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1985 Suzuki Carry project - yet to be named.

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Morning update.

I drove the old girl home last night. The reg expired on 15 may 2012, so I've got about 8 days to put it on hold before it lapses and they de reg it and I lose the black plates and have to go through re reg. I've saved a life!

It's pretty haggard bodywise, and im nervous about what im gonna find under that dodgy paint patch in the front.

The brakes are spongy, and it was pretty dangerous driving it down Burgess road in Jville in a storm, but we made it to the bottom just fine.

Engine works mint, revs up and runs sweet. Just looks like it needs a new thermostat cos it doesnt warm up. Radiator probably needs a flush too, cos its full of rusty shit water.

Currently the plan is:

Get it wofable.

Get wheels

Get low


Panel and paint

Interior fit out. (Want a sorta day camper type theme. So a little fold out table and some little speakers and a bin or cupboard for food/minifridge. Just wAnna take it to the beach/park/events and park up with the doors open and lax in the back of it.

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We just failed our first WOF together.

Pic of WOF sheet to come.

Damage fRom the accident on driver side front corner is worse than expected. Person who repaired it has done an atrocious job and has just filled it all with bog rather than pulling it straight. Drivers door doesnt quite shut properly and the floor pan at drivers feet is a bit mis-shaped. I've been quoted $500 to get it all pulled straight by the WOF guys in house panel beater. Unsure if this is a good deal or not, but seems OK.

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Got carried away with a screwdriver and a hammer, and chipped all the bog away from the front...


i thought it'd be a lot worse than it is, as they've actually make a pretty good attempt to pull the majority of the dent out. Ideally i wanna get this replaced with new metal, and get the door frame straightened up so it sits straight.



Shitty rear end shot. needs low


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So went to start this this morning so I could take it to get the front end pulled straight.

Turns out, I couldnt start it. Battery was sweet. Fuel pump is working. Carb filling with gas. Couldnt even crash start it. Hahah. Old cars....

Well played Suzuki, well played.

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So here's some better pics. Got it back from the panel beater and he's done a bloody awesome job of getting it straight. he even fixed up the rust in the windscreen and pillars and pulled the dent out of the front and fixed it properly. goodest cunt. $500 well spent IMO.






here's some other various pics:


big ole crack in my windscreen




Filthy interior



Hardcore racing steering wheel and tacho!! needa get a big fuck off shift light.



mmmmm rapey



Previous owner has hooked up a swish wee light so you can see the kids in the back at night



somebloody hippie left winger put this on it:



Rear ends:





and my name is luke and i am 23 years old and that is my story

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So my day started like this:

the bloody thing wouldnt start. again. i fucked around for an hour and a half. then magical Craig came and rubbed its bum, and it crash started into life, and purred away. warmed it up and drove it to our lock up. here's where the fun began.


Pretty much got straight to work. Jacked up one side to have a look at the brakes. wheel nuts were seized on.... used an old muffler as a breaker bar and popped them off aight.


turns out, it seems as though the front studs are pressed into the drum, and i need to undo that big old hub nut thing, to be able to get the drum off to check pads (anyone else know if this is right?). This doesnt seem right but, I tried to pull the drum off, but it wasnt really going anywhere. any ideas?


Pulled the front bumper off to see if we could push the crushed piece out:


So we used a heatgun (hairdryer) to soften the plastic, and drilled a hole in the other side, and managed to push most of it out with a screw driver:

Nick M might be fabbing me up a sturdier front bumper anyway, as well as a scrape plate for the front (like some mini's have) so this plastic one doesnt need to look too pretty.


also i got some new front arms off a wrecker in Te Puke. They're mint as. and all the bushes and ball joints in them are in good nick, and best of all, they're not bent!! stoked as. next job is to suss these brakes and then replace the bent front arms with the nice new ones. may also need a new front subframe for the steering/suspension arms. one of the arm mounting points is a little bent. the subframe itself is small and only holds suspension/steering bits. no engine mounts at all... so yeah. should be easy to replace too.

and here's pics of my cat, Seb, checking it out.




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Hmm. Circumstances have changed and I really can't afford to keep this any more... :-(

New brake shoes have been fitted up front. System needs a bleed. Have two mint front arms to go in the front. Has been on chassis machine so is now straight as an arrow.

Just needs a windscreen, some paint and steering boots and a rear bush for wof and you'll be away laughing.

Would prefer this to go to an old-school kid who will finish it off. Don't wanna scrap it...

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OK!  this lives in my shed now!  


Collected it from Bwarp's lockup on saturday morning.  Brake system was still very mushy, bled most of a bottle of fluid through it but couldn't get it to come right.  So I thought fuck it and drove it from Porirua to Newlands with very dodgy brakes, in the rain, with no wipers.  HAH!


Got home OK, and on sunday I had another go at the brakes.  Chucked the second set of brake shoes into the passenger side drum, and bled the system again.  It took a whole second bottle of fluid but finally two tiny bubbles came out, and brakes were back to normal.


Had a look at the front suspension - I think the suspension crossmember will need to be replaced, since the mounting point for the lower arm is pretty bent out of shape.





hoping for a super carry to show up at pick a part sometime soon!

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Update time!

Took it in for a WOF just to double check what needed doing. Cracked windscreen, leaf spring shackle bushes, wiper arms (missing) and broken park light (accidentally smashed it with a trolley jack).

Been driving it around like the wreckless outlaw that I is. Man it would be nice to get a new diff in there for cruising speeds. Currently over 4000rpm at 100kph. Quick take-offs though!

Will be ordering a set of bushes from oz, and a new windscreen this week. I should be able to fix the park light and find some wiper arms.

Please let me know if you see any of these wrecking. I need lots of parts!

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both of the threaded holders for the window wiper spindles are broken.  Off to pickapart this weekend I think.  Should be a pretty standard part across most models surely?


Suspension bushes arriving later this week and windscreen is arriving friday.  Anyone wanna come round this weekend and lend a pair of hands for installing the screen?


Also got a little too drunk while working on this out in the sun last weekend.  Got crazy with the grinder, wanted to see what was under the bog at the front.  Ground through one of the repairs while trying to clean up the welds.  Ahh well I'll chuck some more bog on.  Also managed to drop the instrument cluster while pulling the dash out.  Broke off all the locking tabs for the clear cover.  Could have been worse though.  Live and learn though.  6 diesels is too much.



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I thought I'd have a go at re-doing the repair under the windscreen today, since I had ground a hole in it and also I wasn't completely happy with it since it was a patch-over job, not a cut-to-fit patch.  Came out OK I guess, had to re do it since I ground through it AGAIN while cleaning it up.

So now I'm just waiting for some epoxy paint to dry, then tomorrow I'll be sanding the rest of it down, priming, and spray bombing some matching paint.

Then once that's dry, I'll chuck the new windscreen in, find the missing wiper gear at pick a part and put the dash back in.


Still waiting for some bushes to arrive, hopefully by tuesday, then it's final wof check and good to go for hawkes boes!

might even have some time to put some sounds in there.

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Slow progress, but productive day.  Re-did my shitty bog job and had to get rid of the epoxy paint I put on the repair since it was reacting with the primer I put on top.  Chucked a ton of bog back on, sanded, primed, painted.  Rough as anything, but the rest of the van's pretty rugged too so no biggie.









Got the windscreen in with Amber's help and an extendable dog leash as the cord.  

Glazed like a donut:




And spent the rest of the night putting everything else back on.  Need to buy some new SS screws for the park lights since they were SO rusty I barely managed to get them out.  (had to drill the head off one of them)





Didn't manage to get to pick a part today, that's tomorrows job.  (doing night time stocktake at work)

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JEAH great success!  WOF'd, reg'd, fuelled, even maddafakkin wiper fluid'd.  We are good to go people!


Still on the hunt for lots of bits and pieces.  If anyone spots one at a pick a part let me know.

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