Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

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Had a mate pop over Saturday and take a look at the 48 IDA settings as the motor is clearly getting PLENTY of fuel....


turns out that this carb was off a race 12app and basically everything that could be drilled out was. The main issue was with the accelerator pumps.  These should have size 50 jets however my ones were drilled out to 120....

hence the smoke etc. 

to cut a long story in half, I did a deal with a racing beat 51m IDA that is set up for a bridgie.  We plonked it on and it fired up easy as so that’s that. I’m sure there will be more fiddling with it to come however it’s night and day different from my last one. 

Also re mounted the oil cooler (again) using aluminium wedges I cut the other day. This brings the cooler tighter to the radiator and more importantly further away from the road. 

Ive binned the AN and braided oil cooler lines in favour of new custom make Pirtek ones that should be getting fitted tomorrow. 




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The Racing Beat 51 IDA are just the 48 IDA that’s been bored out to 51. The ventries get cut down too and grub screwed to the body. 

The velocity stacks are siliconed in which makes it a pain in the ballbag to fit the standard K&N filter base. 



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Sweating my b bag off in the shed today! 

Progress is progress. 

I really need to raise this sled as it’s just too low at the mo. Reckon 1” on all 4 corners should help proceedings somewhat. 

Not that I don’t like it that low - more that it will drag the resonators over speed bumps hah. 

It’s starting super easy (as it fn should being a new motor) at the mo and I’m still gagging for a decent hoon. 

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So tonight I now have a functioning hand brake!

i need to have a riv nut session soon in a few key areas and I should be in a good place for the Gettin. Sorted for Compliance. 

Will take it for a professional alignment before the repair cert sign off. Then compliance and the cert. 

I need to raise it up more and it’s still low. 

The rear soft brake lines need made larger so that they totally clear the diff so that’s in the to do list  

getting there aye  




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