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Sam's Totally Unoriginal AE85: Barn find spec update


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Right, digging this thread up from wherever it got to.


I got under the car a while back and unclipped all the fuel lines, then realised that I was unlikely to be able to get the replacement return line in without dropping a fair bit of the driveline, and I really couldn't be arsed with it. Then I got really busy with painting the outside of my house, and that's where it's been for the last X number of months with the same puddle of mud underneath through winter. To be fair, I probably should drop the gearbox and fit the fancy flywheel and clutch that I've had for about 5 years, but for the meantime I think I'm going to run another return line and just get the car moving. 


I wriggled back under the car and connected the fuel lines back up, then suffered a few self inflicted setbacks (the stereo is now dead, can anyone guess what I did?), and got the car started a couple of evenings ago. There are no pictures of any of this because being under the car in the mud is fucking miserable. 


I also recently realised that it's been sitting with plain tap water in the cooling system for a loong time. So now that it's running I'm replacing the cambelt, waterpump, and thermostat, then I'm giving the cooling system a big flush. After that I can get the car out of it's hole and clean it inside and out as it's full of spiders etc, and seeing it clean is always good for motivation. I stripped the front of the engine yesterday, then found that someone had put a 12pt bolt on the cambelt tensioner for some reason, so I had to stop. I found a random 10mm 12pt socket in the back of my hand tools drawer this morning, so I'll continue today (if it isn't raining) and hopefully get it all buttoned up.




In semi related news, I bought a full set of what I thought were standard RWD 4age pulleys as the alternator pulley doesn't match the others and it's chewing the belt out. What turned up is actually lightweight aluminium numbers. They also have very different diameters to the standard pulleys, which I'm not 100% sure about. The offsets also seem to be slightly different, so I'm not sure how they'll go with the standard powersteering pump pulley later on. I haven't worked it all out, but I think the net effect is to slightly overspeed the waterpump and the alternator. I have no idea if this is desirable on a street car or not?



Other things to do in no particular order:

- Fit stereo and retro box speakers

- Fit new, lower rate, rear springs (and buy some spring bushes)

- collect 3d printed parcel tray clips from @Berjjj

- Buy some big clips for the silicone joiner holding the airfilter on

- Organise some kind of radiator overflow

- Sort out what I'm doing for tyres. The 14x7's currently have 185/55R15s on them, but on the LVVTA chart this isn't acceptable for cert. 

- Figure out the popup headlight circuit (they're doing the thing where they constantly go up and down)

- Fit powersteering



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