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Ah, right,

Well its runs

But has a sweet exhaust leak from the manifolg into the Y pip. Which is where I'm guessing I forgot to put in Exhuast rings.

And it was a bit sluggish

Which was probabaly timing. hopefully.

hmmm........... hope all comes right without to much hassel!

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Another hrd but succesful day

one might say the car is done besides putting the dash back together

Had alot of fucking round trying to get a belt setup that worked for the Water pump etc.

i horied up what i had, but it still seems to be making a slipping noise. Went away after a short drive but came back.

Will drive it home tonight and see if it settles


It has some balls.

like crazy fucken mental scary balls.

Glad i didnt bother going turbo, would be a waste of time with the clomun shift, fuck its lol.

And yeah, fixed the issues of it running on after the key was off thanks to some sound advice from Spencer. he's so dreamy.

So yeah, what did i do today

  1. Moddifed the throttle cable and mount, so it worked. The original cable was to long, so i welded in a plate to where the 2j cable went through, then pulled the inner cable till there was no slack on the insode, cut the end off and used a Wiring Choc block as a clamp. Works a treat, full throttle right twhen the pedal hits the floor.
  2. Made up an intake pipe, thanks to simon for supplying the 3 inch Tube i need, got a silcon elbow and pod filter from repco.
  3. Fucked around with belts, had to go back to repco 3 times to get one that works. tho, I'm running a 5pk and its meant to take a 6. i do wonder if this is part of why i am getting some squeel. Also, moddied the tensioner so it runs backward. AS i am not running the power steer pump, i couldnt run a belt on the back of the tensioner pully like its meant to, so its running on the wrong side of the belt. i do also have my fears that this would be why i am getting some squealling.
  4. Once i got the alternator turning, i fucked around with wires and managed to get it charging. i am mildly ot happy that I have no Charge light, but i'm not to worried about it to be honest. Will just keep an eye on things.
  5. Put the front back together etc
  6. installed an extra Relay into the ECu wiring, that swtiches the injector powers sperate from the rest of the ECU like I had it, this fixed the running on issue.

Um, yeah, thats probabaly about it. I'm feeling pretty fucked, but i think if i didnt have this weekend to get it sorted, i wouldnt have been able to do it.

Figures crossed the belt noise goes away, and I dont have to deal with it

So some basic pics

moddified throttle plate


intake pipe, which reminds me I still need to get another Cam vent thing off another car, so i can plub that ito the intake


general motor


general car, clearly grill still needs to go in, but I might take the radiator out to get cleaned out tomorrow, as it looked abit blocked, so piece of mind will be nice


And they drive belt. For those people who know 1j engines, they will be able to see what i have done here and how incorrect it is.


Anyway, All i can say is fucken WOOOOOOOP!

So much fun, and sounds so intense

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This was fucken hell as shit for nats!

Had my exhaust mount fall off atleast twice,

Even better when i hit a bridge at pretty good speed and bottomed out


However, tisk Tisk, i probabaly should say that I did all of nats in a dereg car, but I did

So now its time to get it Revinned and certed on the original plates.

So, first thing to sort out, is the stuff for the cert.


One problem i had in my wiring was fuel pump control. This needs to work only when the engine is cranking and running, wheres as I had to wire it up to ignition. this will not do!


The factory ECu for the Supra loom used a Fuel pump control ECU, which I dont have. this is controlled out fo the ECu by a modulated 0v- 5v Signal.

After some trail and error with a 5v relay, it was concluded that was not going to work. this worried me for bit. until i did a google search, and found, all the info I needed from the same site I got all the wiring from.


Which was this nice little circuit




Which resulted in a trip to Jarcar, $3.90 later, and Dad had made this for me (he loves this sort of stuff)




Works a treat! So good to know, should be adaptable to all sorts of Toyota ECu's that run the same setup.


Next part of things for the Cert are drive Shaft loops

Instead of going down the track of buying universal ones and trying to make them work, which i find is more hassel than its worth, I bought a length of 50x5mm flat bar from steel and tube, for $35. So the fact I need to make two, this works out cheaper by like, 70 atleat.

Plus, I still have half a length Left!!


Front loop

Still need to be welded and drilled




And the rear loop, looks a bit odd, but was trying to not waste as much steel as I did on the front one, lessons were learned!






So once these are welded and drilled, I have to pull the carpet out and drill the holes to mount these through the floor.


Another thing for a cert I need to sort out are my wheels.

Currently running 15mm spacers, which, are a major problem, as the center that goes on the hub is the same as what I need for the wheels. so, the spacers have no locating bits for the wheels, which are not certable.

Not really sure what I'm going to do here. need to investigate options more




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ooooooooooooh right.

finally started getting into this shit today. Going good so far, engine and box is all ready to come out, besides taking the loom off the engine.

removing loom from car, is going to be a right fuck I think.....






And the tail light I am concerned about, looks like it will need some sort of magic so will drop off to a plastic welder tomorrow, so will see what they say........


Super fun!

will grab my engine crane tomorrow and have a stab at pulling it out of the whole

Oh other things (more of a note to self)

Require front brake hoses, and probably some form of none cut bump stops.

amazing fun.

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Shit!, 10 days since an update, some mi8ght suspect I have done nothing, Partially true, did take a few days off to spend with the misses and another few to spend at the Bogan farm for napier (Jasonk)

But shit has been happening, once chassis was repaired it was time to attempt to fit the engine. So stripped manifolds, fit freshly machined flywheel and new clutch kit. Then when on the gear box and it was time to bolt it in.......

Ah, No.

I had a sneaky suspicion the sump might not fit in the whole, and fuck me I was right. Thankfully I have a ms112 sedan to steal parts off, and A new gasket set I had ordered from China, So off when the sump and then then spend most the day trying to get old gasket off the block. Thankfully I had already cleaned up the the other sump, so with a new gasket it went on, but not before swapping the Oil pick up over (this had me mildly worried, as This bolts direct to the oil pump, and I had nothing to pack the pump out with, however It primed up, but more on that later)

Anyway, woop, that was done, time to bolt on the engine mounts I am stealing off the sedan.

OH FUCK! Some how I have lost the left hand engine mount and bracket.

I know I took it to work at some point to give it a clean up and paint, but have not seen it since, so might as well consider that lost. A Total fuck up on my behalf, and has serosuily fucked me over


However I wouldn't let this stop me from making as much progress as I can, So In went the engine, then fitted manifolds and fuel pump etc from my Sedan, Motor is now currently sitting on a piece of wood on the left hand side.

Next issues were the wiring..... Sedan had an external voltage reg, and from what I could remember, The wagon never did..... Did a research on the alternator that came with the engine, all signs pointed to external voltage reg, so Had a bit of a fluster about that, Untill I was working away on something else and casually glanced at it, and realised the reg is bolted on the side of the alternator. Ok, time to swap over for the second time. Still had to do some guess work the wiring, but so far I think I have it right and is going to work. I don't have a multimeter atm or even a test light, but lights come up on the dash.

Other wiring issue, coil. managed to scope most this out, realised today I had the coil power running from the wrong side of the ballast resister, turned her over and had spark, boom town.

So I poored some gas down the carb and fired her up, hoefully fuck revving at like a billion rpm. had a play with the dissy and set the timing but still really high. So not totally sure what The issue here is..... It either has a mega vac leak, or something is jamming the throttle, or, I have not powered the auto chock correctly (very possible as engine wiring from sedan and wag were a bit different so used some guessing to determin what wires might do what.)

Anyway put water in it and that's pretty much where Im at motorwise.

Will buy a multi meter tomorrow and go from there.

Other things happened as well. Got the rear sway bar back on, so that was al the suspention sorted. and fitted the exhaust from the sedan (mostly turns out the are different where the go after the diff, so have patched and repaired the sedan exhaust system as far back as the diff, will need to get in on a hoist at work and do some welding and such.)

Oh and fit new front seat belts, and pulled the drivers door off to swap with sedan. And put all the front together.

So to sum up, I am behind when I wanted this ready for revin, which was tomorrow, I really really need to find a mount, as That has fucked even being able to drive the blasted thing.


Wall of text!

Motor with new clutch kit (was so cheap, like $120 including flywheel machine. Thanks BNT)


first motor refit attempt


the bit where a mount is meant to be


And the temp fix


Front coming together



Motor all together


And how I left it at the end of today


So.... list of things left to do:

Fit new wiper blades,

Check lights, horn etc

Weld back section of exhaust

Figure out high idle

Remove door from sedan, swap internals and fit to wagon.

Remove wheels from Hilux and fit onto this.



not to bad really.

Will probably have to just causally plod away at this now while I start getting Nikis engine sorted for her Austin, as that also needs to be done by the 6th of fed.

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Casual update, when I dropped the car off they gave me a statutory declaration form to fill out to say legally that I am the current owner


took a whole of 2 mins to fill out and a 1 min trip into the local district court to get it witnessed

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Hah, finally got the call just before, would seem I failed, sounds like rust.

Probably pretty gay and probably need a repair cert or some shit like that

Will find out tomorrow when I actually pick it up


Such is life, would say this wont be at wag nats


In other news, Nikis motor goes back in Austin tonight.


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still old page but fingers crossed for new page.

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