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Sam's Totally Unoriginal AE85: Barn find spec update


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I never started a project thread on here for this 'cause it's really just the same (or less exciting) than all the other AE85 build threads. Now that it's really onto the last week or two before being road legal this is a sort of reminisce and a way of keeping track of changes over the next phase which is suspension tuning and tidy up the body.




1983 Toyota Trueno AE85 Hatchback 


I bought this circa 2008 (I think). It was advertised on Toyspeed as rust work done, 4age 80-90% installed, heaps of spares. Great! I bought it and have spent the last five years discovering how only one of those statements was true. It had a LOT of parts including 4 k50 boxes, a spare engine and a squillion other things from the 3 or 4 AE85's he'd wrecked. It had a 7 rib smallport sitting in the hole and that was the only thing he'd done right.


The wiring looked OK, it was infact fucked. I never figured out why the clutch didn't work despite having the box on and off with 3 or 4 different people EIGHT TIMES. Basically, everything was wrong, he'd even plumbed the fuel pump in backwards so it pushed petrol back towards the tank after I sucked it through.


So, fast forward to now:


4AGE is running

W55 with Niteparts bellhousing (TRD Flywheel and clutch is en route from Japan) 

TE71 T series disk brake rear and a TRD LSD ready to go in

BC Adjustables


Full red and brown interior (My favourite!)


Various sets/pairs of wheels


As I said, nothing ground breaking there. 



Still to go:


Finish putting the interior together


Deliver to Brendan Duncker (of niteparts/convert motorsport) and receive back with a cert.


Body work - This basically involves fixing all of the previous owner's fucked rust repairs; Plates welded over the rust around the edges of the boot, bottoms of front guards replaced in the wrong place and full of bog, a plate welded on top of the panel bang in the middle of the rear 1/4, and finally a badly made rear arch welded over the top of the rusty arch and full of welder holes and rust holes and an inner lip about twice as big as standard.




I should have up to date pics on Saturday.


Also, if anyone needs an Alarm, I cannot recommend Brad from AVS Albany highly enough (also known as XS1V on TS). He has re wired the car from tip to toe and gone wayy beyond the call of duty to help me out with it. A real legend. 

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I'll just get pictures when it's out of the garage tomorrow..


Had a blinder today. I replaced the oil pressure sender then we started the car and a massive geyser of oil shot out the side of the block. I'd put the new sender into a blank hole. It's fucking shit, everything in the engine bay has oil on it as well as the guards, front, windscreen and roof.






I'm also down a bottle of magnatec.

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All right then. Fairly soon after I got it:


Came on these wheels:




Some sweet bog work by the last owner (post coilovers) - EDIT can't find this picture, here's the rad patch it was covering



Mating up the W55 with Doin Donuts. Also note Uterus and my old van. Nice. EDIT: Can't find this one either, have a bonus pic of the van.



Lookin' nice (just the car)



Wishful thinking




A few weeks ago:



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It has not been a good morning.


1. Got the hire trailer and found out it has no winch

2. Get a call from the hire place to say that the jockey wheel handle broke off leaving their driveway

3.. Started car (with minimum oil) to drive onto the trailer and found out that Sam the fucking rocket surgeon has put the oil pressure sensor in the wrong hole AGAIN. Engine apparently still had a fair amount of oil in it.

4. Leave the car to find block and tackle, and detergent and scrubbing brush

5. Spend over an hour cleaning driveway and getting car onto trailer

6. Deliver car (yay)

7. Drop trailer off and find out that a new jockey wheel handle is worth $136 and HireAce Glenfield accept no responsibility. Their staff member supervised us attaching the trailer, the jockey handle was correctly stowed and we hadn't even made it off their property before the damage occurred.

8. I forgot to get pictures.

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Brendan (mechanic) has finished with the car! Just need a wheel alignment and then cert. Oh, and pay the bill.


Pick it up on Saturday and drive home in the rain/crash on first outing.



Things left to buy (I'll add to this as I think of them):


HKS Mushroom filter element

2.5" Silicone Joiner (with clamps)


Remote oil filter kit (Any recommendations on a source?)

Replacement guards




AE86 Front calipers and rotors



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Drove back to the garage! 


Arrived at Brendan's workshop, put the original number plates back on and sprayed the bare metal patch (covered in surface rust) with Toyota 3D7 Red, using my hand as masking. Way less conspicuous 8)


Got the car down the road (3 or 4 k's to it's garage) no problems and with no red and blues, but it still runs quite rich and the fuel pump is NOISY (Edit: this sounds like either low on voltage or fuel). Other than that, it felt awesome! First time driving it, ever!












I do have the rest of the interior




Back Home:






Previous oil spill





So, yeah, it's still running rich. Brendan isn't sure if it has the correct MAP sensor. Does anyone have a smallport running well/in an AE92 I could compare with? It's also running Platinum plugs which are apparently a few grades too cold. It's reeeaaally rich when cold (huge grey cloud rich), and leaves a cloud behind after a dort of wide open throttle when warm with a slow trickle of grey/black smoke at idle. 


It also has quite a bad hesitation/miss under light throttle, this disappears after about 1/8th throttle or something. Possibly TPS? Makes it really hard taking off from traffic lights.


Any suggestions?  //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42694-sams-85-of-long-time-build/



Edit: A couple more, just 'cause.





What a goober

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Drove this down to get a wheel alignment. Loved every moment, except for the moments where it was still running like shit. Lit up second a couple of times though, so that was nice.


Also bogged up the rear 1/4 quickly. It still looks like balls, but smaller and less hairy balls.









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So, the bosch 910 pump is now an issue. 


Is noisy because the supply is borderline sufficient and it's developing about twice as much fuel pressure as the engine can handle. Becuase the FPR isn't really sufficient there's also a reasonable risk of fucking the injectors.


Aaaand yeah, the TPS is fucked and may not be the correct one for the ECU anyway. Choice.


So, ideally I now buy the AE86 fuel tank that's on TM (eyes off fuckers!) and find a new TPS.

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  • 4 weeks later...



Went for cert today and got quite a list. Not impressed with his decision that the location of the factory AE85 and AE86 brake and fuel lines isn't up to scratch. He says that Toyota putting the lines in the trans tunnel is dangerous if the driveshaft lets go. He wants them totally removed and run along the chassis rails. Fucking fuck.




The car is running slightly better with a new TPS. So that's good news I guess.

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My new flywheel and clutch arrived the other day thanks to Alex at moonlight racing.


Unknown (TRD or Toda maybe?) Flywheel and TRD clutch.












Also picked these up for $70 off a facebook hustle page. Be good to be able to use 13" tyres for skids too, now I've got 13, 14 and 15 inch wheels so I can always find cheap tyres :D










The car has now had everything finished for cert except the stupid brake and fuel lines, still hoping to talk Mr. Gee out of that. Should be happening in the next couple of days, awesome! 





Edit: Oh yeah, the 4.3 diff and TRD LSD (type to be confirmed) are in, can't wait to test it out.


Double edit: Check out that high roller shoe mother fuckers.


Triple edit:  Bosch 910 pump out, new smaller capacity Walbro in.

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  • 3 weeks later...

First break down.


Decided to go for an illegal hoon up and down the road to charge the battery. On the second lap the engine died and I coasted to a stop about 25m from my house. I'm assuming it's fuel related and not spark as it just had a new fuel pump. 


Called the AA (I ain't got time fo' dat), the guy was a real dick. I know the policy about no wof no reg cars, but he was a real cunt about it, almost laughing when he told me he could call a tow truck that I'd have to pay full price for. Neighbor towed me home. I've got a test tomorrow so investigations in the weekend.


Also discovered that the diff is leaking out all my redline oil. 

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  • 7 months later...

Soo, turned out that it had just popped a fuse, it's that long ago that I can't remember which one.

The diff was leaking due to shagged pinion bearings, swapped the 4.1 open diff back in for the mean time as it's booked in for a cert recheck on Tuesday. For the record, Alex Gee has been awesome about me being a slow cunt.

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Had a cert recheck yesterday. Also went to get a wheel alignment and got beached twice, once on the driveway and once on the hoist, I felt like the man with my tail hanging out on a two lane main road revving my 107dB exhaust trying to get free.


Found that the exhaust is really loud. Testing rpm for a 4age is 4950rpm and is allowed 95dB. I reached 3500rpm and was at 107dB. Retested today at 94.5dB, success! Using baffles in the exhaust flanges which are easily removed for track use.


Also need to sort something better than a mizone bottle for a catch can.


Pending a drive tomorrow and photos being passed by Wellington it should be good to go.







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Cars huh?


Today the certifier was meant to drive the car and do the brake check (3 x 100km/hr stops). I got to the workshop earlier and was told that he was unable to do so. He got to 100 once, then the engine leaned out so bad that it couldn't get 100 again. The fuel pump is screaming, so I guess it's part tune and part fuel supply? I don't really know :(


A new wof check also determined that my recaro seat has too much play, and that there is a plate on the b pillar too close to the door latch.


I am so happy.

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  • 8 months later...

I may or may not have had a massive sulk at the car for 6 months, I couldn't figure out why it was running lean and I'd had enough of it. Plus I was busy with house stuff, so it basically didn't get touched until a couple of months ago.


I started by sorting out the ugly patch on the drivers B pillar (no pictures of that), it's now all painted up and looking good.


I was talking to a mate (Pete at Mullins Tyres in Avondale, awesome guy to deal with), and he really made me face palm. When the last owner plumbed up the fuel lines he never installed a breather, so the tank has been vacuuming up. I was pretty embarrassed that I'd never thought to check it, but at least it was easy to sort out. Drilled a hole in the fuel cap and away we go.


Pulled the car out of the garage for the first time since January on Sunday, sprayed it with the hose and put it away. 





Next up is getting the driveshaft checked out, then another wheel alignment (5th in 100kms.....), then cert again.

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Bit of a dredge.. Fuck photobucket too, gonna have to rehost all of these pics soon.


Been doing stuff that wasn't really worth taking pictures of, like swapping the LSD back in after having it rebuilt with a solid pinion spacer at Steelie Gears. Bloke reckoned it was the best 86 lsd and diff he'd seen in years, so that was nice.

I've also been working to clear out the garage it's in, and my shitty car port at home in preparation of moving it.

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  • Sambo changed the title to Sam's Totally Unoriginal AE85: Barn find spec update

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