Yoeddynz's 1968 Vivalution IV with Mazda V6. Oh hang on..you're meant to regulary replace fuel filters?

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Haha I knew it would be you egging me along! :)

Yeah it'll get some more attention soon! Heres some pictures of bits I just got on a visit to quake city (poor old Christchurch)...

Innovate MTX wideband gauge kit...


 I got some red vinyl for a dash extension under the current dash for extra gauges. Its not a perfect match but hey- it was free and thats a price I don't mind paying.

These next few days we will be sorting out a few jobs on the housetruck before we go for our first proper trip in it. Then once back its Viva time ;D

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Finally spent a little bit of time on the Viva while waiting for some parts to arrive for the housetruck. I have been very slack at working on this car. Just silly little jobs to do but I keep putting them off. I must just crack on with it!

After taking the car cover off I checked the fluid levels and both were spot on- which is really good as it means the engine water seals are all good. I started it up with the help of a jump start as the battery is really old and pretty much had it. Sounded good but is running rich. Must finish making my air filter. And once I have fitted the wideband gauge I get the mixtures better.

I started on fitting the rev counter, boost gauge and wideband gauge. When I pulled the wideband gauge out of its box and saw the massive plug on one end I panicked. curse word I thought, i'm going to have to make another big hole in the bulkhead....

But luckily I remembered the big factory hole for the original loom was there to be used. Phew.  But what to seal the cable up with?  I checked my supplies and had no grommets large enough to use. But wait, whats this?    Hey, its the original grommet stashed away in a bin full of odds and ends. Cool.  I sliced the grommet so it would fit over the cable and squeezed it in place. Ahhhhhh. Bliss.

After all these rather exciting events I set to work making some little holders for the two gauges. I used the vinyl I had got in Chch and some 4mm ply.  I'll fit them in place tomorrow. They will be tucked out of the way on each side of the steering column.



I really don't want to have lots of extra stuff going on. I want it to stay simple. Not even sure if i'll refit my parcel shelf as it doesn't really hold that much, makes it hard to get to wiring under the dash in the future and makes the footwells seem that much smaller. I decide later once car is all sorted. But I do want to have an centre armrest after having one in my Rx3. So good on long trips. I'll have to keep a look out for something that might work in the future.

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Finished fitting my old style Bogantastic rev counter, boost gauge and wideband gauge. Calibrated wideband and then started engine. Hey- it all works :D


Now with a readout from the wideband I worked out why the engine was bogging down- I had set the mixture too lean.

I have thought all along that I had it set too rich but that was only because the choke was out. I had the choke out for the fast idle. I had it at a fast idle because once engine was warmed up it would bog if I gave it some throttle and I thought this was due to the carb having a too light a weight oil in the damper. But actually the mixture was still too lean. I gave the mixture screw a full turn with my ultra sophisticated shortened stubbie screwdriver (nothing else would fit between carb and radiator) and it ran loads better. Still bogs ever so slightly but I have yet to properly set timing, due to a lack of a timing light. In fact given I had just marked the dizzy before removing it ages ago and just plonked it back in place I'm pretty happy. I'll play some more with the mixture when the timing is set properly and once I have the filter in place as that may make it a touch richer?

So now at Idle, slightly fast at about 1000 ish, the wideband reads around 14. Before I made it richer it was sitting around 15 and would lean out to 16- 20 with a slight rev.

Now If I give it a little rev it reads richer at say about 12/13. Quite interesting- its gonna be fun using this.

Just earlier I finished my custom (bodge) stubby filter. I had chopped the cheap Trade me filter down ages ago. Tonight I made a little back plate in a smaller diameter to suit the space I have. I used some thin alloy sheet, made a form from some hardwood ply and hammered out a new shaped back plate.

I then cut a section out of the rubber shoulder and super glued it to a diameter that will suit my SU carb. I have used Araldite to glue the filter element in place on the back plate. Tomorrow all I need to do is weld a lip onto the plate I made ages ago that will bolt to the carb. It should work well. And it cost bugger all which makes me happy 8)



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I finished my filter. Made a little adaptor to suit the SU carb. The filter just slides on in place via the rubber seal and a Jubilee clip holds it in place. It fits in perfect and has a nice cold air supply straight into it...


For winter I may well have to block that hole...although this car has more issues in winter..like being so old it doesnt have flow through ventilation out the back to extract condenstion. and the fan is weak. It'll mist up bad!
 I need to get one of those oldschool after market rear window demisters. In fact some vivas had then standard as mine has a place for the switch.

The engine bay pretty much complete. Only thing to go in now is a water bottle on top of bulkhead for windscreen wash. So the filter being done I made an extra heat sheild from stainless to protect the brake servo from exhaust heat...


Then I pulled out the wiper motor. So easy on this car- the heater matrix removes with about 8 screws. I love old cars like this. Then two nuts and the whole wiper assembly is out.


I stripped the motor to check all was right- like the brushes etc. I had removed this two speed wiper from the yellow Viva to replace my old one speed system (old cars eh?...) so I had to work out the wiring to run it using a spare headlight switch.


 I managed to get it working right including the self parking and was chuffed!

While that lot was out I filled all the cavities behind the bulkhead and below the screen with wax- decent Bilt Hamber stuff I brought back from the UK.

With that back in I adapted the heater control surround to take a push button switch for the windscreen wash. My car originally had the standard basic model Viva manual push button wash, like a water pistol, that you had to keeping prodding in and out to squirt water (it was craaaap- old cars eh?)

I also fitted a little led that will light up when the cooling fans come on just so I know.


I now need to make a windscreen wash bottle and fit a pump I took from my brother scrap corolla.

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Not a big update for now but just happy to post up that after almost 2 months since the car was last started I got back to my olds in Blenheim and finally started to do some more work on the Viva.

I blew the dust off the car and thought I'd try to start it. The battery is a bit shit..in fact I cant even remember where I got it from. I checked its voltage, it was showing 12.5 and I thought nah that wont be enough. Flicked the pump on, pulled the choke out and gave it a whirr. Vrrrrrooooooommmmmm!!! :shock::D8) Yes! Coolio.

Oh and the coolant level in the radiator was full which is great news too!

I have found a tiny vacuum leak where the brake master meets the servo which could be enough to muck up the mixture. Now sealed. The car is now up in the air as I have the top wish bones removed in order to modify the adjustable camber for the top ball joints. Currently it has two positions which are either too much or too little negative camber. I've now slotted them so I can fine tune the camber. I'll put some photos up of the mod later.

I have also very carefully and precisely 'adjusted the lips' on my front wheel arches with my professional adjustment tool...


Now I wont be slicing my tyres.

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Cooling fan control...

I would still rather a nice simple standard switch screwed into my radiator- but the problem with that is that with my switch location being at the bottom of the radiator I cant find a suitable temp switch. I want to keep this engine running at around 85 degrees. I would have to be sure of what the temperture drop of my radiator is before I work out what switch I get? I wish I had put the bloody insert at the top of the radiator now. But really cant be arsed removing it and de soldering/patching/drilling/resoldering to move it. Maybe a adjustable one from supercheap etc bunged in the top hose like on the previous chevette/rx3 projects. I feel like I'm going in circles. for now I just have a switch. I know damn right that if I don't fit something automatic then sods law will dictate that one day I will forget to switch the fan on, leave the car idling while I do something else, then come back to a very hot, very sad engine!

Tonight I pointed a timing light at the car- one I have just bought second hand off trademe. The timing was waaaaaaayyyyy advanced. like maybe 20 degrees? its now running much smoother and far less smoke from unburnt petrol- although that has me stumped as I thought to much a retarded ignition timing would cause unburnt fuel? Anyway now its better but it still bogs down ever so slightly as I try to pull away, like as if the hand brake were on. I think its maybe the SU carb dashpot oil is too thin so the needle rises to quick and leans it out. The same happen if I floor the throttle hard- it bogs. But if i give it loads, a little more slowly, it revs well, smooth and loud.

I took a short clip with my phone- its a bit noisy as the fan was on and well..its a bloody phone video innit. But you can hear the right sounds in there at times :D ...

Still some adjustments to be made but overall I'm happy. :D I was just going to give it another tweek when the fuel ran out :rolleyes: So that's that for the evening.

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We just took the Viva for a drive :) Its very quick! Had to take it down to my local exhaust place. They will move a muffler across because where its been placed it may touch the prop shaft when it drops down with the axle if car leaves the road ie big jumps... 8) Plus I'll get another muffler added as I want the car quieter.

Anyway. Last night I made a new number plate up to replace the missing one. Turned out really nice- in fact its too mint so will need to be 'weathered' to make it look older.
I made it by carefully cutting the numerals out of thin alloy sheet. This took a while to get them neat. Lots of fine filing.


 I then masked  the front of each, etch primed the back side and then stuck them onto a primed peice of 3mm alloy sheet cut to size.


with the numbers stuck down in place I paint black over the whole lot with matt black enamel. Then this morning I peeled the masking tape off and hey presto- new plate! ;D


I wish I didn't have to go through all this but such is the way of NZ where you cant get new 'old' plates and instead have to replace them with ugly white ones.

This morning it was a little rush finish off some small things. For now I have wired the Rad fan to a spare switch on the dash. I'll add the thermo switch/digital readout later.
Went to fit the wipers and then discovered the motor is wired backwards! ::) So out with that later and sort it.

So out the driveway, up the road, no seat belts as I forgot to bolt the buckles back in, temp gauge reading fine, all good. choke still out on a fast idle as I was paranoid it might stall. First impression was 'ooooh its quite nippy' then on next street I gave it a bit more welly and thought 'crikey- its bloody fast- COOL!' I don't even think I went beyond 5000rpm and boy it gets up there quick! I was giggling.   ;D

Steering wheel feels odd in the typical Viva offset to the left way. Handling on such a short drive? Doesn't roll as much as it used to but doesn't seem overly stiff either.

Arrived at Murrys Mufflers and was shaking with excitement. I just love the first drive of a cobbled together car.

Man I'm looking forwards to driving it home later! 8)

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Cheers man. I'm well excited now!!!

Heres an update from the afternoon. Picked up car, now with extra muffler in the back. Just a longer coby under the boot. So much quieter now. Much better. Most wont know what engine it has.
I decided I had better get some go juice into the tank so stopped at Caltex. And there near Repco was a beautiful little Anglia with lotus steels in what I think is Ford olympic blue? I love Anglias!
So cool. So small too. My Viva is pretty small but next to the Anglia its large.



Back to Vivas though. Still bogging down. Then I started to notice how bad the brakes were binding. I thought maybe heat from the turbo was affecting the master cylinder? Got home and jacked up rear. Backs were binding too. Pedal had no slack. I had wound the bloody brake light switch in too far so master cylinder was not able to fully release :rolleyes: As soon as I wiund it out and got some free play into pedal the rear wheels unlocked! sweet. Now it doesnt bog down so bad. I guess I never noticed as it needed some heat in the system before the brake fluid needed somewhere to expand- and because the master cylinder wasn't returning it couldn't expand into the reservoir so it instead started to apply the brakes? Pedal now feels softer and more normal with out the built up pressure. Brakes work well.

Sorted the wipers out. I love old cars!!! It takes like only 10 minutes to have all the heater matrix/fan and then the whole wiper assembly out. It was the arm on the motor being 180 degrees out that had the wipers working backwards. 2 minutes later and they were working fine :D

I've installed a washer bottle, from a Mazda b2500 I think, in place. It fits perfectly and looks like an old bottle should :wink: But my little jet nozzle thing on the bonnet has broken! jolly pain in the backside

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Took car through wof yesterday morning.


Apart from the items to be cert'd it failed on RH headlight aim too high, wheel bearings a touch too loose, speedo not working.

The wheel bearing were really loose! I have tightened them up and guess that after having packed the hubs and thinking I had them set right they have loosened off. Would loose wheels bearings cause a shimmer when braking?

The speedo cable inner is slightly too short and wasn't quite engaging into the square hole in back of speedo. I never even noticed it wasn't working yesterday as I was more concentrating on other things like revs, boost..oh and the road.
  I'll sort it out by shortening the outer.

Headlight aim easy.

They really liked the car at Blenheim testing station which is cool. Was noted how quiet it was. Good- a nice wee sleeper 8).

They also mentioned that some Certifiers want to see widened steels X- ray'd/crack tested.????   Not sure what the law is. Will find out. Boy I miss the UK when it comes to modifying cars!!!

I'm pretty sure my wheels were built by elite wheels in Chch many moons ago but I have no receipt as I bought them second hand. They hold air and the tyre man who shod them noted how almost perfectly balanced they are.

After the test I took the long way home and hannah took the short clip of the rev counter and boost gauge. It goes up to 5psi and holds there. Sweet. Pulls really well and sort scared me in 3rd as its just an old Viva and I am only used to old diesel hiace speeds.


 When the waste gate opens I can here the exhaust note change. Sort of hissy ? like sound from tailpipe- sounds cool. Quite happy.

When I got back home I sorted the bearings adjustment and fixed the speedo. The cable inner was not quite protruding enough into the speedo to drive it.

Last night before leaving Blenheim I took it for one more quick spin and the shimmy under braking is less. I think a wheel alignment wouldn't go a miss either.

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Back in Blenheim to get the Viva ready for its cert.  I have borrowed some 13 x 6 alloys from a fellow Viva owner in Nelson - cheers Andre. They are actually quite rare Vegas? which were fitted to the Twin cam HS Chevettes and the droopsnoot Firenzas. I've never really been that keen on them but now they are on my car they look quite nice (but I still prefer my steels..)
 Anyway- now I have legal wheels to get my cert with :D But no photos of them :-(

Because they have 185/65 tyres I have had to do the clearance mods to my footwells as per the DTV sports part manual. It involves very careful, controlled swinging of a large hammer.

With the wheels sorted I fixed a leaky exhaust flange and then turned my mind to tuning the engine in the hot Blenheim sunshine. I had got it much better last time but when I adjusted the timing I had forgot to take off and plug the dizzy vac advance. With that done I advanced the timing by about 10 degrees and then lowered the idling. It now idles much better and doesn't bog down anymore. Sweet. I still think its ever so slightly rich and its idling around 12-13 on the meter. I'll see if I can get it better tomorrow plus use cert man Kendall's meter when he checks the emissions.
Took it for another quick spin and its much easier to drive about now without constantly bogging down. I do think it will always be a touch fussy at low revs with the street ports not helping much with suck at low low revs. Time will tell.

I had also lowered the brake pedal with the help of a hacksaw and the welder to match the clutch pedal. Its much better now. In all the old road tests back in the days one common complaint was the height of the pedals. They were noted as being too high and often easy to catch your foot under the brake pedal when coming off the throttle pedal.

Finished off with a spot of cheap carpet I was given over the tunnel just to make it a little bit less 'painted metal' and a bit more cosy. Its black carpet and I have always planned that it will get black carpet but now I think I'll keep it original and fit some nice red carpet for that full on 60's feel.

Cert tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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Yesterday we got back to Blenheim and took the Viva down for a WOF re-test with Cert plate in place. All good. Then bought some rego- I love old cars. $60 for 6 months. sweet.

Then took it for a spin here ther and every where- smiling at some police man in his cop car going the other way. Ha- I'm all legal and happy :D  

Today I did some little jobs and the sun was shining. I was happy as. Love the fact the car is legal and all good. Just that I can hop in any time and go for a blast. Which is w wihat I did when I took various people who have helped me out with the build for a spin. Took Dad out for a spin tonight. Ha- he loves the seats. Thinks it'll be too easy to get caught for speeding.

It will still bog down if I try to accelerate out from an intersection with out enough revs. Hard to explain really but needs to be just a little bit richer right down low. I'll have a tinker with it. Otherwise it just flys along- too fast for me right now especially with the soft bushes. Gonna get a wheel alignment asap although its pretty good as it is. Does the front end lift thing at speed and the steering gets light. Really needs a little bib spoiler.

So today I lengthened the gearstick with a slight bend back and fitted a wicked old gear knob I got from a old UK truck wreckers years ago. Its off a really old ERF, is made from Bakelite and just looks the part. Forgot to get a photo of it.

I also wanted more air flow over the oil cooler. Its holding the temp spot on with my driving so far but I want it to get as much air as possible for when ragging it up hill on a hot day. So I cut more from the valence and added a bigger mesh.

I hoping to go for a spin up the dashwood hills near home in the morning so Hannah can take some drive by vids. I have a feeling the turbo oil seals are a bit tired so will be watching for smoke and oil usage.

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Yesterday morning Hannah took it for her first drive. We went out to the Dashwood pass about 10km from Blenheim. It was at about 9.30 the weather was already hot. The tarseal was just starting to get sticky. Sunday so little traffic. Good fun. It pops on the overrun (too rich at idle?...) and handles way way better than I thought! ;D

I have fitted Spax adjustable shocks all round with stiffer springs. The shocks are only clicked in 5 clicks out of 15 each so still quite soft but its pretty good. Very little roll. I wont fit the front sway bar for now till I know it better.

The big ol' 3.3 Ventura front discs and 1800 rear drums haul it up quickly too. Happy with them. The discs are a tiny bit warped with a run out of about 004"

I will get them skimmed at some point as they cause the pedal to pulse ever so slightly.

We swapped seats and I left Hannah on the side of the road to take some videos. Typically though that upon watching the videos back the car doesn't seem to look that quick. ::):(

Then in the afternoon I drove it back to Nelson and Hannah followed in the van. I just cruised at about 60 mph and it flew up and over both passes on the way no worries.... 8)

Filled the tank before leaving and filled it up again when we arrived- it returned 25 MPG which isn't to bad really for what it is... :)

Mum gave me an old blanket and old ladies floral hat for the parcel shelf.

Now cruising about Nelson and waiting for that perfect moment when I can surprise some twat in a posh car as they try to take out the old grandads car ;D

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Took the Viva along on a Vauxhall run with some other Vaux fans here in Nelson. Went out to a beach and had a BBQ in the sunshine. Was very nice indeed. I swapped drives with Andre so I could try out his GT too. That was nice. It makes proper 'big engine with sidedraft carb' sounds!

Photos missing...again.. damnyou imageshack.

My Viva went really well and performed well for much fast ragging about while taking out others for drives. Doesn't seem to be using any oil but I'll keep a watch on it.
I also went to the Nelson hotrod club annual swapmeet. Scored some really nice jump leads for a fiver! Oh and an old Australian 'Fast fours and rotaries' magazine from 1992 with some cool old conversions including a VW combi van with a 13B Mazda rotary slung out back.  I love old magazines like that!

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Been driving the Viva about today and then this afternoon Hannah and I had a play with the carb to see if we could get it to stop bogging down at low revs. I thought it might be a touch lean and with the SU carb lifting pin pushed up it would die. Ended up turning the mixture screw 3/4 in. At this point when the pin was lifted up the revs would rise and then settle. Sweet I thought. But boy it was rcih and smokey out the exhaust and the wideband gauge was showing 11.1!

With the timing light in place I checked it and it was bang on... but thats with it idling at 1000 rpm not the 800 it should be checked at.... Hmmmm:doubt:

That 200 rpm was enough to fool me to thinking the timing was right but in fact it was actually set fairly retarded. I advanced it to where it should be at 1000 and then backed out the mixture to where it was orginally. Now with the lifting pin lifted it rises in revs then steadys out but with out the headache inducing cloud of unburnt fuel out back! :)

Even better is I can stab the throttle hard down to the floor and it picks up sweet with just a teeny tiny hint of hesitation SU carbs usually give. I think the damper oil is about right. It certainly doesn't splutter and die now.

I put the tools away and shot off down the road for a test drive. Wow- loads better. More responsive and no bogging! In third at fairly low revs I can floor it and it has that slight turbo lag delay then the turbo starts spooling up and the bonnet rises as it picks up sooo much harder then it used too in third. I can now pull away through intersections in 3rd rather than dropping it to 2nd every time.

The stock standard old Mazda engine mounts are too soft and the engine rocks when coming down to idle which cant be helping the poor old carb float in its chamber. I've found some new Rover V8 ones that'll do the job and hold it steady. Will buy em next week.

Much happier with it all now! :D

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I got sick of my tired old Mazda engine mounts letting the engine move about on hard shifts etc so did some research on possible swaps. I found these Kelpro items...


http://www.eziautoparts.com.au/kelpro-e ... 8152n.html

They are made for Ford escorts and are only 3 mm longer than the mazda items but heaps stiffer being made from urethane. Cheers to Zac for sorting me out some :)

Now the engine is solid as. Still enough movement to not let it shake to bits but but now under hard gear shifts the filter wont hit the wing, which has 15mm clearance, nor will the exhaust get overly twisted etc.

Plus because my radiator pipes are fairly short I didn't want them moving too much and fatiguing the radiator oulets.

An easy swap and satisfying little job. :D

Other than that the Viva is starting and running fine as right now. So fun.

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Ha ha! Yeah I remember your camper!  :) Cool photo!
Just minutes prior to passing you I had been overtaken by some idiot in a new car who juust couldn't bare sitting behind an 'old slow car'.. (because all old cars are slow right..)
Even though I had been sitting on the speed limit he still overtook me and then preceded to drive really slowly on the fun twisty bits. So next chance I got I went to overtake him and the idiot sped up! No worries..I just buried the throttle and left him and his Mitsitoydatda corolla or something in my wake. But now he was pizzed off and wanted to sit on my tail which wasn't gonna happen. Just where the above photo was taken I was busy canning it in 3rd to show him my heels. 8) ;D

Funny thing was I actually had some preignition up the hill at full boost. I'll copy and paste what I had written up on my oldschool forum thread the other day rather than write the whole lot out again!...

Been away to Blenheim to visit the cats. Loaded the Viva up with lots of stuff and Hannahs little sister who's over visiting from the UK. Car went really well. I've been looking forwards to the trip especially driving up over the Whangamoas but sadly I soon caught up to a queue behind a big truck and he wouldn't pull over.
The car is definitely running better and cheaper since having adjusted the timing plus I think the excessive toe in would have scrubbed off some speed?
Gave the engine bay a clean.



One little vent I have not put a hose on had put a fine mist of oil over some parts. New engine mounts holding up good. Oil usage is very low and rather than burning anything I think its a tiny weep from around the oil level sensor on the sump.

Took some photos the other night as I want to try to get it featured in the local paper regular car thing they do. I got Hannah to pose but I think I'm more of a natural at the old car show look...



Got back to Nelson tonight after another good run except when under full boost passing this camper up a hill in 3rd I had what I think was detonation? It was fast loud banging/flapping sound? Like someone was smacking the firewall really quickly with a rolled up news paper is about how I would describe the sound. It was at about 5500/6000 rpm. Didn't look at the wideband when it happened as I was watching the road etc.  Car pulled fine but had me worried, picturing tips flying out the exhaust..

Its still set a 1/4 turn lean on the carb as far as the old lifting pin goes but when cruising along on the flat the wideband reads bang on 14.5- 15. Maybe I should err on the richer side... but the plugs.. read next bit..

Refilled and car had returned 27mpg! I'm happy with that. Pretty sweet for a loose as, whacked together 12a with turbo and carb. Checked plugs and they are dark brown/black. Not oily but definitely running rich. I have fitted new standard 12a rated NGK iridium plugs. I wonder if I should go hotter? What's the usual thing done when adding a turbo to a NA engine with regards to plug ratings?


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The little things in life....



Bought these from local who had them advertised on Trademe. $12 'buy now' for really tidy sunvisors! :D and he accepted my offer of $15 for the pair of taillights. :D:D Always worth having spares like that.

My manky old mouldy visors I just removed...


The seller is an older chap who loves old Holdens and Vauxhalls. Has and still owns HB Toranas.

Btw- he's looking for a tidy HB Viva/Torana bootlid if anyone knows of one kicking about.

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Nice and sunny yesterday. I have registered the Viva for the Nelson car show and really need to get some carpet in. But before I do I have to sort the leak. I had Dave (avengertiger) run the hose over the window area while I was upside down in the car looking for the leak and found it dripping out of the heater vent. So off with the heater box and I think I may have sorted it. I'll be getting some Dum dum re-usable kneedable sealer- but a plumbers type and kneed it into the gap around the box.  I added some aluminum tape along top of heater matrix in case water might just drip on it and run straight down and through. There is already a cover but not totally sure it enough. Belt and braces.

I've ordered some nice red carpet and when it arrives will cut it to shape then most likely proceed to break Mums Paaf sewing machine edging it. The fella at the upholsters will add a drivers heel rubber mat for 10quid.

I went to Richmond tyre world and met the fella there who has fitted a 12A into his HA Viva. He'll be trying to get it all finished for the car show too. And this local lady with an HA will hopefully turn up along with mates GT. Will be good to get a line up of old Vauxhalls.

Oh- and the tyreworld fella did me an ace deal on some much needed new 185/60 13 tyres too. sweet as because the canvas is gonna start to show soon.

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