Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

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Muffler Lovin












Car mocked on Spitties













NOS v used




Before paint






Prep the bay












Another couple of primer filler coats then sunrise red


Suspension this week from Koni


Diff getting rebuilt and rear brake brackets sorted



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Soooooo I caved and tidied up my pedal box - passivated bits, paint and new rubbers….








The door window mechanisms got some lovin also








The door felt metal trim got a spruce up also - good old black paint anti rust






I painted the rusty door frame, as I am a firm believer of black door frames on RX2 coupes - as much as I liked the patina








Glass in and all rubbers excl the door card




Suspension is done any day now.


S5 13bt box has had another mod with MX5 remote shifter, so it should fit in the tunnel hole now.


Mazda 24 spline LSD rebuilt with 4:4 gear and new bearings etc


New rad and cooler coming up this week

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Will try and re post.....


Photobucket sucks ma bawlz

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I hope these pics load...... thanks for loading the previous ones


We shot some paint (Mazda Sunrise Red) on the engine bay finally.


It was a tad humid out that night therefore the paint has bloomed a bit here and there. This is no bother as we plan on doing another 3-4 coats plus some clear also.


Now we can see the trouble areas that I missed and get to sanding them flat.





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this was taken mid first coat - forgot to add it before



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24 spline old school Mazda LSD rebuilt with new bearings etc and a 4:4 crown wheel and pinion from an RX7. Should give it more snap from the old 3:9





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After another rub-down, we shot another layer of sunrise red in the bay. Now there are only a few patches where you can see the sanding marks therefore yet another rub down will be needed.


The colour really deepened after the second coat and should be looking bang on after another couple. Somehow I have lost 1L of clear in my shed somewhere….FML.



The FXGT brakes/s2 RX7 discs are all fitted to the dummy diff and this all should be ready to bosch together this weekend. The discs were opened up on the lathe so that they fit over the ‘snout’ of the hub extensions which allows me to run my RX2 wheel centres.




Hoping that this weekend I can have the rear end rolling and the bay painted.


6 mates pooled in $80 each and we got ourselves a tyre changing machine and balancer off trademe - this is living in a mates shed and will give us free tyre changes for life.





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After much contorting, sweating and swearing, the side glass and rubbers are all in on the coupe. I just need to fit the door cards and window felts and jobs a goodin.




I tore my hood lining the other day….sooo I’m having to buy another $300-$350. I’m not entirely looking forward to fitting it…


The engine front mount bracket has been ditched…..the engine was at 8 degrees which is way too much of an angle. This was due to the fact that I’m running a 13b turbo box (89-91 FC RX7) which is substantially taller in the main body than the series 1-3 box. This means it limits the angle as the top of the box contacts the tunnel roof.


I’m now getting a custom front bracket that will lover the block 5cm ish which puts the drive train at an acceptable angle.


The sump is sitting on a spacer 20mm off the cross member at the moment - now the clutch slave clears the tunnel.




Now I need to get a drive shaft made to suit and then set the entire drive train up so that I’m happy with all the angles. THEN the front bracket can be made…THEN the custom quad throttle body intake manifold can then be made to suit the angle of the block.


I got a drive shaft off a mate however it appears to be 20mm too short unfortunately - when you are talking about a high revving engine, you really want the drive shaft to be on point etc.








Yes I have a loop to go in.


I also tidied up and prepped the diff brake line and fitted a new hose I had hanging about the place








4 steps forward, 6 back….

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The rear callipers are now secured to the diff and were spot on using the brackets I had fabbed up.


Old School FXGT callipers (fit under 13” wheels)

Series 2 RX7 new discs 4 x 110


I’m replacing the countersunk stainless brake disc screws for more high tensile options and probably moving away from the allen key also.








The old hard line is in place however I need to cut and flare/adapt to suit soft lines. These will need to be custom as the FXGT callipers are fine thread and the old Mazda is coarse thread. I might be able to fire the LH soft line directly to the T junction if I play my cards right…


Another step closer…..keen as to button up the rear end so I can move onto the fuel system and wiring.

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