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1963 VW Beetle:Ragtop Resto.


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In a effort to reduce future oil leaks, I wanted to improve the crankcase ventilation. There are a million opinions on this, so I've pretty much gone with the old school factory baffled oil filler and vented valve covers, which will be plumbed up to a catch can.IMG20211003154352_copy_2000x1125.thumb.jpg.5f59bd1cd44135387b00b0f26e49c848.jpg

Found some old air connecters, cut them up and welded them in.


Had been wanting to do this forever.


Unsure of the grey.


Had to make this to screw in the big interior nut that holds the filler on.IMG20211006222659_copy_2000x1125.thumb.jpg.4fecc9edfc084830bdc91f8290bc86e2.jpg


gunna kill me the first time I slide the bale's up and scratch that paint!

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So I didn't really said why I've pulled the motor again, but as I'm sure you've assumed from the tow truck photo, it wasn't good.IMG20211013230253_copy_2000x1125.thumb.jpg.aeff9c83cbd2404d0a84ba7f7b71542a.jpg

When I last had it out to replace the clutch and oil cooler, I noticed that no1 spark plug was lose, it tightened back up fine so thought nothing of it. Then down the bottom of town, after we got off the motorway, bang! Bang bang bang like the whole exhaust system had fallen off. But it was just old number 1 spark plug going number 2s.


So one of two things happened. Either thread stripped out of the head or the head is cracked between the valves and the plug hole.



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So as well as the fucked spark plugs threads and cracks between valves and the obvious oil leaks, the heads had been leaking compression from the joint between the heads and cylinders. Vws don't have head gaskets, the top of the cylinder sit inside the head. If you look at the above photos you can see the exhaust carbon blasting out some areas of the head. Also, interesting to see how well the pushrod tubes are sealed and clean, which was the head end. And dirty and leaking at block end.


I decided to dig a little deeper.


So much oil on the outside of the engine.


Doing my research I measured the end float of the crank assembly.


Converting .006inches to microns revealed shits fucked.


So there goes my idea of a top end rebuild.

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