Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar

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Oh yeah, this goes again.




Nick got squished by Bruce Goodwin


Thanks to all the OS boes that came for a squiz last weekend. It was cool having a bunch of hungover GC's roaming the pits.

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Cool, so the 2010 winter season is all over now and there are a few things to work on:

- Rebuild diff with 4.556 CWP

- Tyres - Need new ones and am on the lookout for 225/15 slicks

- Brakes - New pads and fix the LF caliper mount

- Suspension #1 - Mod the Castor arms to pull in more castor and fit V8 supercar rose joints

- Suspension #2 - more lowness, 30mm RCA's, Adjust the 4 links to get it squatting and maybe a Watts link


- Build a good, fresh Beams

- 12:1 compression, Cams, dreams

- Stand the motor up with Altezza Sump and mounts

- Re-mount engine and gearbox

- Build new intake manifold

Want to have this done by next year's winter series... We'll see how it goes. It might be quick car one day.

Pics from this year

Picking up a wheel 8)





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So it's been a while without an update... Mostly because I did nothing between the end of winter series and now.

Here's a vid from the final race of the UTRS from the front of a K20A civic:

I then had a break from the race car, focused on Uni assignments and spent my time being boring. But that's changed over the last week. It needed work - a new CWP set in the diff, sealing a leak in the diff housing, getting new brake pads.... And slamming it by 30mm.

To lower the rear meant making shorter extensions for the top of the shocks as there's no room for up-down movement on the thread.






The car feels considerably lower when you walk around it now, which is cool. It also needs more castor but there's a clearance issue with the LF inner guard where the battery bracket lives... Will chop that out and replace it with panel steel on a more generous angle, pull castor, cut the bumper and flare for clearance and go for a skid.

Hopefully it handles better :P .

// ... &start=300

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Took it to Manfeild with the new lowness and noticed definite improvements. It was raining for all of my runs so we were unable to get a real idea of what was going on with the car.

It now has truckloads of rear grip. Moving the panhard rod and adjusting the four link setup obviously worked, along with more front castor. I was able to plant boot at the same points I usually use in the dry. Any sideways was predictable and easy to hold. A+

We're going to have a play with the front setup at the next dry day cause it wasn't turning in too great. This could be a result of a wet oily track so dry time is needed.





Feels good to be making changes that have the right effect!


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Anyway, that last post shows the new track after fitting negative camber RCA's. It's sorted out my arm angle but has changed the scrub radius and could cause issues in turn. We'll see at the next day on the track, which could be Feb 4/5/6th.

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Tested the setup in the weekend at the IRC race meeting and all is well. The front suspension feels good and the rear is reasonably well settled. It needs more fine tuning but we're starting to get there.

All three of the weekend's races were intense and busy, which made for an exciting weekend. Qualifying was wet (which works to my advantage) and I ended up qualifying on pole after two hot laps. Then the gearbox jammed in 4th gear and wouldn't come out, so that spelled the end of qualifying.

We pulled the box to re-locate the selector and had it all back together in the nick of time. Made it out JUST as the field was leaving the dummy grid. Drove around the warm up lap and took my spot on P1. It was dry so I took it easy-ish off the line and was swamped by escorts and Paddy in the Ute which meant I had to play catch up for the rest of the race. Managed to get back up to second and was on Paddy's tail at the finish. Good race.

Race two was a handicap ( :salute: ) with Paddy & I starting from the back. Missed a gear off the start again and fell behind. Still managed to drive through to 6th and had a sweet battle with a Torana driver who was quite adept at blocking lines.

Race three was the best of the lot. I started 55 seconds behind the lead car and Paddy started 5 secs behind me. We had a lap or so of hard running on an open track. By the time we caught the pack they were all together, so we had to find gaps around each corner. Craig slipped the ute into a tiny gap on the inside of dunlop and took a 8 places in one lap! It took me 4 laps to do the same and I ended up in third.

So overall it was a successful weekend! It was a lot of work but it all payed off after three trouble free races. I broke a left hand axle in the pits as we loaded it onto the trailer... Lucky timing! It might be time to figure out how to shoehorne an F series head into the T series housing.

Pic for proof - the slam makes it look LOTS cooler in shots. And Richy's photography isn't too bad either :P .


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Threw this back together and went for a skid on the weekend. The car went really well and I didn't need to touch it all day - bonus.

I've also dipped back into 1:20's for the first time since 2009.


I did ZERO car prep apart from skimming the discs and spent the day running on RA1 semi slicks... And was consistently around the 1:21 mark (+ -). This means I'm going to be too fast for the IB cup during winter series, so will need to run the old worn Advan's and possibly change gear at 7000. I don't want to cheat by doing a fast lap and slowing down on the straight, so if I go too fast and get penalised, so be it.

Here's the one vid I got from the day - first run against a V8 MX5. He had straight line speed but was slower in the corners.

The bad:

My bonnet flicked up during the warmup of the first run after lunch... Some knob (possibly me) opened the bonnet and didn't put both pins back in while the car sat alone at lunch time. It folded the bonnet back and broke my original repair, but all damage is superficial. The bonnet needs a re-glass underneath and it hit with such force that the whole roof rippled and the rear view mirror fell off!

Meh, it's now a bit rougher and there's something more to do come refresh time. It now has the "golfball effect" to help it cut through the air :P .

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It's been a while since the last update, but things are starting to move again and will speed up once this cast comes off my leg!! (broken heel).

My blacktop altezza engine is in pieces and the rotating assembly has gone away for balancing. Next on the list is to dismantle the head and dummy fit the engine/gearbox so we can build engine mounts and sort the driveshaft asap.

So the list of things to do is:

- Dummy engine/box

- Modify driveshaft

- Head: dismantle, clean up ports, skim

- Link G4 + wiring

- TRD inlet manifold

- Build exhaust



- Cut out front inner guards & add support bars

- Remove NCRCA's and fit 550lb springs

- Spend time on the alignment machine + cornerweights

- Fit TRD Ducktail

- Make front splitter

- Move pedal box

- New axles

Engine bay will end up similar to this but with a couple of extra bars:


Also thinking about having all my wheels widened to be 15x9 -25, approved?

Here's a pic so I'm not wasting your time


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My foot is pretty screwed again, so I've played around with a couple of basic things.

Test fitted this:


And this front lip (still need to figure out how to mount a splitter tray underneath):


Next on the list is engine/gearbox mounts & driveshaft.

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Cracking into this now that I have two feet and a semi-healthy demeanour.

Down at PN auto for mount work and driveshaft, next to a car that will look familiar to most.


Added 1x ducktail


Cut out 2x mounts


Safery first


Mocking - far enough back?



Bit of sumpy cutty-weldy


All going to plan it will be making these noises before you know it! !


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