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Found 3 results

  1. So despite having no money, multiple other projects, and house renovations to finish, I bought this recently, a 1985 Yammy TT250. Was watching a few old trailies on the tard when this one didn't sell, and he offered it at $350. Was local so I immediately pulled the trigger knowing nothing about it. Good things: it's a new bike project Plus, they're a decent old model, all plastics are there, overall in not bad shape, throws a spark, and suspension seems sound. Also eligible for VMX racing I believe... Bad things: front wheel fucked, seat cover ripped, no idea on condition of motor (has a patched hole in cyl head) front brake needs work, some plastics are cracked, and not a Honda (purely for parts availability)...
  2. So, this poor old Chappy is sitting forlornly in my garage. I doubt I'm going to get around to fixing it any time soon but I hate to be without a moped (even if it doesn't run). Any idea what it might be worth? I might consider parting with it if I could find a honda express to replace it...
  3. Decided to get a project for the summer. It will also be a bike to learn on, as I currently do not have a motorbike license but have rode a couple bikes years ago. I purchased a seemingly rare Yamaha srv250 which should make a good base for a simple cafe racer build. Thinking of only changing seat, bars, lights and mirrors. Not much else needs doing other than a good tidy up. Overall it is in good condition and mechanically sound. Picking the bike up tomorrow and will post up some photos later.