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steelies' 64 ford wagoon

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ok first up, *plug*

Tony Wynne, based at Parade Hydraulics, seaview, wellington. Tony is a GC, nice guy who knows his stuff and is very helpful. A++ trade again, and highly recommend him for hydraulic work, hose making etc.

got the final components for hydraulic gear, fluid, some advice and all the hoses this week, stoked. wallet not so stoked.

rear is just about complete. just need to do tank bracing and complete welding on panhard and rear is ready for assembly and testing.

exhaust, battery tray done

still looking very touch and go, ie perfect for a trip to wagnats.

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stuff and things -

two days till wagnats


'new' motor for a rainy day, thanks sentra dave!!


stuff in front


stuff in bum



hello driveshaft


byebye driveshaft


fo' do's fo' mo' hose


home after wagnats


at wagnats, cheers whoever took this - IT WAS LEE


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