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More progress from the last couple of weeks, I got the rollcage all welded up


It went together pretty well, I haven't made one before so lots of measuring and re-measuring but I got there in the end. So all this effort was pretty much for these little bits


which are the bosses that make the upper seatbelt mounts that go into the main hoop here


So all done and in place it looks like this



I have a couple of things to finish on the mounting plates inside the car and then it is on to the exhaust.

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Not a great video but you get the idea, it is quite loud although there is more induction noise than exhaust noise, will probably be better (worse?) with the bonnet on. I think it sounds awesome

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More progress from yesterday, I decided to remove a bit more steel, basically the bits at the side were going to end up looking a bit funny as I was going to chop away most of them, so I cut them out as well leaving this.


Then I made up some new ones


So these will mount here


and from the front


this is going to give me an extra 140mm of width in the front intake and probably about 200mm of height, so that is a pretty massive gain. It is going to end up wider than it needs to be but I am thinking that if I end up needing to go to a bigger radiator (not that there is really any room for that....) down the track then at least I have some provision for it.

So todays mission is to get those bits welded in and replace the crossmember that I cut out, rather than replace the crossmember with something like it had I am going to make it out of tube as I have some left over rollcage tubing that should do the trick.


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Got a bit more done, not quite as much as I hoped as the weekend was a total fail but I am getting there


All the fab is done


Front welded back together


So the motor can go back in now, however there is one small snag, because I can't leave things along there was something else that has been bothering me, basically the muffler hangs too low and it would be good to quieten it down a bit so a few months ago I bought these


Now the exhaust is a bit of a basted to get in as it is all one piece so I chopped it and added some v-bands, this way the headers won't have to come out again


Not sure if I will get the whole exhaust made this week as there are a few bits to figure out so it may end up with the old one back in for a bit longer yet, will just have to see how the week goes....

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