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Okay so after I finished building the MAF curve, and drove around to collect some data with it, and then I started building a fuel table using MAF as load axis.

After plugging away at this for a while, I noticed something interesting - The fuel map becomes just a straight slope all the way across haha. 

So this is what my basemap looked like: 


And the car drove awesomely on it! 

After a few tweaks to the overall shape it's still pretty similar.


Definitely a lot more linear than a MAP or TPS based tune. Which makes sense. 

With a MAF based tune you really do need some decel fuel cut, as when you shut the throttle the MAF value momentarily climbs and you get pops and bangs out the exhaust... Oh the humanity! :D

In less awesome news though, this new gearbox seems stuffed. The synchros in 3rd seem non existent and I think I heard it break something when I hoofed it into 3rd today haha.
So no OS drags for me in this car, and no trackdays this year either. sadface. 

WTB (non fucked) Altezza gearbox if anyone sees one for sale. 

EDIT: Also I ran over something with my AD08Rs on which put a big gash in one of my tyres as well. Blargh. 

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After about a year and half break, made it back out to a trackday. It was stunningly awesome fun! 

Excuse the camera angle and shitty audio etc first time using my crappy gopro type camera (reminds me why I hate these things) 

Something funny, for about the last... forever I've had this issue where the front left of the car dives under braking. Have double checked all of the bushes, brakes, alignment, etc...
Turns out that one of the handbrake cables has been jammed so its been pulling the right rear handbrake about 1/3rd of the way on all of the time! 

After fixing this, hooooly shit my braking distances have shortened up sooo much! 
Such an awesome difference. 

Only issues I had on the day were a piston jamming in one of the front calipers when trying to switch pads (time for a caliper rebuilt perhaps) 
and at the end of the day I broke teeth off another e-throttle gear. But then I realised a while back I turned off all of my smoothing in the ECU to stop that from happening. woops! 
Will turn that back on and should stop any further dramas hopefully. 

All said and done A+++++++ will trackday again :D

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Super fun day at the drags, I brought my little brother along to drive. 

He's much more of a sensible adult than me, with family responsibilities and so on so I thought he'd enjoy having a drag day experience. 
He had a blast! Driving fairly conservatively as he'd never driven the car or at the drags before.
But he managed to scrub 2 seconds off his best time through the day. 

He said "Hey ahhh when do you change gear?" 
"About 8000 or so"
"Oh shit I was changing at five! haha"

I only got two runs in myself, as with some ahhhh more aggressive launching etc the car developed some sort of drivetrain vibration. 
Seems like it might have just been a piece of rubber or something off track picked up on one of the semi slicks but didnt want to take my chances. 
So trundled back home and put the washing back on it. :D
Hopefully its just something simple but thankfully doesnt seem engine or gearbox related. 
Suspecting driveshaft or tyres, the noise changes with speed but not with load.
Hopefully easy fix.

There's a meeeeaaannnn set of photos from the day over at DCG Photography


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Good news, I got my opto board all wired in and my dash computer is reading all of the on/off signals from the standard loom. Woot! 

But what sucked is that I cracked my LCD screen while trying to fix an issue with power wire. Damnit. 
I had to order a new one which has just arrived.
I'm mostly ready to test the dash buuuutttt after investigating drivetrain issue from the Drags, my driveshaft is busted! 

The rear UJ on the rear half, is now totally stuffed.
Quite lucky that I managed to drive it home from Meremere like that, although, since it would just break the shaft off directly at the diff at least it wouldnt make the same sort of racket like when the front broke.

Obviously I need a better plan than taking out a flogged to shit 35 year old driveshaft, and replacing it with another 35 year old flogged to shit driveshaft. As this hasnt worked out too great so far.
I've had some good recommendations for where I can get a new one made, which I will follow up on.
But, also, I want to test my dash in the meantime and hopefully take the car on a camping adventure this week before work starts again. 

Does anyone have a stockpile of driveshafts kicking around? 

If so please let me know! 

Here are some deets of what I need 


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