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Found 7 results

  1. Truenotch

    Truenotch's 1974 Yamaha FS50 (FS1)

    I swapped a bucket seat for this bike a few years back and it's been sitting in my Dad's shed ever since. I had no information about what it was or when it was built, all I knew was that it was a badass 50cc motorbike that I needed. I assumed it was an FS1E. It's time to do something with it, so I picked it up on the last trip to Palmy and send the engine/frame number to to figure out what it was - they came back saying it's a 1974 Yamaha FS50 (newer than I expected). The frame has a small amount of rust, but it's easily fixable, and there are a few other things that need sorting - stripped spark plug thread, possible points issues and it sounds like the rotary valve is out of time. I'm in two minds about what to do with it. Most of me says modify it into a small cafe/brat style bike and another small part says restore it back to normal... What do y'all reckon? Inspiration:
  2. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    So despite having no money, multiple other projects, and house renovations to finish, I bought this recently, a 1985 Yammy TT250. Was watching a few old trailies on the tard when this one didn't sell, and he offered it at $350. Was local so I immediately pulled the trigger knowing nothing about it. Good things: it's a new bike project Plus, they're a decent old model, all plastics are there, overall in not bad shape, throws a spark, and suspension seems sound. Also eligible for VMX racing I believe... Bad things: front wheel fucked, seat cover ripped, no idea on condition of motor (has a patched hole in cyl head) front brake needs work, some plastics are cracked, and not a Honda (purely for parts availability)...
  3. crisp

    Chappy/Honda Express

    So, this poor old Chappy is sitting forlornly in my garage. I doubt I'm going to get around to fixing it any time soon but I hate to be without a moped (even if it doesn't run). Any idea what it might be worth? I might consider parting with it if I could find a honda express to replace it...
  4. MopedNZ

    Moped Nz's v50 Build

    I collected the v50 today. First 2 stroke project for me and I plan to keep this one a bit more standard than the c50 build (see here: Here she is loaded into the back of the wagon, on the way to the big scary WOF building: Well, that wasn't so scary at all. Sorted. After a wet drive home and barely a drop of oil as she lay on the side, it was time to get a couple of pics before the light disappeared. Wheel-less so it fit in the car: The bits and pieces: I've got a new legshield and few repro items coming for it shortly. It's fairly solid so it'll make for an easy tear down. Not sure what will happen next, but updates will come soon.
  5. hellabroke

    Yamaha srv250 Summer Project

    Decided to get a project for the summer. It will also be a bike to learn on, as I currently do not have a motorbike license but have rode a couple bikes years ago. I purchased a seemingly rare Yamaha srv250 which should make a good base for a simple cafe racer build. Thinking of only changing seat, bars, lights and mirrors. Not much else needs doing other than a good tidy up. Overall it is in good condition and mechanically sound. Picking the bike up tomorrow and will post up some photos later.
  6. A friend from work just had his two bikes stolen from his garage last night in Melrose. "The Ducati is in mint condition and is a one-off. There can only be a handful of these in NZ so it should stand out." Rego is: A8BGJ "The Yamaha YZ250 was almost finished being rebuilt and is missing the exhaust and the riders seat." If anyone has heard of seen anything, we would love to know Cheers C.