working steve. Such a cool looking spider. Hoping we might find some big wetas on property over time too.

Sr1600- yeah that roof rack has perma bend from many 'overuse' timber carting. Cheers for kind comments- if you saw how annoying it is constantly setting up the van for sleep you'll know why we so want to get the cabin up. Plus winter on way so must get cosy... :-)

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Can't wait to see this sweet thing done man. Love following your builds.

Ergh bugger spiders.and wet as. Used to leave my windows open at last flat in nz. Woke up to one crawling up bed on to of my chest... Turned into spider man.

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Haha, how big was it - te papa says 6cm leg span? Apparently avondales/flat huntsmen can get up to 20cm, but I havent seen one that big - 12-15cm is probably the largest I found iirc, wolf spiders get kind of big too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Spider_NZ_Anoteropsis_aerescens.jpg



It was at least one foot across and it was packing a Colt .45 so my spider beats your puny Huntsman....  



Cheers Hemi. I enjoy writing them. Sort of gives me more motivation to crack on with building when it could be easier to mung out.



So latest progress..


The other day we flipped the trailer over so Hannah could paint the underside. Tonight I have welded five 100mm  lengths of RHS along the side that the veranda is going to be. Later on I will build a veranda that has stubs sticking out to slot into these bits of box section and so making the veranda nice and solid, easy to attach and avoid having to piss about with blocks of wood etc to try and level it out.


If you look carefully you will spot in the background Kevin looking in the sentra for large spiders.....




I then painted the remaining bits hannah had not done due to running out of light the other night.

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Alex and Hannahs bushblock shinanigans. New garage now has signage..

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