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50 minutes ago, tortron said:

steel? weld it.

It is steel. Ideally I would like to weld/get it welded but I don’t have one and it’s probably cost prohibitive to get someone to do it for me?

Tempted to get a welder so maybe I could use this $30 air box as an excuse to get a $500+ welder :grin:

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So I’ve been up to fuck all with my bikes. When something gets to hard or doesn’t work I forget about it for a while. 
Next year my 550 turns 40! and that means cheap rego so I moved around the bikes to make the 550 more accessible and I’ve started bolting bits back on. 

I want to change the handle bars, I’ve got Hagon shocks for it and I need to rebuild a bunch of stuff to make it more reliable as a daily. 

Haven’t actually done much but tap out powder coated threads :evil:


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And painted and fitted in place. This piece is basically just a bracket that is fitted under the mudguard. 
Definitely not designed with weight saving in mind haha


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