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Alex and Hannahs bushblock shinanigans. New garage now has signage..


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Love the work as usual, especially Kevin's ramp!

Word of warning, the mixer looks suspiciously similar to the budget friendly version we purchased during our reno which I just replaced this week due to a crack in the cold water hose.

We couldn't justify the cost of a fancy one during the build 2 years ago, but the upgrade is definitely worth it in hindsight.

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Cheers Nick.

Good to know about the tap - I'll watch it carefully. The hoses looked fine and no different to the ones we've had in the past from Methvan branded taps we've fitted in jobs. Its only under gravity pressure from the main water take and of which the head is quite low so very little pressure.

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Alex and Hannahs bushblock shinanigans. Time to build another shed.
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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Alex and Hannahs bushblock shinanigans. New garage build update.
On 21/04/2022 at 21:59, yoeddynz said:

The garage build is coming along nicely. I think I had posted up a pic of the concrete pad on the shed thread a short while back. We have been building it as quick as we could in between other property jobs/customers work. Luckily its been a 6 week or more run of perfect clear sky days up until two days ago when the skies opened up and so far it all seems dry and very cosy.

Pics explain the build better. It has been built on a super tight budget. We had hoped to keep the whole build under $5000 but its going to be just shy of $6000 inc the ply inside and benches etc.

The concrete came in at $1100 plus paying a friend $300 to do the pour and that magical floaty finishing bit with the upside down helicopter thing. I was going to hire one and have a go at doing the whole job myself but I knew I'd fuck something up. Its probably never a thing I'll need to do again so I was happy to sit back, drink some beers and watch someone else use their experience to not screw up a job.

We bought new iron and clearlight for the roof- again, something not to piss about with. The rest of the build used new surplus timber we were given by a builder friend and old iron we had salvaged from various places over the last few years. The window was gifted by @Willdat? and most of the interior ply came from the shed we pulled down.




I ordered extra concrete because no one wants to run out midway through a pour. So I made a load of forms and we ended up with heaps of paving slabs which will get used for a glass house build later on...




Roof. Went for heaps of overhang on each side because why not.


The old shed roof was perfect for the back wall and there was just enough of it. Already complete with patina..


We are doing what we can to try and build a garage that looks somewhat like its been there for decades. Its going to have a sign written facade above the front along with a small iron verandah. 

This old iron siding was perfect for the look. The alloy window is going to be painted to try best to hide the fact its alloy.


Got a load of Douglas Fir timber from a friend around the corner who I had done some welding work on his van..


Ship lapped which had the added bonus of creating a load of kindling...


Made some old style bi-fold doors...


Had a solid old, but brand new, and very stained wooden door we had bought years ago for $20. Finally we have something to use it on.  It needed gluing back together..


Altogether now..



Imp for scale...


We'd bought new gauged and treated rafters because made sense. But they are pink. So Hannah painted them white for that old garage look...


We went to the local tip and fished through the old paint deposit bin. Some contractors had just dropped off a whole load of paint, some brand new. Jackpot!!!...



Let there be colours! Hannah sorted through them all..


Then painted walls...


We made some benches etc yesterday and finished them off this morning while the rain poured down outside. Its really feeling like a good proper useful garage now...




Pic of benches getting oiled...


That's where its up to now. We've got some treated plywood for the signboards. The treated uprights are in place ready to fit them to. 

Not yet fixed on names or style but I'll just make something up as I go along. I have some funny sign ideas I might try out.

Quite keen to try and make the paint and sign writing look really old and sun damaged, faded like. Keen on any suggestions on how best to do this - that washed out look.  Ha- the sun here will no doubt blast the paint anyway.

The front timber siding and doors will hopefully go silver in short time and look older too.

I'm now super looking forward to moving all the accumulated useful stuff  junk that has been taking up space in the workshop, along with many bicycles in the garage and hopefully getting rid of some stuff too.

We will make a planter box for under that window out of some old hardwood telephone pole sections that were left on the land when we bought it. Would be a good place for suculants etc because all day sun but sheltered from any frosts.


Oh and here's a short video I made with a Go pro I had bought cheap a while back. First time I have ever used one. I thought to take a vid of the quad bike going up the main track to the ridgetop for a beer in the sunset up there. Its a link to instagram because loading it onto youtube with our internet speeds seems to ruin the quality.





That's a very very cool bit of land!

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On 23/04/2022 at 18:47, rusty360 said:

That's a very very cool bit of land!

Its neat eh.  There's heaps of potential for some fun mtb circuits. I've just got to find/make the time to continue building tracks.  But even as it is Its just lovely to be able to hike up to the top into what feels like another place and gaze at that view.

23 hours ago, Sunbeam said:

Cool video! Gee you don’t muck about do you? Nice wee shed.

Its been a fun build so I'm always trying to avoid anything else so I can just finish it. Looking forward to clearing out stuff from workshop and making the most of this new dry storage area.

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  • yoeddynz changed the title to Alex and Hannahs bushblock shinanigans. New garage now has signage..

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