Ned's 7K Drop Hatch Starlet

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Had a quiet weekend this weekend. Did some RC flying with Cam, Jess and Jerm on Saturday morning, and then motivation dwindles quickly, and Sun afternoon i went to my sisters BBQ thing in Hamilton.

Got SOME stuff done though!

did some CAD work (Cardboard Aided Design) for a hall effect trigger wheel setup



this is as far as i got before i broke my angle grinder :(


Cam having a go at soldering up some fuel lines


turned out mint! shit photo though, sorry... so the old return line fits very nicely inside the 5/16ths line i'm now running as feed and return, so soldered it all together and seems pretty legit to me!


Also went to Zebra and picked up some new bits and bobs but wont bother posting photos of that, but got the m,issing bracket for the throttle, IAT sensor, bracket and gas filter for MAP sensor and a throttle bracket than might let me reverse mount the throttle cable as that would look much much better!

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i need to take more photos...

Some cool cat ( tidied up some of the standard wiring yesterday because there were a bunch of no longer used bits in there etc


as you can probably tell, all the super lush shit generally gets done by Cam and im the dick in the background complaining and doing sub-par work ;)

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