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K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH Discussion

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i love how we were just talking about this .

on that note i am soo sure i saw your commodore driving down port rd about a month ago . i got nabbed by this wonderful officer for not wearing a helmet .

if not it looks very similar / probably not even close .

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get it done

coax hairy into rust repairs if youre out of options. he did well on pies pos that had mean rot around screen. he's not hard to coax into action.

novus man: I may call on you next monday/tuesay to glue a channel back on the bottom of a window. reckon you could help? I've got another coming for my pos on the weekend but if it's wrong I may need you help stat.

chris, DOIT. this is going to be so easy that you'll have time to build your trailer, chop some trees down, and whittle them into a life size replica of allan.

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I'm gunna pop out the screen tomorrow night and assess what its going to need..

Biggest hurdles I can see is cos everything else can be done by me/mates

- if there is a huge rusthole going down behind the dash and the dash needs to be pulled (common on these pigs)

- the time it will take to get someone to paint the repairs round the screen..

- if the cost of a new screen and rubber blows me away

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help me out lads .. what model are the opels so i can search interwebs for pictures

Holden Commodore VB-VC is Opel Commodore C

Holden Commodore VH doesn't have an Opel equivalent but does resemble the Opel Rekord E2

Holden Commodore VK is similar to Opel Senator A

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