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Oh right. So shit is getting crazy all over the show trying to get everything else to fit.

main issue is trying to get the steering rack to get past the starter motor

So I am now going to be converting my starter motor over from the drivers side, to the left hand side. Bit of work involved, mainly taking decent sections out of the block to make a starter hole.

SO that is this weekends mission, hopefully, if I dont get to crunk

heres some pics from a conversion done in ozzy on the same motor



Hopefully can make mine kinda that neet haha


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so, yay. more hassels haha

so my starter is not going to work with mounting on the left hand side.

Fucken lame, so now im going to talk to the guy I know who works at a wreaker and see if i can find a better option.

Yuss. on another note, fucken thanks heaps simon for wiring up the compressor, now i can destroy my block with die grinding action.


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So........... its been a while.

Firstly, I want to say sorry for everyone who voted this car as most anticipated project of last year.

I failed so bad, in fact, I didnt do anything to it for that whole year, and I feel like such a cunt

Anyway, now that I have gotten through some shit, wag season is pretty much over and the MS63 is how I mostly want it, its time to get back on the old horse and get some shit sorted.

Anyways, so plans have changed............ I was all for the 3 / 5v conversion, howver just the effort of changing everything from steering to column changes has kinda put me off for this one.

So now I'm going with another motor I ahve had sitting round


Have ordered the bits needed to convert my motor from Auto to manual, as it came out of a crown.

Tho its super good it came out of a crown, center sump is the key, and I have one, so shouldnt take much to fit really.

Anyway, first step, Pull out of lock up, which thanks to lee, Got that sorted today!

Now its back home, and once my bell housing gets here, will pull the motor out and swap the box over to the original N box to suit the coloumn change,


Anyway, Shit up date really,



Big plans up a head, watch this space

Seedy Al

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Causal update

Bought some stuff.

Cost some money

Then it was now

Jeah Brand new manual JZ parts



Probabaly the most I have ever spent on gear box sort of stuff haha

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cool, did some stuff

I am happy

this conversion is going to be 14 times easier than the 3v

Like, oh my god easy!!!







Mounts are going to be a peice of piss!



I love it when everything works out

I guess thats the joy of toyota Lego, crown parts fit crowns easy

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wow, average put date

have pretty much finished the mounts, just need to wled them up fully tomorrow after cranking out the arc welder tonight to take them up.

Also pulled out the fuel tank to start looking at fitting a nissian EFI pump into it

Good fun

Tank out


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holy crap an update

SO FINALLY.........

the motor is sitting there all on its own, with its own very sepcial custom made mounts

Motor sits fucken perfect, decent enough clearance around everything, sump sits higher than the chassis, steering clears the sump with good room through its whole movement, just everything is nice

Mounts took forever though, its hard to template up mounts in one place, and then cut and weld them in another. but they are done.

Wleding isnt super amazing, will do the trick, but not as pretty as i really hoped. Didnt help that i had to tack the mounts up at home with the arch welder and then mig them up at work, but they bolted in perfect with no real problems.

So cool, whats next? Exhaust is the next step. need to fit the shifter column into the firewall etc to see how much clearnce I have around the factory manifold. this is only a temp measrue till i buy a stainless manfiold out of the states, but holding off as there are heaps of other stuff I want also.

Anyway pics

Engine sitting pretty



Left hand mount


Right hand mount


Factory manifold bolted on


Clearence around the mounts


and the firewall


Also picked up a pulsar fuel tank from picky part for to convert mine to EFI. was only $50 compared to the $130 it was going to cost me from a local wreaker, hate the fact there is no pick a part in this town

Anyway, hearts! its hard to find the time to work on this thing, so annoying

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gah crap update with no pictures. bolted in all the shifter column stuff this eveing, freaked the fuck out becasue I had thought i had lost bits and pieces.

turns out i was looking in a box of ms55 column parts, duuuuuur

Stupid me tho, totally forgot to drill and tap a hole into the JZ bell housing for part of the shifter rod pivots, so will have to do that when my new clutch turns out. should be pice of piss with the box out.

AND, looks like there is plenty of room to be bale to use the factory Y Joiner for the exhasut manifolds, but i forgot my lock up key to grab it to bring home, still worried about around the engine mount, but stacks of room around the shifter linkages.

its almost like the engine was designed to go in that car, its fucken scary and awesome

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So, fuel tank Mod is underway, However, there are a few issues

One being I cant mount the pickup/ pump out of the Nissan tank exactly how it was in my tank, its probabaly going to have to be on a Angle, which i dont think is going t be a major problem really

however, wht is going to be a major problem is wiring to the pump. I was planning on not running the Factory nissan inspection plate that has the fuel outlets and plugs for wiring, as My fuel tank sits pretty hard up against my boot floor, and there for, wont clear. however, what I was thinking, was running the fuel pump wiring up through one of the breathers, so that way I can still get power to the pump, Will however scheck boot floor clearnces when i get home, and see if I can made a recess in there or something.

there is another option, but i'm really not the keen on it, and that is to recesses the insepction plate into the tank to make it flush, however, the work involved in doing that would be lots, and lots of welding at that. Kind need to be sure this thing is going to seal........

anyway, pics

location of new insception plate


old nissan tank cut to shit


nissan pink fuel bowl and pump


possible location of pump in tank


An with the insepction plate mounting thing for show


bobs your aunty

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Not really exciting

Tried the fatory Y pipe for the motor again, with all the heat sheilds removed


But its pretty much hard on the engine mount

But I have an idea! so hopefully can mod it easy enough to suit.

The main boby is pressed steel, was worried it might be cast, so that will make it weldable nicely

Also the bottom flange is pretty close to the Shifter linkage, may need to move the flange further down the car, but will cross that once i have the hole in the bell housing drilled and the linkage set in place

Chur, progress. I love this stuff





Planned mods

the yellow is the fexi moved,, the red is pipe, might even use a bend to make it slighty prettier


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Fuck, another average update, I should really just save them up till i actually have something interesting to show....

Atleast you know I'm doing stuff i guess

Chimped out and took the easy road, hope I dont regret it. Have just cut out the flexi and replaced with straight pipe, have about 7 -10mm of cleance, should be enough





Yeah arc welds, becasue your mum fucken loves it.

Still struggling with what the fuck I am going to do with getting wires to the in tank fuel pump...... I cant really recesses the whole nissan unit into the tank, as where I cut is right where the breather pipes run.... so am going to try and find / have a think about some form of wiring boss that can be bolted to the tank that will seal up. might have to look at marine shops maybe.....

Nothing is usually easy haha

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SO today was one of those rare days where I was in fact home, on a sturday, not travelling or in Wellington!

So i thought i had better use this time to bust down some shit of the crown.

Originally i was thinking in the morning, well, atleast I can get all the lowering stuff back in the rear springs and shocks and shit.

Was going to do it yesterday afternoon slash even, but had just had our work do, and then lee and Jason K and his oldman turned up, so we went to the local bay View Pub. And fucken glad we did!!! turn out bill, the good cunt who runs the joint, started shouting everyone booze. So we had like 4 free rounds! and a small feed and an oster. Fucken cool.

Plus ended up hanging out with the guy who lives across the road next to 4 square. He is the fucke real deal. Daily drives and Old ford wagon, Lives in a two story Workshop, built his own bar in there, and was telling us how his misses had just left him becasue she was over living with the cars etc.And was crack up saying i havnt changed in my life, still do the same thing I always have, drink and have sweet cars. he's my idle haha

Sorry, spamming my own build thread haha

then I was lying in bed, heard a knock on the door and next minute there is a nice little box of clutch stuff sitting in the lounge From the states. totally wrapped that it turned up so early. So i thought fuck it. Lets get this shit done.

So I pulled the motor and box, sperated the two, checked the clutch for fitment etc, then went to work, drilled the hole in the bell housing for the shifter linkages, fit the flywheel with new bolts, all the clutch kit, bolted it back together. Fit the motor back in, and fit up everything.

Whats this? It looks just like it used to. but no, the hidden goodness is now installed, ie heavy duty clutch


6 puk clutch hit, will be interesting to see how well it stands up, given it cost me $200 including shipping from the staes haha, kinda cheap.,.,



New toyota Flyewheel bolts,


All bolted up nicely, realised I didnt have Flywheel dowls tho, but fuck it, it will be fine, new bolts on the clutch cover also


moddified bell housing


So anyway, Now its time to start sorting out all the other stuff, First might be making a plate to cover where the oil level warngin gauge went into the sump, and moddifing the oil dip stick to clear the engine mount, Shouldnt be to hard really, but will take a bit of work making sure its the correct length etc.


Also, been umming and arring about maybe running these wheels, not sure yet.... havnt tried them on the front.....


17x8 American racing wheels.


So yeah, Now the final drive system is pretty much finished and bolted up, just need 4 split pins to secure the slectors, which all work nicely, and de seize the clucth slave and bolt it on.

To fucken easy.

So what does that leave:

build exhaust From down pipe back

Fit front radiator support , radiator etc, then sort out the radiator hose.

Fit new water pump and cambelt kit

Fit the intake, and other ossicated bits.

Finish the fuel pump and refit that.

then its just engine wiring, lots of engine wiring....... Still not sure where im heading with that yet. will cross that bridge when i come to it, might have a lead on a 2jz ecu and map sensor, which is what i need to run factory stuff, which is prefered for now.

and fit front lowering suspention parts. which can be a cunt being double wish bone.

So yeah, fucken happy with todays progress for sure

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update in your face!

Seems like e veryone is updating and getting busy at the moment, this was 3 pages back from my last update

Anyway, My lovely girlfriend gave me the weekend off, ie, no distractions, so i used it to a decent potentail.

Managed to get the fuel tank finished and now all setup for EFI.

Still need to run the wires to the tank, but its bloted in and the fuel lines are all now EFi proof.

Also figured out the fuel filter to use, its off a mazda enius, so need to get a fuel filter holder for that from the wreakers

What else, oh yeah, given the unkownness of the engine, CAM belt and water pump was a must. However, I the stuff i ordered on friday was all wrong, so might hit up the guy i got the bell housing off and go genuine

Oh, got a rebuild kit for the clutch slave, so i know have a complete finished drive line

And as I run out of bits to do on the engine I bolted the front rad support in. and the other day I fit all the lower stuff into the front of the car. keen to get it on the american racing wheels and see if it looks any good

Anyway, pics



(these two bolts are where I am suppling the power to the in tank pump from. has icsolators that stop the fuel coming out and stop the electricaty hitting the tank. magic)


Collection of stuff, most of which is wrong haha



Clutch slave rebuilt and honed


Front of engine all pulled apart, timing belt tensioner was fucked, and water pump was full with corrison. I'm glad i pulled it part

And i'm pretty happy with how the motor is looking in there.

All most looks factory!



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oh righty,

Have assembled the front of the engine now with all the right bits, which meant i could move on to other things,

Like, radiator hoses.

And alternator wiring

and finally finshed the fuel lines and mount the fuel filter

Had a scare for a little bit on the weekend, grabbed the radiator i thought was for the crown, went to bolt it in, hell, this is no where near right. think it was for a ford of some sort. Anyway, freaked out trying to think what i had done with the damn croan one, thinking I had scrapped it or put it in a car I had sold or something. then I had a think, and vegauly remembered leaving it out side at some point. Peeked down the side of the shed and Boom, there it was. A single upwards fist punch followed, and then it was bolted back in.

Radiator hoses look easy enough. The factory one was so close to fitting, but the angle where it connects into the radiaot is a little wrong and is putting to much delftection in it, so will get a bunch of ones from repco will i find one that will fit.

Also, I collected all my wheels from the lock up, so got excited and mounted them, and dropped it on the ground,

Front is sitting a bit high, but springs need to settle so has some yuck mustang rack going on,

Also started running the wires for the fuel tank pump, need to pull up the carpet and shit, so might need to move it away from the bench to be able to open the doors

Plus, thanks to a frendly helpful old school member, I have Drive belt tensioner ECU, and coil / igniter turning up in a week or so, so will have alot of cutting and tracing to do to make it all work. Still need a water pump pully tho. wil try some wreckers maybe

But basicly, car is ready to put power back onto the original loom, and start sorting out some basics

Pretty excited really.

anyway, average pics





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Shit update, but I have started on this again as time is running out.

main hurdle now is wiring

I have a factory crown loom with no ECU, and a cut up Supra Loom with ECU. So am undertaking the painful task of retrofitting the crown loom to the Supra ECU.

Not fun!

Also still need belt tensioner for the main drive belt..... going to have to try a wrecker i guess.

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Sweeet, here some average pic of my personal night mare.

However these were taken a few days ago,

Today I wired in the relays etc for the fuel pump and ecu, all i need to do now is run a start wire, battery wire and ignition switch wire, and thats the ecu done.

So progress is good



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man, what a CRAZY couple of days

thought everything was going to plan, till yesterday I concluded it was time to fit a battery to this and get some power to dash etc, find my power wires to run to ecu etc.


I ended up spending 3.5 hours trying to figure out why I wasnt getting power to the igniton switch and all sort of stuff. Wondering what wire where I had left off, if it had to do with the alternator blah blah blah

Turns out there were three plugs tucked up inside the drivers side guard just by the fuse box, which i had failed to notice. so once i had those plugged in I was away with the final ecu wiring.

That night ended at 1am.

Tonight I have been fitting manifolds, fuel lines, gauge wires etc. Still a few bits to figure out.

mainly the Alternator wiring

I'm a little stumped. I dont have the old alternator to go off, so not sure what wires do what. Only that I have one wire that does get power when the ignition switch is turned on, but it is not gettin a strong 12v at all, so I'm not sure what the deal is...

Any thoughts?

i assumed I needed a lamp signal, and a igniton siginal.

then just run a wire as a Sense wire.

but i guss its not that easy.

i;m not sure if this uses one of the systems where the lamp wire is also the ignition wire or something.

hopefully i can figure it out soon.

but anyway. tomorrow I am towing into work at lunch, I have exhasut parts turning up on order, and also got a 16 inch thermo fan today.

so now its finish my bottom radiator hose, extend and block a few vacuum lines, get that alternator wiring figured out, and reassemble stuff.

oh, and remake the damn oil filler tube as my engine mount is right in the way

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cool, towed this into work today

then spent this evening working away at it.

Got the exhuast all welded up, just need to attach some hangers

And moddified the oil dip stick tube to clear the engine mounts etc.

So it ready for oil

and I fitted the thermp fan to the front of the radiator

And connected up a few water hoses etc

With some luck, it will be start up tomorrow

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Oh right

had to spend a bit more time on the exhasut, fiited rubbers and cut it off just after the muffler for a reweld as i wasnt happy with how close it was to the fllor

Its all now bolted on and rubberised.

Feels pretty solid, hope it dones rattle, but i guess this will never be the final exhaust on it being side piped.

So now I need to get on finishing the cooling lines etc.

Might go get some gas, and maybe see if its going to fire up

i am so fucken scared it wont tho. if it doesnt I dont know what i will do






And one massive fuck off fan


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